Dream in Your PM Garage, Make it a Reality with J&P Cycles

Performance Machine Garage screenshot 2Introduced in early 2014, the PM Garage is a cool virtual garage for you to visit when you want to dream a little about making your bike unique with Performance Machine parts.

Created by Performance Machine, the PM Garage’s main focus is to inspire you to build the bike of your dreams – a true performance machine. To create your PM Garage, all you need to do is build a simple profile for you and your motorcycle.

PM Garage screenshotOnce that’s done, it’s time to put your favorite PM parts on the shelf. Throughout the PM website look for the “Add to PM Garage” tab on the product pages and click it when you’ve found a part you want to save. The part will be put on the shelf in your Garage until you’re ready to begin the customization process, then all you have to do is click the “buy” option to purchase your favorite part directly from J&P Cycles.

The PM Garage is your sanctuary to come to and be inspired to make your ride your own and make your dreams a reality.

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