How to Properly Measure for Your Windshield

We generally gravitate to things that are aesthetically pleasing to us. And picking a windshield is no different. We tend to pick what we think looks cool, not necessarily what works the best. Which brings up the question, what does work best? There is a kind of magic height that works best for each person, [...]

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Biltwell Inc. EXFIL-80 Bag Review

Some of you may have heard of Biltwell and probably know them by their grips, bars, seats and helmets. But what you may not know is Biltwell also has an awesome line of rugged, versatile bags that are appropriately referred to as Biltwell’s Exfil line. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and [...]

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Bell MX-9 Adventure Review

An old photo of my Moto 4. Yes, there were color pictures back then, but this was for 3rd period Photography 2 I’ve been living with the Bell MX-9 Adventure for a few weeks and I’m thoroughly impressed. Not an easy feat at this point of my jaded, cynical moto-career. I’ve seen a lot of [...]

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Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing Overview

https://www.jpcycles.com/product/240-2746/memphis-shades-batwing-fairing First Look: While online looking at the details and structure of this fairing, I thought this fairing was going to be a huge waste of time and money, but I was completely wrong. Looking at it online, it seemed flimsy like it would shake and deform with any kind of wind resistance and that [...]

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Ten Bikes I Would Have Traded a Kidney for In 2018

Let me start off by saying I haven’t ridden all these bikes but I have lusted after them from afar. Hence the reason for them making this list. I think we could be witnessing some of the best times in motorcycle manufacturing history. Companies venturing out and building bikes that differ from their normal practices, [...]

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Spring Prep in December – Be Ahead of the Game

It’s that time of year every biker hates, time to put the bike away for its long winter hibernation. Take some time now to prepare your bike for its winter sleep. Save yourself some headaches and money in the spring by following these key tips and tricks this season. Wash your bike now, pick up [...]

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Dixxon Flannel Craze – Is It Actually Worth It?

"I bought the J&P Cycles Dixxon Flannel during the release at the Sturgis Rally and now I am hooked on them." Could you imagine walking into a J&P Cycles retail location and instead of walking out with shiny, new motorcycle parts you find yourself walking out with a new wardrobe? I don't have to imagine [...]

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Does This Thing Really Work?

Believe it or not, my favorite product that wowed me in 2018 was Anti Monkey Butt Powder. Working on the events team for J&P Cycles will take you from the “dry heat” in places like Laughlin, Nevada all the way to the Daytona Beach, Florida “moist heat”. After a grueling 12 hour setup, nothing soothes my [...]

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Shoei RF-SR helmet review

"A wind tunnel designed full faced helmet at an affordable price. $399.99 MSRP" The Shoei RF-SR helmet is designed for upright riding, making it an excellent choice for touring and cruiser riders. The low profile, lightweight, wind tunnel design cuts through the wind with minimal buffeting and noise.  Shoei is known for building a quality [...]

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Pass Down The Passion

Have you noticed at every bike rally, swap meet, bike show the crowd is getting older and older. The median age for your average motorcycle owner is 47, up from 32 in 1990, and up from 40 in 2009.  It is becoming rare to see anyone under 30 out on two wheels. Why are the [...]

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