Harley-Davidson Introduces New Dark Custom Motorcycle Aimed For a New Generation of Riders

//Harley-Davidson Introduces New Dark Custom Motorcycle Aimed For a New Generation of Riders

Harley-Davidson Introduces New Dark Custom Motorcycle Aimed For a New Generation of Riders

MY16.5 Campaign

Harley-Davidson has unveiled an all new, stripped-down addition to the Dark Custom lineup. The new 2016 Roadster is crafted with a minimalist, fastback design inspired by classic racing. The lean and powerful machine is made to connect the rider to the road, it has DNA from the high-performance Harley-Davidson’s of the past blended with today’s advanced technology. This bike is simply built to be ridden.

The Roadster takes the leading role in “Cut Loose”, the third commercial of Harley-Davidson’s marketing campaign “Live Your Legend”. This marketing campaign is all about inspiring the non-motorcycle riding population to take their dreams off the shelf and make them a reality. With campaign ads including snapshots of life-enriching moments taking riders back to childhood memories and a father-son relationship growing stronger on two wheels, Harley-Davidson is reaching deep into the hearts of people across the nation. While not all “Live Your Legend” ads are made for the same crowd, “Cut Loose” is clearly aimed at the young adults of America. Starting off with shots of three friends riding bicycles together for freedom, then leading to the same three friends all grown up riding Roadsters in the same care free manner, the message is moving. This ad will kick start the adventure in your heart making you want to run out the door to feel the freedom of the open road with good friends.

The Roadster is the perfect piece to the puzzle for young riders looking for a ride that is both classic and modernly aggressive. The cut fenders, small gas tank, and lack of all the unnecessary bells and whistles make for a clean bike with an aggressive posture. The low-rise handlebar and mid-mount foot controls center the rider’s weight perfectly over the thin gas tank. The wheels alone on the Roadster are remarkable with interlacing spokes that shoot outward toward opposite sides of the wheel. They are also very light contributing to the Roadster’s handling performance. All this is wrapped up neatly with high performance suspension with the addition of 43mm inverted single-cartridge forks and tri-rate springs. The rear suspension features gas-charged emulsion coil-over and tri-rate springs with adjustable pre-load. The Roadster offers greater suspension travel than any other Sportster model at 4.5 inches in the front and 3.2 inches in the rear. This machine is built for speed so Harley-Davidson gave the Roadster the ultimate stopping power with dual 11.8 inch floating rotors on the front wheel.

The clean, stripped-down styling is achieved with a chopped rear fender that is 1.5 inches shorter than previous bobbed Sportster fenders. The instrument is small at only four inches in diameter and tucked away neatly in the triple clamp. The rear of the bike has been cleaned up with turn signals mounted directly to the fender struts and a side mount license plate. Overall the Roadster has a sleek uncluttered look.

Harley-Davidson is making a statement with the all new Roadster and “Live Your Legend” marketing campaign and we support the movement.

Here at J&P Cycles, we are here to support that same new rider movement and help riders with 20 years wrenching on bike after bike to a first time rider changing the oil for the first time.  We not only have the parts and accessories to make that first bike your own, but the best motorcycle techs in the industry who can answer any tech or mechanical question you have!  Just give us a call at 1-800-318-4823.  Don’t just dream of the freedom of the open road, go out and live it.


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  1. Fabian April 30, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    Definitively a nice bike.

  2. spockscoot April 30, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Third time around for the Roadster. The first time was in the cast iron days, when it had a fat bob tank on it off the factory lines.

  3. Big G April 30, 2016 at 7:37 am

    Glad to see Harley Davidson is bringing back this style of bike. There is still market for this ride and HD does it well.
    There whole line up is better than ever and thanks to the the other 2 American brands Indian and Victory it looks like American motorcycle manufacturing is here to stay. We never had good quality choices for so many years. Now we do. Something for everyone.
    Buy American !

  4. Lee April 19, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that HD is marketing again to people who are serious riders and serious riders who want to ride a Harley. The Roadster has been missing from their U.S. line since 2009 meaning they had no bike with a decent ride height and lean angles, mid-controls, good suspension and brakes. I hope this model sells well enough so they keep it in the catalog, there really are riders like me who love all the things there are to love about Harleys and also like to ride hard on two lane blacktops. Sure the average Japanese, Italian, German, and English bike is technologically superior but there’s no arguing with riders who love Harleys and there’s no arguing with a Harley’s durability, low maintenance costs, and resale value.

    • J&P Cycles April 19, 2016 at 3:24 pm

      We were happy to see Harley bring back the Roadster as well! You’re absolutely right, despite other brands who have more technologically advanced bikes Harley-Davidson will always have the most loyal following. Thank you for your insight, have a great day on 2 wheels!

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