Cobra Steps Up With A Double Whammy

//Cobra Steps Up With A Double Whammy

Cobra Steps Up With A Double Whammy

Cobra could be the best thing you’ve never heard of but you probably should have. They have been in the industry for almost 30 years, pioneering exhaust and aftermarket parts for metric cruisers before moving into the Harley market. During this year’s Sturgis rally, Cobra was on hand with its new Tri-Oval Mufflers and Power Flow air intake — and they made a huge splash by winning the new product of the year award in Sturgis.

The Tri-Ovals offer something new stylistically, which is an achievement in itself when it comes to cruiser exhaust systems. And the 4-inch mufflers have a one-of-a-kind sound that sets them apart from your typical slip-on. The most impressive part of this exhaust may be what you don’t see. There’s a well-engineered baffle hidden inside these beauties that’s responsible not only for the sounds but for the increase in horsepower and torque that you’ll feel in the seat of your pants after bolting these bad boys on. And, with the louvers located further back in the muffler, super-heated gases get a chance to cool before exiting the silencer core, making Cobra Dresser mufflers virtually blue-proof.

The perfect complement to any exhaust system is a good intake system. The boys and girls at Cobra hit the mark yet again with the Powerflo air intake. It flows better than competing units— mostly because of its unique internal venturi design — a formed stainless-steel mesh insert in the dual entry ports to keep out bugs and debris and keep the high-flow K&N Air Filter clean. This ensures the best air intake and maximum protection for your engine.

Both the Powerflo and the Tri-Ovals are available in chrome and black. And I save the best for last: Every single part that Cobra manufactures is made right here in the good ol’ USA, something that’s getting harder to find in today’s economy. And they’re so confident in their workmanship they offer a limited lifetime warranty. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

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