Kriega Urban WP Messenger Bag Review

We're no stranger to Kriega luggage here at J&P. Several of us ride with their luggage, and Rich did a great job breaking down their tail bags in his article. Tail bags aren't the only item in Kriega's arsenal, though. I'll be putting the spotlight on their Urban WP Messenger Bag. I've been commuting almost daily [...]

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Surviving the Coastal Elements – Salt and Sand on your Motorcycle

You probably don’t know me, but if you ride a motorcycle, I might know a little about you.  That is because most of us that ride, share a lot of the same passions.  I am the Manager of the J&P Cycles Retail Superstore at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach, FL and this is where you [...]

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Road Tested: National Cycle Flyscreen

I ride the snot out of my Kawasaki Z900 RS. It's a sweet bike with great performance and rad 70's muscle bike style. Unfortunately, that style means it could use an upgrade in the wind protection department. Sadly, being a new model, I was not spoiled for choices; my options consisted of the $350 Kawasaki [...]

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Kenda Cataclysms Motorcycle Tires

When I first received my set of Kenda Cataclysms Motorcycle Tires, they gave me a very "sporty" impression. These tires just *look* like they're made for a more aggressive driving style. With no center tread, I was leaving behind what I'm used to and stepping out of my comfort zone. Like most tires these days, [...]

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Kriega Drypack Tail Bags

  A Kriega Drypack tail bag is a tail bag or is it more? While we sat in the office pondering potential ideas to showcase some of our favorite products and products we have been interested in trying, the idea of riding to Daytona Florida for bike week from Dallas Texas came up. What a [...]

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Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk

Until recently, I have never used a communication system on a motorcycle. SoI figured the best time to get started would be on a business trip from Dallas to Daytona for Bike Week. I road down with a work colleague; me on my Harley Ultra Classic and he on his Ducati Panigale. These are two [...]

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I want to see where I’m going – J.W. Speaker Adaptive Headlight

I want to see where I’m going - J.W. Speaker Adaptive Headlight Mark OrtnerProduct Merchant Have you ever been cruising down a road at night and thought, “Man I hope there isn’t something in my way around that corner!”?  There is now technology out there that can resolve that intimidating issue. I recently [...]

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MIPS Helmets: Innovation In Energy Management

The intricate history of MIPS helmets with a review of their revolutionary design and testing procedures. We live in an interesting time with evolutionary designs like the concept behind MIPS helmets. In this day and age the evolution of technology is leading an explosion of advancements in the medical field. Public awareness of sports related [...]

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Nelson-Rigg CTB-1000 King Roller Bag Set Review

The Lowdown Over the winter, I picked up the Nelson-Rigg CTB 1000 King Roller Bag and top bag, to replace my busted tour pack. I didn’t get to use the set much until my ride from Ft. Worth to Daytona for Bike Week, but I did check out the features while I had the bag [...]

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Biltwell Lane Splitter Road Test

The Hype I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the Lane Splitter helmet from Biltwell since I first heard about it. I tried one on at Born Free 8 and really dug the look and how it fit. When I got the chance to do a road test on one I jumped at it. First [...]

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