J&P Employees Share Resolutions for 2012

Patrick Garvin, one of our more prolific bloggers and motorcycle tech experts grabbed a microphone and wandered around what he calls the “belly of the beast” here at J&P Cycles, asking a sampling of employees for their New Year’s resolutions.

Were this a bank or financial institution, you would expect those resolutions to center around balancing a checkbook or putting more into savings. But J&P Cycles sells motorcycle parts — about 130,000 of them at last count — and our employees seem to have a common theme when it comes to resolutions.

And that theme is this: Fix the bike that’s in the garage. For example, senior technician and J&P … Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: J&P Metric Tech Josh Schmit

Josh Schmit is a problem solver and he’s been resolving customer issues here at J&P Cycles for the past seven years. Heck, he’s got answers for questions posed by other J&P techs. All this equipment knowledge comes from years of working on bikes. And Josh will be the first to tell you that squatting down in front of a bike with a wrench is the best education you can get in this industry.

Meet Josh Schmit:

J&P Cycles: What got you interested in motorcycles?

JS: It started for me the first time I actually tore apart a lawnmower engine at 9 years old and my older brother helped me get Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: J&P Call Center Supervisor Brett Koranda

J&P Cycles team member Brett Koranda is one of our supervisors pulling the strings in our Iowa call center, not only fielding calls himself, but monitoring others and offering on-the-fly advice to his fellow J&P staffers. As a sales and customer service supervisor, it’s Brett’s task to make sure all your questions are answered when you phone in. He’s been doing an excellent job of it these past four years or so. If you call in and you hear, “Good afternoon, this is Brett,” give him a shout out. Tell him you read about him on the J&P blog:

J&P: What got you interested in Motorcycles?

Brett Koranda: My dad Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: J&P Sales Techs Bud Probus and James Dean

Most of our Meet the Team introductions have been with J&P staff members who have been with us a long time. Today, we’re changing that up a bit in order to fill you in on two of the newer members of our team. These two gentlemen joined us within the last nine months and both guys are sharp as tacks and equally fun to work with.

Duane (Bud) Probus is a recent graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (Phoenix) Harley and Kawasaki program. James Dean — that’s right, James Dean — is a graduate of Wyo Tech’s American Motorcycle Institute (Florida) Harley program.

Meet Bud (left) and James (right):

J&P Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: J&P Cycles Tech Specialist, Don Sasko

Chances are, you’ve spoken to him on the phone. Maybe he sold you a new leather motorcycle jacket. Or a new open belt primary. He may have given you some spot-on advice about the installation of your new Performance Machine wheels. Or he could have been the guy who helped you diagnose why your FXR is running in reverse only (Yeah, it happened).

We’re talking about Don Sasko here, head of our tech specialist program at J&P. Don works out of our Destination Daytona-based call center in Florida. He dishes out advice on everything motorcycle, not only to our customers, but also to his fellow call center crew … Continue Reading

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Meet The Team: Jason Hayes, J&P Cycles Product Specialist

Jason Hayes loves the thrill of the ride. Doesn’t matter whether it’s tearing down a black diamond on his snowboard in the Adirondack Mountains, taking a dog-sled team up a steep pass in the Rockies, or flying over twisty roads on his GSRX 1000.

There’s just not a whole lot of extreme sports that Jason won’t attempt at least once. In fact, it was his love for the outdoors that sparked his passion for motorcycles.

Jason received a motorcycle technician’s degree with a specialty in Asian bikes from Wyotech in 2008. And along with the diploma came some pretty impressive technical honors.

He’s always been a rider in the … Continue Reading

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Meet The Team: Lowell Anderson, J&P Cycles’ Product Specialist

Lowell Anderson has a passion for motorcycles that began with a habit of “borrowing” his friend’s Dad’s XV1100 Virago on occasion when his friend’s Dad wasn’t home and taking it for long rides without the benefit of a driver’s license.

Then after a bad breakup with a girl who shall remain nameless, he hocked the engagement ring and bought a Suzuki GSXR750. While scooting around town, acquiring an impressive number of speeding and reckless op tickets, a friend talked Lowell into take a road-racing training course so he could participate in a local circuit. He took his friend’s advice and loved racing.

Later in life Lowell applied for a job … Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: Bud Milza, J&P Cycles E-Tech

Bud Milza joined our Florida call center team in April of 2007 and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. By the time Bud plugged in his PC, our web business took off, followed shortly after that by a big jump in the number of customers emailing us with tech questions.

The time had come to designate a tech to handle this correspondence and Bud stood up and said, I’m your man, thus filling our very first e-tech position. Since then, this veteran biker has played a key role in expanding J&P Cycles’ e-services to better serve our online customers. But don’t take our word for it… Meet Bud:

J&P Continue Reading

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Meet The Team: Jake Herring, J&P Cycles Harley-Davidson Tech

Jake Herring’s passion for bikes began at age 13 when he worked through his summer vacation bagging groceries so he could purchase a 1963 Rigid Frame Ironhead Sportster. In a manner of speaking, Jake became addicted to this drug we call motorcycles at a tender age. From the very start he was wrenching on bikes in his garage and it was there that he realized this was indeed the professional direction he wanted to pursue.

Jake received his Harley-Davidson certification from AMI in 1999. Over the years he’s worked at numerous dealerships and aftermarket shops in many capacities including service, sales, technician and—  his favorite — fabricating. He joined J&P … Continue Reading

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