D30 Riding Armor on This Jacket Protects the Rider

When you talk about motorcycle technology, most of us think of electronics of some sort, fuel-injection controllers or a navigation system — or maybe even the latest high-powered exhaust. As a rule, motorcycle jackets don’t usually fall under the category of innovative, high-tech gear. Until now.

We first told you about d3o technology in February of 2010 (see “What We Saw at Indianapolis Dealer Expo). Today, we’re pleased to share that J&P Cycles now sells the new Firstgear Rainier jacket that employs d3o T3 intelligent shock absorption armor in the shoulders and elbows, providing incredible protection for riders who fall off their bikes. How much protection?

Think Ironman, because this stuff is that strong. d3o material starts out squishy, like Silly Putty. But don’t be fooled by that description, because it turns steel-hard when you slam it with a hammer. Don’t believe me. Just take a look at this short video, because believe me, the proof’s in the putty:

Told you that you’d be impressed. Kind of gives you peace of mind knowing this shock absorber is built into your jacket, doesn’t it?

But the Firstgear Rainier jacket has much more than super powers when it comes to protection. The outer shell material is made of denier nylon, which resists abrasion when you — quite literally — hit the road. And the Kevlar-reinforced Teamid underlay also protects the shoulders and elbows — often the first point of contact in an accident.

Other features include an under-the-helmet rain hood, four front cargo pockets, reflective panels that keep you visible at night, numerous waterproof two-way zippers, and a two-year crash protection policy.

These jackets sell for $499.99 and come in color combinations that include red-black, black-gray, silver-black and brown sand. You can order your own Firstgear Rainier jacket online or by phone (1-800-318-6847).

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