The motorcycle community lost a great mechanic, friend and enthusiast last week in Florida.

Mark “Tex” Adams was doing what came natural to him last week — helping out somebody in need. Mark stopped to help a woman who had run out of gas on Interstate 4 in Florida when another motorist veered onto the shoulder and struck him.

I had the opportunity to get to know Mark when we worked together at KTM. He was an excellent mechanic who loved to tinker on anything with a motor in an effort to get it to run perfectly. On more than one occasion, Mark helped me develop new products for the HEQ product line, all the while performing all sorts of mechanical magic for the different KTM race teams. When I’d travel to California for business, Mark and I would go out to grab a bite together and reminisce about old times.

After leaving KTM, Mark built contraptions for the Nitro Circus guys, including the Flying Moto bike that was featured on one episode of the show. Eventually he landed a job working for James Stewart, a current Supercross rider for Joe Gibb’s racing.

Mark was a good person with a great heart. He was an award-winning motorcycle mechanic who always went out of his way to help his friends and people in need. Mark’s passing is a huge loss to the motorcycle community. Godspeed Tex! You will be missed!