As motorcyclists, we tend to be individuals and I would say more so than the “normal” public. We all have our own ways of enjoying motorcycles differently. You can see it in our style and in our actions. It always puzzles me how this translates all the way down to the clothing we wear and the bikes we ride. Sportbike guys tend to look like sportbike guys wearing flashy gear and helmets. Harley guys dress like Harley guys. They wear black leather vests, t-shirts, chaps and bandannas.  BMW guys tend to have a different style altogether. Sort of like a mixture of uniform and space suit. Everyone prefers to ride a different style of bike. Some like comfort, some like function and some like speed. Here at J&P many of the employees ride too. It’s interesting to stop and notice some of the differences from time-to-time. We are all enjoying the same activity, but we all tend to enjoy it in different ways.

I tend to listen to music when I ride. I have been playing drums since I was a little kid. I’m a big kid now, so I tend to “jam-out” while riding down the road. I’m sure if I passed you during one of my imaginary riding/drum solos, I would look absolutely ridiculous. Now I know it’s not the safest way to ride, but it’s what I enjoy.

Patrick Garvin also has a quirk…he has an issue about lowering the shield on his helmet. He’s not sure what the issue is, but he just isn’t comfortable riding with the shield down. (I’m pretty sure it is a mental thing.) I tease him about this constantly. Funny to see a guy wearing a really nice helmet flying down the road squinting cause he can’t bring himself to lower the shield…Hilarious!

Jason Hayes has more gadgets on his bike than should be legal. He rides while messing with his cameras, cell phone or whatever. I am waiting for him to mount a damn coffee maker on his bike. At J&P he is responsible for those product lines, so he has to familiarize himself with all this stuff in order to explain it better to the staff and sales team here. Not sure how he keeps track of what he’s doing, but he manages quite well. He’s fun to ride with too because you can be sure a few days later, he will send you a clip of the video he took of you while riding. I guess that’s a plus.

Some habits are fine and others should be avoided altogether. On occasion I like to sit in the parking lot on break and watch customers pull in. I have seen some of the funniest quirks and styles imaginable show up in the parking lot all the way in Anamosa, Iowa. Some of the highlights have been hysterical! One day we had a customer pull in on a mid 80’s Goldwing. He was a big guy and a Goldwing is a big bike. What struck me as funny was what he was wearing. No shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, glasses, and yes, you guessed it….fingerless gloves. Not sure how fingerless gloves are going to help if anything was to go wrong, but the sight of them alone was enough to make me laugh uncontrollably for about an hour.

Another day we had a guy come in on a suicide shift Panhead. He went inside and bought two tires. He came out, sat on the bike, put the tires around his body and proceeded to ride that thing like the bad-ass he was. I was truly impressed!

To each his own. I’m not here to judge anybody, and I enjoy seeing people doing what they love. We are all different, and I guess that’s what keeps it interesting. RIDE –ON!