Double Your Comfort with Fat Baggers – Accept No Substitutes!

Fat Baggers Inc. — more affectionately known as FBI — is one of those outfits you know all about and assume that everybody else does, or you’ve never heard of them. Of course, we here at J&P are well versed when it comes to Gary Chipp and the boys, and not just because they’re our neighbors.

Fat Baggers Inc. is located just a quick trip west of our Anamosa headquarters here in the middle of Iowa. And we like them for more than just the fact that they’re fellow Iowans, although that certainly carries a lot of weight with us. What we really admire about these guys is their ability to manufacture a truly innovative line of parts for touring bikes.

Take their Jac-Knife Highway Pegs, for example. A clever invention that others in the motorcycle industry have been unable to duplicate — which, of course, proves that it is indeed a clever invention. These motorcycle pegs are installed underneath your factory floorboards and are hidden away until you need them. Then, with a flick of your toes, they snap out in an instant. When you’re done with them, you simply tuck them away until the next time.

Another popular FBI innovation is the Drop Seat Conversion Kit. You might recall that Harley came out with a new touring frame in 2009 that had an inordinately tall ride height. So tall, in fact, that simply lowering the bike just didn’t do the trick. So FBI took advantage of the new design’s bolt-on rear subframe and designed the Drop Seat Conversion Kit, the kit provides a 3 inch drop in seat height by replacing the rear sub frame but re-using your stock rear fender and bags. And it even comes with a variety of seat options and is available for ABS models also.

Be sure and check out the other goodies from FBI and don’t be fooled by imposters. You know what they say; the sincerest form of flattery is imitation.

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