Biltwell Inc. EXFIL-80 Bag Review

//Biltwell Inc. EXFIL-80 Bag Review

Biltwell Inc. EXFIL-80 Bag Review

Some of you may have heard of Biltwell and probably know them by their grips, bars, seats and helmets. But what you may not know is Biltwell also has an awesome line of rugged, versatile bags that are appropriately referred to as Biltwell’s Exfil line. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and intended uses; but the one I am going to introduce you to today is the Exfil-80.

The Exfil-80 is a MOLLE covered 51 liter (80 – 12 oz beer can) roll top bag with the added benefit of a large padded tool pouch sewn onto the front. The interior is a beautiful hi-viz orange which makes a nice contrast so you can easily find what you need when your setting up camp for the night. The bag has three synch straps on either side to help compress the load and has rock solid mounting straps on the rear for mounting to a sissy bar.

True to my nickname “geardo”… I am kind of a bag freak and can’t pass up a well-built pack… I first saw the Exfil-80 at the Destination Daytona store while I was picking up some small things for an upcoming Keys trip. What really drew me to the bag was the construction. I am used to motorcycle luggage either being heavy traditional leather or flimsily built nylon… But this was different. The stitching is laid out in such a way as to reinforce all the natural stress points. The bag has a heavy feel that inspires confidence, that coupled with a PVC backing, included rain fly for water protection and durable SBS zippers made this a must have for my upcoming trip

Though this bag comes with a shoulder strap… It does best mounted to a sissy bar. The bag has a latticework of synch straps that run along the back and really aid with eliminating virtually all wobble that is typical from other sissy bar bags.  Side note, the padded front of the tool pouch makes for one hell of a backrest.

As far as capacity goes, I believe in that old saying that a picture says a thousand words. I can tell you I packed for three days or… I can just show you, Packed in the bag were two pairs of jeans, two shirts, two socks, toiletries, Flip Flops (I’m a Floridian), water filters, a camp stove, food, tent and sleeping bag with plenty of room to spare.

For you technical types here’s a nice group of photos from Biltwell themselves with the dimensions of the bag and a nice view of the tool pouch.

The next morning, I checked to see how the bag had fared. Though the tool pouch seems to have leaked enough water where it was damp and the tools needed to be dried, the main compartment with the clothes was thankfully bone dry.


So about that all important question: exactly how water resistant is this bag should I be caught in the rain? Well, wonder no more… That very night my buddy and I withstood a small monsoon (we were camping just off the beach). I woke up in a puddle of water, and while I was safe in my Gore-Tex liner, I thought my clothes were done for as I hadn’t put the rain cover on the bag before going to sleep.

Biltwell has really outdone themselves. The Exfil-80 has really set a standard for what a good piece of motorcycle luggage should be able to do. Its mounting is solid, the bag is spacious, construction is rugged, and it can take a beating from the elements. Those features along with the hi-viz liner and padded tool pouch/ backrest really set this bag apart from others and it has earned its place as my go to motorcycle camping luggage.

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