Happy Birthday, America!

//Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!

Fourth of JulyToday I want to wish our United States Happy 237th Birthday!

It sure is great to be an American and have the freedom to ride motorcycles and attend great events like this past weekend’s Open House Rally. There are many places in our world under tyranny and people don’t have the freedom attend an event like the J&P Cycles rally. Heck, in those places, a rally like ours could never happen.

On our country’s birthday, we should celebrate the ideals our founding fathers put forth in establishing a fledgling country. I’m pleased and proud to be an American and am glad for the freedoms that I have been granted. I tip my hat to George Washington, John Hancock, and all the others who signed our Declaration of Independence for the commitment and wherewithal to want to be free of British rule.

What a monumental step! Can you imagine the pressures and influences that these guys were being subjected to?  I’m glad that they had the fortitude to take the steps they did! Our heartfelt thanks should be directed their way every day.

Please, as you celebrate our country’s birthday, remember the courage required to fire the flames of the revolution. Can you fathom the big ones required to lay it out there? May we have 1000 more July 4th celebrations!

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