Don’t Let Preventive Maintenance Chain You Down

If you’re among the diminishing number of motorcycle riders possessing a final drive chain on your ride, you know it’s one of the most neglected parts on your bike. You also know that this very important piece of machinery needs to be maintained properly or it’s ‘game over.’

It’s true that the task isn’t as fun as, say, a weekend ride with your friends. But without a little care and attention toward this inanimate piece of the motorcycle puzzle, there ain’t gonna be any weekend ride with friends.

Here’s my bike chain-cleaning regimen, and once you’re underway, I guarantee you’ll feel better about this chain chore:

  • First off, I get
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Revolutionary Tire Sealant from Ride-On – [VIDEO]

There are a couple of things I prefer not happen to me while perched atop my faithful machine. One of them is getting a flat tire. The idea of picking up a nail or some other form of road shrapnel bothers me for two reasons: One, most of the time I’m clipping along at a good rate of speed, and the thought of sharp debris attaching itself to one of my tires and shredding it into tiny pieces while I am hurling myself through a corner is upsetting to say the least.

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Engine Compression Ratios: What They Are, How They Work

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Engine Compression Ratios:  What They Are, How They Work

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear at Delkron is: “If I use these parts what will my engine’s compression be?” This seems to be one of the most misunderstood areas of building a performance engine. In this short series of articles we will discuss both types of compression ratios—Mechanical and Corrected—and how to calculate them.

First let’s understand just what compression ratio means and how

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