Bagger Bling! Kuryakyn Strikes Again


May 25, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

Baggers are definitely the latest craze in the Harley-Davidson corner of the motorcycling world. Gone are the days of the 280 tires on 9-foot choppers (and good riddance if you ask me), but that’s another story. Nowadays everyone seems to have a big FL of some sort with all the amenities — stereos, GPS and endless communication devices. Not to mention tons of chrome dripping from these monsters. That sentiment alone has sparked many a debate on what motorcycling is or “should be.” But like it or not, the bagger era is in full swing and continues to gain momentum.

So just when you think you have maxed out the … Continue Reading

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Best Bagger Bolt-Ons


May 24, 2010 | By: Kody Wisner

Baggers have always been known for their comfort, while choppers have always been about style. As the average age of motorcycle riders increased, people began looking for some style with their comfort, and the “Custom Bagger” trend was born. No longer was there a need to have two motorcycles in your garage, when a custom bagger could do it all. You could build yourself a cool custom bagger and ride in style, whether on a cross-country trip or a short blast out to your favorite watering hole.

There are many different companies producing parts that can take your late-model bagger from mild to full custom — and anywhere in between. … Continue Reading

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S&S Sidewinder Kits for Your Shovel


May 18, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

Seems like all I see nowadays are chromed-out baggers and stretched-out customs with tires so big it takes a parking lot and a 40-point turn to get them turned around. But the old school isn’t dead just yet. Let’s face it, Shovelheads are cool, and sometimes there just aren’t enough good parts available for the old school bikes. I know you hard-core guys are out there riding the wheels off these badass old bikes, and we here at J&P are doing our best to keep parts available for all those Knuckles, Pans and Shovels that are still out there on the road today.

One thing I hear consistently on my … Continue Reading

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GoPro Hero’s On-Board Video Cameras


May 12, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

They tell us that a picture is worth a thousand words, which means a video must be like reading War and Peace.  Problem is, if you don’t have a camera or video when you head off for an adventure on your motorcycle, you’re pretty much restricted to describing the trip in words. You might illustrate your tale with a few pitiful gestures, but that also pales in comparison with a video of your trip.

There have been many rides in the past when I wasn’t able to share with my family and friends the places and adventures my bike has taken me. I’m sure we’ve all been there, talking … Continue Reading

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Two For Tuesday: National Cycle’s Gold Wing Windshield and Wind Deflectors


May 4, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

Let’s face it. When you buy a Gold Wing you’re purchasing one of the all-time great touring machines. These bikes are built for the long haul and they’re built for ultimate comfort. If you haven’t experienced one of these machines, you probably have no clue as to the number of innovations that Honda incorporates into the Gold Wing. Stereos, navigation systems, tire pressure monitoring systems and even an airbag — yes I said airbag. And even with all these technological and engineering goodies, the folks at National Cycle have come up with a few products to make the Gold Wing experience even more comfortable.

Take, for example, the Special Edition Continue Reading

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Kuryakyn Takes the Guess Work out of Performance with the Perfect Storm


April 20, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

Kuryakyn Perfect Storm KitsWithin the first few months of owning a bike, most riders start thinking about a new air cleaner, aftermarket pipes, and even a fuel injection controller. If that sounds familiar, you may be left wondering which combination of the three will work best. With all the different manufactures boasting about what their particular unit will do, it can be overwhelming to sort though all the noise and get to some real world data on what actually works. Enter Kuryakyn and the Perform Storm.

Lucky for all of us, Kuryakyn has done all the heavy lifting for, putting together a combination of kits with actual research and development time behind them … Continue Reading

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Two for Tuesday: Daytona Twin Tec Makes Those Performance Mods Worthwhile


April 13, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

With the inherent lean condition of bikes rolling out of the factory, combined with the propensity for us bikers to immediately add an aftermarket exhaust or air cleaner — most likely both — it becomes imperative to pick the correct fuel-injection controller for your particular bike set up. This in itself can be challenging, but the genius lurking down in Florida known as Daytona Twin Tec provides two solutions sure to fit into your tuning needs, no matter what end of the performance spectrum you come from.

The first is very possibly the best feature-for-dollar-value Twin Tuner 2 fuel-injection controller on the market today. The offers myriad functions — all … Continue Reading

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Tire Hieroglyphics: Understanding the Markings on a Motorcycle Tire


April 9, 2010 | By: Bud Milza

Have you ever wondered what all those markings on your tires actually mean? There are a lot of letters, numbers and symbols on the sidewalls of your tires that translate to a lot of useful information. You’ll find it’s useful to be able to identify a few of these strange hieroglyphics when you’re selecting the proper tires for your motorcycle. Among other things, these markings indicate the size, construction, speed rating and load index of the tire.   


There are three different designations used by manufacturers to indicate tire size: metric, the alpha numeric and inch. Most manufacturers prefer the metric and alpha numeric systems because they provide the most … Continue Reading

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Avon Rolls Two Unbeatable Deals

April 6, 2010 | By: Patrick Garvin

Let’s talk about something you just can’t ride without — tires. More specifically, Avon tires. When it comes to motorcycle tires, the debate over what type of tire to put on your bike can get hot and heavy. That’s because we all have our own riding style that inevitably lends itself to a certain style or type of tire. Avon recognizes this and has done its part to cover every kind of bike or riding style on the road, offering 18 models of tires, ensuring that they have something to fit each and every rider’s individualized riding style.

The two tires we’re exploring today are the Venom and the … Continue Reading

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Meet Your New Best Friend – The Motorcycle Service Manual


April 6, 2010 | By: Kody Wisner

There are two types of motorcycle enthusiasts when it comes to maintaining their bikes — the ones who work on their own bikes, and the ones who don’t. If you fall in the first category, you probably already know what I’m going to talk about. But if you fall in the second group — and maybe you want to be in the first group — here’s your first task: Purchase a Service Manual that covers your bike.

I have been a professional motorcycle technician for more than a decade, and just about every time I work on a bike, I first grab the manual. There’s nothing more aggravating than trying … Continue Reading

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