Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications Named King of the Builders at J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder US Championships

April 15, 2016 | By: J&P Cycles

J&P Cycle’s Ultimate Builder US Championship winner builds family values and show-stopping bikes.

By Tyler Ludlow, Shop photos by Harleigh Cupp, “Seven” bike photography by Michael Allen

For the winners, The J&P Cycle’s Ultimate Builder Championship has been well known to come with a certain set of… side effects. When builders win this event, they are instantly in-demand: the bikes, the parts, and most importantly, their time. Jeremy Cupp, the winner of the 2016 J&P Cycle’s Ultimate Builder Championship, refers to it as the “Michael Jordan Effect”.


Ever since his J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder win in 2012, LC Fabrications custom part line has been flourishing. “There are highs and lows, … Continue Reading

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Joe Dryden Sets Guinness World Record on Avon Tyres

April 14, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft


Picture courtesy of Victory Motorcycles

On March 2nd Joe Dryden rocked the world with a record shattering burnout aboard his Victory armed with Avon Tires. The Victory Stunt rider took the title as the new Guiness World Record holder with a 2.23 mile long burnout at Orlando Speed World. Dryden smoked an impressive seven laps with the Storm 3D X-M and Cobra tires to make that distance. The official Guinness World Records adjudicator on site certified the new record and presented the well earned award certificate to Dryden with his team proudly standing by his side.

The throttle, brake, and clutch management a burnout of this caliber requires is … Continue Reading

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Kevin Strawbridge Rides Again!


April 14, 2016 | By: Kevin Strawbridge

I learned how to ride a dirt bike a life time ago. I spent hours out in the woods of the Pacific Northwest around Seattle riding and jumping and enjoying the freedom of racing friends everywhere. I never owned my own bike, but our group of friends had access to more than enough dirt bikes and ATV’s that it didn’t really matter. In high school we moved to Texas, and suddenly I didn’t know anyone that owned a bike. I turned to playing team sports in high school, focused on studies in college and then life happened. Graduation, job, marriage, kids – all great things, but the joy of riding … Continue Reading

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Born, Raised, and Home to Stay


April 13, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft


The deep rooted values and personality that exists in J&P Cycles was born from the community of Iowa, where J&P Cycles was started by John and Jill Parham. Our retail center located north of Anamosa off highway 151 has been a destination for riders all over the country for more than 30 years. With so much history in one location and from all the support our customers of Iowa have shown us, we are excited to finally announce that we have signed a long term lease. We aren’t going anywhere Anamosa.

“I have grown up in the Anamosa location, as my parents grew the business into a leading retail brand … Continue Reading

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The Wandering Sparrow | The Old Country Store Restaurant


April 11, 2016 | By: Joe Sparrow


Located halfway between Natchez and Vicksburg on the “Blues Highway” (Hwy. 61) just minutes from the Natchez Trace.

Travel by motorcycle brings a whole new level to finding gastronomical fulfillment. The highway interstate system is great for getting from here to there quickly but just doesn’t always cut it when it comes to good eats. Sometimes I’ll get on the CB radio and ask the truckers where the best road food is with good results but they usually only know where the restaurants are that they can park their big rigs.

 The quality of "Road Food" is directly proportionate to the amount of time required to get from point A to point B.

The quality of “Road Food” is directly proportionate to the amount of time required to get from point A

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Join the Rekluse Revolution

April 8, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

The centrifugal clutch system from Rekluse is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Imagine how easy it is to cruise on the open highway, now imagine cruising through the steep inclines and crowded streets of Sturgis with the same ease, just shift, twist, and go.

Rekluse offers Harley-Davidson clutch components that are precision engineered and crafted from high quality billet aluminum providing the best in performance and durability. Compared to stock, the components of a Rekluse clutch are stronger, lighter, longer-lasting, and run at a cooler operating temperature. But what makes Rekluse stand out from the rest is their innovative centrifugally driven clutch featuring anti-stall technology. So whether you’re into the … Continue Reading

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Our Favorite Harley-Davidson Touring Slip-On Mufflers


April 7, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

There is nothing like the sweet sound of the crisp bark when you twist the grip after installing a new slip-on muffler. Not only will your bike look and sound better it’ll perform better once it’s uncorked. If you want to upgrade your ride without breaking the bank a slip-on is the best bang for your buck. A slip-on muffler replaces the large and rather unsightly OEM muffler and generally doesn’t require any tuning. We are confident that you can install your own slip-on exhaust at home with a few simple tools. This will allow you to become better acquainted with your bike and it’ll help you save a few … Continue Reading

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Petitioning Dallas City Council: Establish Designated Motorcycle Parking Zones in Dallas

April 1, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft


Dallas is one of the largest cities in America along with San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Boston but Dallas is missing something big these cities all utilize that reduces pollution, traffic congestion, parking congestion, and roadway wear and tear: designated motorcycle parking.  Motorcycles as a daily form of transportation are quickly gaining popularity and with Texas being the second largest motorcycle owning state you’d think this would translate to public accommodation to motorcycles. Thankfully a group in Dallas is taking action and they need your support.

The Undersigned, a group of citizens, residents, employees, consumers, and visitors of the City of Dallas, are petitioning for the creation of safe and … Continue Reading

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Harley-Davidson Going All Electric In 2017


April 1, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft


That’s right the iconic all American brand has made the big switch from gas powered monstrosities to all electric motorcycles. Harley-Davidson will be giving Zero Motorcycles a run for their money and they plan on doing it big. Expect to see an Electric Glide, electric big wheel bagger, and sportE coming soon.


Oh and April fools! Thankfully Harley-Davidson will still be producing the motorcycles we all know and love, but the Live Wire is still pretty rad.

Get your Harley-Davidson parts here: J&P Cycles Parts and Accessories for Harley-Davidson


 … Continue Reading

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The Biker Guide: Helmets

March 31, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

IMG_8673There is no denying the fact that wearing a helmet is safer than not wearing a helmet and now we have the statistics to prove it thanks to The National Highway Traffic Safety Association and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation which we will go into in the near future. So if you find yourself here hopefully you’ve either decided to start wearing a helmet or maybe you are looking into replacing your worn out helmet. Either way we have everything you need! There are many helmets you can choose from and making the choice can be overwhelming, but today we can help you with that daunting task.

Dissecting a Motorcycle Helmet

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