Everything You Need to Bike Through the Desert

Ah, the desert. For nine months out of the year, it offers ideal weather free from rain (most of the time), snow (most of the time), and harsh cold temperatures. As idyllic as it sounds, riding your bike through the desert also comes with its own set of requirements. Here’s everything you need to know [...]

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Ten Great Places to Ride in the US

There is no shortage of great roads for motorcycle riding. While everyone has their favorite, we put together our list of ten great rides from coast to coast. Starting with the Pacific Coast Highway and ending in the Catskill Mountains, here's a look at what this great country has to offer. Pacific Coast Highway Whether [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Cross-Country Motorcycle Ride

There’s a reason several of our country’s oldest songs celebrate natural wonders—from mountains majesty to shining sea, America’s best features are the ones that often get buried by the habitual daily grind. Making the time to take in this natural splendor, though, is a worthy endeavor and one everyone should aspire to. Crossing America on [...]

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5 Ways To Stay Cool While Riding Hot

  Some people ride in the heat by choice, some out of necessity. When it's a choice, a Sunday ride in triple-digit weather can be postponed. On the other hand, commuting and cross-country riding are not always weather dependent. Regardless of the circumstances, riding in the heat can be made more bearable.  Here are five [...]

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Let It Rain?

"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Riding a motorcycle in the rain takes more than a shrug of the shoulders and the acceptance to 'let it rain." Comfort and enjoyment go down (WAY down) and the risk skyrockets. As riders, there are a [...]

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