There have been some legitimate grumblings in the motorcycle industry the past few months concerning J&P customers who haven’t received their orders in a timely manner. And to say nobody’s more frustrated about the situation than us just doesn’t cut it. Tell that to the guy who needed a fuel controller or a caliper seal kit before heading off to this weekend’s Laughlin River Run.

Truth be told, we undertook a significant overhaul of our order delivery technology earlier this year, with four out of five of our major systems being switched out at the same time. We had a few issues with the cutover to the new systems and as a result, we had some trouble getting orders out the door. The glitches in the system — combined with a spike in new orders — created a backflow, and a few of our customers didn’t receive their orders as promptly as they are used to.

But these are all excuses. What we want to do here is own up to the delays and tell you that we’re back up to speed, shipping thousands of orders every day. Our new systems are now operating with greater speed and accuracy. We’d also like to ask you for another opportunity to prove ourselves.

As a customer of J&P Cycles, you’ve come to expect a high level of excellence. Whether it’s our technical knowledge about what products best fit your bike, or getting the right parts out to you as quickly as possible, or handling your questions after the sale, you’ve come to hold J&P Cycles in high regard. We don’t take our reputation as a world-class customer service organization lightly. That’s why we take it very seriously when our service levels decrease for any reason.

For the past three decades, our business has been built around serving the biker community, whether that be face-to-face, over the phone or through electronic communications. Our reputation is paramount to us and our foundation is customer service. We know that it only takes one bad experience to sour a relationship with a company, but we’d like you to give us another shot. We continue to work hard to improve our company and ourselves every day. Our job is to earn your respect and loyalty and we won’t stop until we’ve recaptured that trust.

If you’re still experiencing any delivery issues, please call or send us an email and we’ll follow up immediately. Again, we apologize for any delays you might have suffered as a result of the challenges at our end. The phone number is1-800-397-4844, or email us at customerservice [at] jpcycles [dot] com.