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Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk

Until recently, I have never used a communication system on a motorcycle. SoI figured the best time to get started would be on a business trip from Dallas to Daytona for Bike Week. I road down with a work colleague; me on my Harley Ultra Classic and he on his Ducati Panigale. These are two different bikes with very different fuel ranges. We chose the Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk headset system. This system enabled us to talk when we needed, we could tell each other when we needed to stop for fuel.  It was great, there were so many other reasons why the system was used and sometimes just plain fun.



Very quickly, we discovered how useful the Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk headset system was. My bike’s range is just over 200 mile and the Ducati’s range is about 120 miles. My riding partner was very easily able to let me know when he needed to stop for fuel while riding, we could even discuss how far he thought we could go with more detail. This is way better than someone riding up alongside you, getting your attention and just pointing at his gas tank. You know, this is the method most us have been using for a long time. As a rider, I’m generally very alert constantly scanning my surroundings and mirrors. Then while riding and in the zone, someone pulls up alongside you and tries to communicate. This could potentially get dangerous when cruising at highway speeds; especially in traffic.

While doing a 3000 mile round trip in less than a week, you have a lot of seat time. This system was really nice allowing me to talk to the guy riding next to me. We chose some pretty cool roads and when one of us saw something interesting we were actually able to talk about it while it was still there to look at. How many trips have you been on a trip where you have to wait until you get to the next gas stop and ask someone, “Hey, did you see that”? This was our first ride together and it was cool to see that we were often looking in different directions. We were able to point out what we were seeing as we rode just by talking. We also used it a few times to let each other know when there was a cop ahead or to let each other know when we were going to be turning onto a different road. Not having to use hand signals for all of the normal things that we do when riding with someone was great.

Later, we both found that this system was great even as lone riders. The system does everything, you can stream music from your phone, take phone calls, have your GPS tell you where to turn, and all at the same time, while using your Apps on your smartphone!

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