Deer Avoidance by the Wandering Sparrow

//Deer Avoidance by the Wandering Sparrow

Deer Avoidance by the Wandering Sparrow

Mom was right…… motorcycles are dangerous but her warnings went in one ear and out the other. I didn’t listen at a young age because they were just too much fun and exhilarating. Now that I’m my mother’s age (rest her soul) I’ve come to realize that the best way to handle danger is not to fear it but to respect it.


Everyone knows someone who has had a dangerous encounter with a deer and it’s bad enough to hit one while in a car but worse to do it on a motorcycle. Knowing when and where deer will be and their natural patterns is key to deer avoidance. It’s most common to see deer moving during dawn and dusk but also beware that if you see one there will more than likely be more behind. Deer move in somewhat rhythmic patterns when traveling from where they graze to where they drink water to where they sleep. When I see a posted deer sign I know that’s where they generally cross the road and is a highly traversed danger spot. I also know to be vigilant when I see deer carcasses on the roadside. Their movement pattern also changes during mating season which generally runs from October to early January, an easy way I’ve found to remember deer season is to watch for pickup truck drivers with bright orange hats on. What you can’t see will kill you so I’m constantly scanning for their telltale brown spot images on the side of the road. At night I watch for my headlights reflective glow in their eyes. To help at night I keep my spotlights turned slightly outwards towards the roadsides to help spot them.

Remember, a spooked deer on the run will stay on the run and nothing’s going to stop them! Mom was right…. motorcycles are dangerous but still fun and exhilarating. Stay safe out there!

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  1. Ron S. May 16, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    If your Mom was right, do you do anything to MINIMIZE the risk like use those X3 HORNET ELECTRONIC DEER WHISTLES ?

    My big go-down-hole-the-skid-lid-and-break-some-bones was due to a spooked and running deer-sized dog !

    Cows on the wide open are also dangerous. Waaaaay to easy to make a burger if you are “doing the TON” when you hit a heffer. Picking up some bees in my beard one ride also made road-work a bit squidgy !!

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