Blogger Shares Thoughts About the Start of Riding Season

//Blogger Shares Thoughts About the Start of Riding Season

Blogger Shares Thoughts About the Start of Riding Season

JP1974This time of year always makes me smile when I think back to some of the motorcycles I’ve owned over the past 40 years. As the weather clears, my mind shifts from worrying about the unpredictability of weather to riding more miles on my bike. I love how these memories always put me back on the bikes I used to own. We all have these memories of motorcycles we used to ride, and over the years I’ve owned quite a few (some I would even like to have back and others not so much). Rest assured, every one of them got me to the place I am today. I love motorcycles and everything about them. My mother on the other hand might have a different opinion.

It’s been said more than once by no one in particular that they wouldn’t think of selling their very first motorcycle. I think this is true for those riders who are at an age that gives them the ability to decide. But at the tender, young age of 12, I rode my Harley-Davidson X90 until it couldn’t be ridden anymore. The tired beast of preteen burden was flat worn out. Keep it? No way! I needed something bigger and better as I was growing like a weed, so I bought a 1974 DT175 Yamaha to waste away the summers. Good times, and a lot of memories. There is something about the smell in the air right now that takes me back. Or is it the preteen dirty socks and the smell they give off…?

As most of you are getting out and riding more and more, there will always be that “something”  that takes you back to a simpler time where motorcycling just happened. I think occasionally we make riding too complicated and with complications comes frustrations. When I was a young man, you couldn’t keep me off of my bike. Between cutting lawns for cash I was either thinking about riding or I was out there powersliding and pulling wheelies on the dirt trails outside of town. Coming home with blistered hands and torn jeans didn’t deter me, but it made me a better rider. It also made me happy and let’s admit it – that’s why we ride.

As you get out this summer, remember why you have this bike in the first place, how it makes you feel and more importantly the road you traveled to get where you are today. It’s amazing how these motorcycles can stimulate our senses and how it makes us feel. I know that through the years I wouldn’t have traded one single minute on any of my motorcycles I’ve owned. I wonder where that X90 is today and if it’s for sale?

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