J&P Introduces Newest Guest Blogger

//J&P Introduces Newest Guest Blogger

J&P Introduces Newest Guest Blogger

You wouldn’t think a four-inch piece of lumber would be a highlight worthy of discussion in a blog post about someone’s trek to J&P Cycles’ annual open house, but then, you probably haven’t met Jeff Maddox.

Maddox is a veteran biker from White City, Kansas, who’s been astride a motorcycle since 1974 when he acquired his first ride. Since then, he’s owned more than 60 vehicles, ranging from motocross to ATVs. His current ride is a Heritage Softail with 70,000 miles on it.

New to the J&P Cycles blog as a guest blogger, Maddox has a blog of his own wherein he sounds off about his four decades of motorcycling experience and journeys. And in one of his recent blog entries, he writes about a trek to Anamosa, Iowa, to attend one of our renowned J&P Cycles Open House events.

Seems Maddox was most impressed with a box situated in the J&P parking lot that contained small pieces of plywood that riders could retrieve and put under their kickstands so their bikes wouldn’t fall over. We suppose it was that small touch on our part that impressed this rider/writer. And he hadn’t even climbed off his bike yet!

At any rate, we recommend you should read “Motorcycles to Anamosa,” as well as the other fine blog posts penned by this motorcyclist/writer. To tell you the truth, we here at J&P are still blushing at the praise.

Don’t forget, this year’s J&P Cycles Open House is scheduled for June 23-24.

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