Last year Harley-Davidson went all out and released an astounding nine new model motorcycles. This year the company was less flamboyant, debuting only three new models. I don’t know whether this was because of hard economic times or if HD is just giving last year’s stable of bikes a chance to gain a foothold on the market. Whatever the reason, it gives me the opportunity to introduce you to these three new rides in the Harley lineup.

First up is the Super Low, featuring an 883-cubic-centimeter engine and a five-speed transmission. Nothing new here, but what is new about this machine is the lower seat height, redesigned front end, 18-inch front wheel and a 17–inch rear wheel.

Next up is a model that’s in the same family, albeit a far cry from the Super Low. It’s the XR1200X, which was actually released in 2009 as an export. This year, it’s available in the good ol’ USA. The XR1200X has the look and feel of a street fighter with adjustable suspension, dual upswept mufflers and dual floating front rotors. It has an aggressive look and riding position designed to tear up the asphalt.

The third new model for 2011 is the FLTRU Road Glide Ultra. This motorcycle is style and comfort all rolled up into one

package. Harley has taken my personal favorite of the baggers and added the full touring package of the ultra. The bike builder also added the 103-cubic-inch twin-cam motor as standard equipment in this beast, making it the ultimate touring machine.

And as if things couldn’t get any better, HD added the Road Glide Ultra to its CVO program.

If you’re thinking of going that route, you can expect an 110-cubic-inch motor, Road Tech gps navigation system, upgraded Harmon/Kardon audio system, iPod Nano and dock, two up-seat with dual heat controls and adjustable backrests. Talk about comfort. Touring doesn’t get much better than this! With all these new additions, it makes you wonder what HD Motor Company can do to top this in 2012. I personally can’t wait to see.