Bike Week 2013 Satisfies the Senses

//Bike Week 2013 Satisfies the Senses

Bike Week 2013 Satisfies the Senses

Bike Week lotBike Week signifies the beginning of the riding season for many riders across the nation. Attending the event stirs up the senses and resurrects the feeling of freedom that can only be obtained on a motorcycle traveling the open road. One of the only things that can make that feeling better is sharing the road with fellow riders and enthusiasts who share the passion for anything on two wheels!

This year’s Bike Week did not fail to satisfy. Thousands of riders made their way to Daytona Beach, Florida to celebrate their love of motorcycles. The J&P Cycles Destination Daytona Superstore lot was filled with vendors eager to meet the crowds and answer the questions, or just talk about bikes.

TrackWillie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Show held its annual bike show again this year. What an impressive selection of custom built motorcycles! No smoke and mirrors here! These were straight out of the shop bikes with custom hand-built parts galore. Quite an impressive collection of art and know-how!

Our own Patrick Garvin competed in the Baker Smokedown Showdown held at the Iron Horse. A great show was displayed with tons of people getting into the fun! The Iron Horse supplied the stage and a great venue to have a beer and relax or get right up front and enjoy the fun!

Daytona day 1The AMA Pro Flat Track Races presented by J&P Cycles were a big hit with the crowds who came to watch some of the best racers in the world compete on the legendary Daytona track! J&P Sponsored Rider Jared Mees took a 3rd place podium finish on the opening night, which is a great way to start off what we hope will be a successful, and exciting season!

If you missed Bike Week this year, you should mark your calendar now and be sure to attend for 2014 (March 7-16, 2014). It’s a great way to start off your riding season!

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