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J&P Customizes Four Bikes – Part II – Working on the Sportster 72

Sportster completeEditor’s Note: Last month we introduced you to our most recent project of updating four bikes: a 2012 Sportster® XL1200V (72), a 2013 Softail® FLS (Slim), a 2012 FLHTCUTG Tri-Glide® and a 2012 Goldwing GL1800P, here. We have been busy in the last month! Here is a low down on the work done.

To characterize the work surrounding the projects as hectic would be like referring to LeBron James as a forward for the Miami Heat.  While true, it just doesn’t tell the whole story.

Progress has been incredible, especially when you consider there are four bikes in the process at the same time.  … Continue Reading

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The Evolution of My Evolution – Part II

063 (2)Editor’s Note: The following is the second in a series by J&P’s own Rick Jessen to show you what can be done to personalize your motorcycle with a little imagination and a J&P Cycles catalog. A plus, one doesn’t need to spend a fortune on custom, fabricated one-of-a-kind parts.

So now you have seen how this bike looked when I bought it (The Evolution of My Evolution – Part I), let’s continue with the first phase of changes.  I have not been known as a person who uses a windshield, but since I turned 60 last year I thought I could use a small shield. I purchased … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles Gears Up to Customize Four Bikes

Sean SalgerGreetings everyone and welcome to 2013!  First off, thank you for the support and comment posts on my last blog entries.  It’s great to hear from you!  Believe it or not, I read each and every comment and had a blast doing it.  Now, let’s get down to business, shall we?  We’re going to leave the worlds of motorcycling philosophy and needling popular culture behind for a while and get down to why you’re here, and I have a job…BIKES!

If you have been a customer of J&P Cycles over the years you have seen some killer custom machines grace our catalog covers and displayed in our showrooms.  It’s been … Continue Reading

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The Evolution of My Evolution

015Editor’s Note: Rick Jessen joined the Daytona J&P Cycles staff in May of 2005 as a phone technician (prior to the opening of the Destination Daytona SuperStore). In mid-2008, he transferred to the then-new Destination Daytona SuperStore showroom to hold a showroom sales/tech position. A below the knee amputee, Rick loves giving back and does so by assisting the disabled with their disability applications. When not working or helping others, Rick and his wife, love riding their Shovelhead.

This first blog in a series from Rick is to show you what can be done to personalize your motorcycle with a little imagination and a J&P Cycles catalog. A plus, one Continue Reading

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S&S Four Stage Bagger Build: The Beginning [VIDEO]

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be following along with Steve Johnson, president and COO of Tucker Rocky and Bikers Choice, as he takes his 2010 Road Glide to S&S Cycle for the royal treatment. S&S will be doing a four-stage build and documenting each step on video — complete with before and after dyno runs, walking you through each installation right down to tool selection.

Joining Steve Johnson in this first video is George Smith, executive chairman and CEO of S&S. Smith’s suggestion to viewers is to take your time on this upgrade. “Get up to speed at your own speed”.

He describes upcoming videos that enable builders to … Continue Reading

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Our J&P Cycles Custom Bike Builder Has Created a Ride Just for You!

When you’re as big an outfit as J&P Cycles, it’s pretty nice to have your very own in-house bike builder, and we’ve got that in spades with our own Kody Wisner. And as cool as that is, a lot of our customers have no idea that we’ve been creating new bikes on a regular basis in our shop for years now.

In addition to the stock bikes that are customized at the shop, we’re on pace to roll out five from-the-ground-up builds this year, the latest being an X-Wedge-based FXR and a 1947 Knucklehead replica for the National Motorcycle Museum.

The X-Wedge bike houses a 117-cubic-inch powerplant that will … Continue Reading