Torque Fest 2012


May 23, 2012 | By: Patrick Garvin

So for the past few years we have been hearing about a great rally called Torque Fest. And we’ve never been able to attend due to other events that were always conflicting. Well this year we were determined to go, so we loaded up and headed up to Maquoketa, Iowa.

The vibe at Torque Fest is all about pre-65 no billet traditional style hot rods and bikes. There is a real garage built feeling to the event that really shines through; there aren’t a lot of trailer queens rolling around.

If you participate in the show you get your chance to take laps on the dirt track, where you will … Continue Reading

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We’ve Added ‘Rally’ to Our Open House Handle


May 4, 2012 | By: Angi Kearney

J&P Cycles Open House Rally logo 2012It’s really no big deal, but we’ve gone ahead and tagged the word “rally” onto the back end of our 33rd annual J&P Cycles Open House – mainly because it best describes an event that promises to be the biggest and best in more than three decades.

You might be asking how we can justify a statement as grand as that, but here’s the deal: This extravaganza — now known as the J&P Cycles Open House Rally – is scheduled for June 23 & 24 at our headquarters outside Anamosa, Iowa. And this year’s event will feature representatives from an unprecedented 100 different motorcycle brands who will be on … Continue Reading

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From Laughlin to Myrtle Beach — We’re on the Road Again


April 23, 2012 | By: Patrick Garvin

Our tractor-trailer crew has just about enough time to wash the J&P rig, stock it to the bulkheads with new motorcycle gear and fill her up with diesel before hitting the road again. Rally season is underway, with the first scheduled stop at one of the largest biker events in the West — the 2012 Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, Nev., from April 25 through 29.

The massive 53-foot-long J&P trailer has been renovated in order to accommodate more vendors then ever before, all housed under a giant new awning. We’ve got vendors from the likes of Zox helmets and Rikki from Battisinis himself  – all on hand to answer … Continue Reading

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J&P Introduces Newest Guest Blogger

April 6, 2012 | By: J&P Cycles

You wouldn’t think a four-inch piece of lumber would be a highlight worthy of discussion in a blog post about someone’s trek to J&P Cycles’ annual open house, but then, you probably haven’t met Jeff Maddox.

Maddox is a veteran biker from White City, Kansas, who’s been astride a motorcycle since 1974 when he acquired his first ride. Since then, he’s owned more than 60 vehicles, ranging from motocross to ATVs. His current ride is a Heritage Softail with 70,000 miles on it.

New to the J&P Cycles blog as a guest blogger, Maddox has a blog of his own wherein he sounds off about his four decades of motorcycling … Continue Reading

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Live from Daytona Bike Week!


March 15, 2012 | By: J&P Cycles

Bike week started a week later than normal this year, but the party started the weekend before. Things are really rocking here at Daytona Bike Week.

A few rain showers didn’t stop the bikes from rolling in, and even made for an exciting Supercross race. The J&P Cycles Destination Daytona location is loaded to the gills with new products; the parking lot is filled with vendors like Klock Werks, Vance & Hines, Kuryakyn, Bikers Choice and many more. Along with our clearance tent, giant luggage and seat tent and on site mechanics, there is no reason you shouldn’t be on your way here right now.

If traffic … Continue Reading

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J&P Founder John Parham Receives Lifetime Achievement Award


February 17, 2012 | By: J&P Cycles

John Parham, founder and former president of J&P Cycles, picks up the Don J. Brown Lifetime Achievement Award today during ceremonies at the 2012 Dealer Expo and American V-Twin Dealer Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Doubtless you know that J&P Cycles is the world’s largest aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories retailer online, and John will be recognized at a luncheon today for his lifetime of dedication to the motorcycle industry — most recently for his efforts in creating the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, which is also home to J&P’s headquarters. That main location, as well as our satellite location in Ormond Beach, Fla., has both won numerous Top Continue Reading

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V-Twin Expo 2012: A Behind the Scenes View


February 10, 2012 | By: Patrick Garvin

J&P Cycles flew a crew out to the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati this past weekend so everybody could get a first-hand and up-close look at what our vendors have in store for all of us this season. A good part of the reason we all even work here is so we can attend exclusive motorcycle industry shows where our vendors debut all the products they have been developing over the winter.

What that means is, everybody who’s lucky enough get inside the doors of this exclusive exposition are laying their eyes on literally thousands of new motorcycle products and accessories for the first time.

And because J&P Cycles is known … Continue Reading

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Biketoberfest Blast Underway in Daytona Beach


October 14, 2011 | By: Jeff Liller

The 19th edition of Biketoberfest got underway yesterday in Daytona Beach, Fla., and while many states are chilling up, those of us lucky enough to live and work in Florida are at a point where a light jacket is reasonable evening wear.

And the onset of what we call fall here in Florida only accents the sounds of motorcycle engines, the shine of chrome and the smells of various meats on sticks.

If you can find your way down here, you will most assuredly not be disappointed. In fact, the only drawback to Biketoberfest is there’s not enough time to squeeze it all in. The event runs through … Continue Reading

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AMD World Championships: Boy, Do We Know How to Pick ’em


September 21, 2011 | By: Patrick Garvin

Once again, the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building set up shop smack dab in the middle of Sturgis and true to form, exhibited the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to fabrication. In fact, it appeared to us that fabrication skills were on display more so this year than bike-building skills.

Functionality appeared to be lost in the translation on a lot of these entries. To us, it looked like builders were more intent on showing off their insane engineering and fabrication pieces, and the motorcycles themselves were secondary. So as Zach and I cruised the isles looking for the perfect machine for our Partner Pick … Continue Reading

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You Should Definitely Put the Indy MotoGP on Your Bucket List

September 14, 2011 | By: Patrick Garvin

This year marked my second consecutive in-person visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy MotoGP after years of following what I consider to be the world’s premier motorcycling championship on the television set.

Last year I experienced some culture shock during my first visit — but it was my kind of culture and so I embraced it! This year’s trip was just as exciting, but I experienced less awe and a whole lot more agenda. It was after all, a working trip, so the first few days were spent setting up the J&P Cycles rig in the interactive vendor display area.

Then it was off to ride “Willies … Continue Reading

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