Editor’s Note: The following does not represent the views of J&P Cycles or its employees.

Just about this same time last year we were playing this same record. We watched as Paul Jr. was triumphant over his old man, Paul Sr. (OCC) and Jesse James. I wrote about this travesty and stirred up quite a bit of dust. Now on the heels of Senior and Junior’s long-running American Chopper show being canceled, they are back at it again. This time it’s a four way affair with the addition of the Gas Monkey Garage guys. It all goes down Dec. 10 and 11. We’ll see if America recognizes some actual skill sets, hard work and talent this time around…or if they vote for a “cake decorator” who rolls out an unridable theme bike that looks like a helicopter, farm machinery or lamp shade that they try to pull off as “art” or “design.” How about this time all the builders just build actual motorcycles you can ride? Not a theme of something or a snowmobile…just a bike.


OCC: I think they regret not building a bike last time and will have a strong entry this time. Expect a Shovelhead or Panhead, something that goes back to Senior’s roots. I’m thinking they will bring their “A” game.

Gas Monkey Garage: They are definitely the wild card here. I think they lack a bit on the fabrication skills (and bank accounts) of the other three, but will put forth a working man’s effort and probably roll out a low budget chopper of some sort. I’m interested to see their bike.

Jesse James: He’s going to go off the fabrication charts again. Last time he built his frame and front end from stainless steel. And I’m sure he is going to fab up a bike from scratch and it will be dope. Don’t expect a hardtail, I’m thinking a swingarm frame possibly. He has far and away the best skill set of the bunch, but his public persona is polarizing and unfortunately this comes down to a popularity contest.

Paul Junior Designs: More of the same. It’s going to be a theme bike of some sort, most likely tailored to whoever sponsors the build. Possibly a George Foreman grill bike or a lizard-themed insurance company bike, or maybe even a http://www.lameassmotorcycle.com/ bike? He could surprise me and do a bagger with a big front wheel though….Whatever it is it will be over cooked, and generally resemble a motorcycle with lots of stuff on it.

My prediction: Unless Senior’s team hits it out of the park, Jesse wins then heads back to Austin to build hot rods. Senior’s team will come in second; Senior will retire and spend his days cruising the hills of New York state.  The Gas Monkey crew rides their new found fame to third and continues five more years of TV shows. And PJD brings up the rear, without a TV show he finds work on TLC’s Cake Boss as the head decorator.