What with fuel prices soaring and a lot of folks working two or three jobs these days, it’s very possible you missed out on the 71st edition of Daytona Bike Week. If that is indeed the case, we’re sorry. But we think we have a pretty nice consolation prize here for you enjoy online.

Please sit back and enjoy three minutes of some of the finest filming and professional editing you’re likely to see on our blog, narrated by our own Patrick Garvin and intended to entice your butts down here next year for the 72nd such happening.

Our film crew picked up all the noises, nuances and nonsense that makes this 10-day gathering the place to be each March if you frequent the roadways on two wheels. From Main Street to other areas around Volusia County, Patrick and Company made the rounds, chatting up merchants and mechanics, and capturing stunning motorcycles at rest, on the road, or just smoking their rear tires to the delight of cheerful onlookers.

From the rooftop of the J&P Cycles Destination Daytona store to the famed Daytona Racetrack, we bumped into a few bike builders, took in a stunt show, a parade and Main Street as it appeared in the weird wee hours of the morning. If your tastes lean toward rally food like chicken on a stick or turkey legs, and you’re not opposed to biker parties dampened by spilled drinks, click on the video and come along for the ride.

All this and just think about all the gas money we saved you!