Cycle News is Back in a BIG Way

A little over a year ago we reported that long time staple of motorcycle journalism Cycle News had decided to close up shop after 40 years of bringing motorcycle news to the masses on a regular basis. Well they didn’t stay away for long and they have returned to reporting on the motorcycle industry and motorcycle racing in a big way. Leaving behind the traditional print publication that they were known for and moving to a digital edition. The new and improved Cycle News is a once a week digital publication that you can not only read on your computer but on your smart phone or tablet.

Each issue covers racing from MotoGp to Off Road, SuperCross and even NHRA drag racing. But they don’t stop there, bike reviews, product reviews, insider information and even a classifieds section packed into each edition along with feature articles like the one that was done for the November 8th edtion on The National Motorcycle Museum. Hi-resolution photos highlight the articles that just can’t be duplicated by a print magazine. If you are into motorcycles on any level you owe it to yourself to check out an issue.

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