Garage Openers are So Yesterday – Just Toggle Your Headlight Switch

Nothing takes the fun out of a daylong ride than returning home after dark and discovering your garage door opener is in the pocket of the denims you stuffed in your saddlebags earlier in the day. You’re fumbling around with your gear in the darkened driveway and you can’t see the nose on your face, let alone a small box with a button on it.

After this happened to me a few times, I made my garage “smart” by installing motion-activated lights at every entrance to the garage. It’s nice to have a light kick on when I get home, and I went the easy route. Instead of getting all electronically involved, I just purchased one of those devices that screws into your light socket and then you screw a bulb into that. No knowledge of wiring required. In fact, it’s pretty much a “screw in the light bulb” kind of project that even I can accomplish.

Since I was on a roll, I thought I’d do something about that elusive garage-door opener that I keep losing or packing away in my saddlebags. Having it close at hand is good, and like most riders, I stick it in the pocket of my riding jacket. But it’s an elusive little box and sometimes it gets misplaced. Or dropped. Or left at a friend’s house.

But I’ve found a pair of solutions right here at J&P Cycles that don’t require remote transmitters that can get lost or stolen, or batteries that need to be replaced. With just a toggle of my motorcycle’s headlight high beams, it’s “Open Sesame,” and I’m in like Flynn.

These two systems — the Flash2Pass garage door opener or the Biketronics CribCliker system — are easy to install and both work with most automatic garage door openers. The receivers feature multiple transmitters so having several bikes is no problem. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about carrying that old garage door opener with you. The next time you ride home in the rain, and have to get off your bike and walk to the door to open it, remember, if you had the one of these garage door opener systems you could have already been inside the garage and getting that wet gear off.

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