Cruising Along on the
2015 Hot Bike Tour

//Cruising Along on the
2015 Hot Bike Tour

Cruising Along on the
2015 Hot Bike Tour

By Joe Sparrow

It is late August and I have wrapped up another Sturgis adventure when I find out from the J&P team that I am asked to cruise along with the Geico Motorcycle sponsored Hot Bike Tour. Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t even heard of the Hot Bike Tour so I was heading into a new adventure and not knowing what to expect. Leaving from the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby, Nova Scotia a couple days early gave me four days to travel the 2,000 miles to get to the Hot Bike Tour kickoff point in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Spirit Lake is the home of the Victory Motorcycle assembly plant. I learn that the Hot Bike Tour is a thousand mile tour lasting five days that starts in Spirit Lake, Iowa and ends in Billings, Montana. Nightly stops include Mitchell, South Dakota, Rapid City, South Dakota, and Sheridan, Wyoming. Sounds like a good time to me.

Not only is it a tour across the beautiful upper Midwest and into Montana but about thirty of the top bike builders are invited to show their bike-building talent and to prove that their creations are “riders” and not “trailer queens”. The tour was open to anyone that wanted to ride along and it didn’t make a difference what make of motorcycle you were riding or whether you rode the whole five days or just one day. The riders that went the full thousand miles were designated as “Longriders.” Turn by turn instructions were handed out for each daily ride and it was a personal choice to go-it alone or ride with other people. This is truly a laid back ride.

Check out the photos because I saw some amazing things, met some awesome new friends and had a super time doing only about 200-300 miles per day, which is a cake walk. I highly recommend the tour and it is a great time to meet other riders, custom builders, and see sights few get to see on two wheels.

For full coverage of the Hot Bike Tour watch for articles in Hot Bike, Baggers and Street Choppers magazines. Next years’ event will be in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee and possibly Northern Georgia.


Hot Bike Tour - 1
Not only is the invited talent some of the best the U.S. has to offer but riders are welcomed to travel along on any make and model the entire 1,000 mile trip.

Hot Bike Tour 2
I just pulled into Spirit Lake, Iowa and like what I see so far

Hot Bike Tour 3
As nightfall set on Spirit Lake so did the rain shortly afterward

Hot Bike Tour 4
A little American history on the Hot Bike Tour

Hot Bike Tour 5
Checking out a Led-Sled original

Hot Bike Tour 6
The thousand mile tour took us past places that some can only dream of

Hot Bike Tour 7
Spectacular build by Dirty Bird Concepts

Hot Bike Tour 8
Taking a break at the Spotted Horse

Hot Bike Tour 9
This rider came all the way from Taiwan with one bad motor-scooter

Hot Bike Tour 10
The fine folks at Klock Werks in Mitchell provided free food and as always a warm welcome

Hot Bike Tour 11
Throngs of on-lookers and well-wishers converged at every nightly stop

Hot Bike Tour 12
The aftermath of the stunt show in Mitchell, South Dakota at the only Corn Palace in the world

Hot Bike Tour 13
Tribute Bike

Hot Bike Tour 14
There were plenty of vendors at all five nightly stops

Hot Bike Tour 15
Not everything on the Hot Bike Tour was a zillion dollar custom

Hot Bike Tour 17
Cha-Ching is right

Hot Bike Tour 17
One of the Longriders, Laura Klock

Hot Bike Tour 18
Long Rider of the Hot Bike Tour

Hot Bike Tour 19
Assault in the first degree

Hot Bike Tour 20
Entertainment at one of the nightly stops

Hot Bike Tour 21
Simple yet effective

Hot Bike Tour 22
Big bore Shovelhead

Hot Bike Tour 23
Lots of turbo dressers at the Hot Bike Tour

Hot Bike Tour 24
My hats off to master builder Todd Gilbertson for being such a great ambassador to the world of motorcycles

Hot Bike Tour 25
The Hot Bike Tour would not happen without these top notch builders and they’re all winners in my book

Hot Bike Tour 27
One of the Longriders at the awards ceremony

Hot Bike Tour 28
A little celebratory tire smoke to finish off the tour

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2015 Hot Bike Tour

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