Happy Earth Day from J&P Cycles

//Happy Earth Day from J&P Cycles

Happy Earth Day from J&P Cycles

Happy Earth Day! While you may not think retailers like J&P Cycles have the ability to be “green,” we’ve recycled more than 125 tons of paper and other items over the last year alone, causing a local recycling company to label us “Mother Nature Approved”.

Just one ton of recycled paper saves 2,147 trees, 884,170 gallons of water, 58,482 gallons of oil, provides power to 63 homes for one year, and saves 387 cubic yards of landfill space. WOW – that’s a lot!

Internally, we ask all employees to limit printing paper. Thanks to technology, most of us rely on e-mail and hand-held mobile devices, where we have most of our important information right at our fingertips.

Additionally, our staff members lend a hand twice a year through a roadside clean-up assistance program. Once in the spring and once in the fall, you can find J&P’ers donning yellow vests and orange trash bags along Highway 151 in Iowa to pick up garbage. Staffers happily volunteer with this effort, and prizes are awarded for some of the most interesting items found along the way.

To be green, it’s important to do what you can regardless of the scope. We’re doing our part and hope that you are too.

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