Evolution: The Art of Darren McKeag

//Evolution: The Art of Darren McKeag

Evolution: The Art of Darren McKeag

pic1Over the past 20+ years working in the motorcycle industry I have had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. Unlike some of the other industries, the motorcycle industry is really quite small. Over the years I have seen so many people come in and go out of the industry, but there is also a core group of people that remain constant. You see them at the events or at the rallies and they are always there doing something in the industry. From time to time you will see someone working with one company and then later that year you will see them working for someone else in the industry, but they stay in the industry. It’s funny how many people jump around jobs looking for a better opportunity, but the passion for the motorcycle life manages to keep them inside the group. That’s usually a good thing because once you create a relationship, you tend to keep it for a long time. The down-side to this is if you get on someone’s bad side…everybody knows about it!


There is a saying out there that states; “It’s amazing the number of people I would not have met if it wasn’t for motorcycles.” For me this statement hits home. Outside of my family I have very few friends that don’t ride. In my free time, that’s what I like to do. When I’m working, I am thinking about motorcycles and when I and not riding I am thinking about fixing or building bikes. It simply never leaves my mind. Occasionally I have had the pleasure of meeting some really interesting people through motorcycling. A few years ago Patrick Garvin introduced me to an artist out of Iowa. What struck me when I met Darren McKreag was his demeanor. Last time I had seen this guy he was trashing his chopper at a burnout contest at Easyrider’s in Sturgis, but when I spoke to him he was really laid-back. Listening to him talk about his work it was evident to me that he really enjoys what he does and he lives and breathes the motorcycle lifestyle like so many of us do.


Darren’s work is unique in so many ways as it is clearly reflects a side of the motorcycle lifestyle he is so passionate about. It is always refreshing to meet someone who carries such enthusiasm and remains humble even when they possess a unique skill that many would envy.

Check out Darren’s art at www.mckeagart.com

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