Best Bagger Bolt-Ons

//Best Bagger Bolt-Ons

Best Bagger Bolt-Ons

Baggers have always been known for their comfort, while choppers have always been about style. As the average age of motorcycle riders increased, people began looking for some style with their comfort, and the “Custom Bagger” trend was born. No longer was there a need to have two motorcycles in your garage, when a custom bagger could do it all. You could build yourself a cool custom bagger and ride in style, whether on a cross-country trip or a short blast out to your favorite watering hole.

There are many different companies producing parts that can take your late-model bagger from mild to full custom — and anywhere in between. In this blog post, I’ll show you some of my favorite parts that are currently available and easy to install. The parts shown here are just the tips of the iceberg. To check out more cool bagger parts, get a copy of our new catalog or visit

  • Battistinis Custom Cycles has created a whole line of products you can use to customize your bike. From one piece to the whole line, the use of Rikki’s parts will make your bike stand out  in the crowd. From motorcycle foot pegs to grips, all parts are available in chrome or black to suit the style of your own bike.

  • A custom seat will be one of the first things people notice when they look at your bike. Today’s custom motorcycle seats can still be stylish and comfortable. From a sleek little solo to a large two-up touring seat with built-in backrests, whatever your needs, we can help you out. With the ability today to change seats fast on late-model bikes, it’s convenient for people to own two seats — one for touring and another for tooling around town or taking short trips.
  • One of the first things most people change on their bikes is the exhaust pipes. The factories are regulated by the government and must adhere to laws dictating the noise a motorcycle can make.  Most of us want our bikes to sound healthy and mean when we twist the throttle, and the only way to achieve that is to ditch those stock pipes. Slip-ons are an economical alternative, but they tend to look fairly stock. Many manufacturers also create wild-looking and killer-performing custom exhausts.  So pick your poison because we’ve got you covered.
  • A custom air cleaner lets everyone know at a glance that your bike isn’t stock. By simply changing the style of air cleaner, the whole attitude of the bike changes. With more than 20 pages of custom air cleaners in our catalog, you will definitely find one that will make your bike stand out from the others on Main Street. If style isn’t your main concern and its power you crave, we can help you with that, too.
  • Klock Werks Kustom Cycles has created its Benchmark series fenders to turn your stock bike into a full custom with a minimum of work.  Built from heavy-gauge steel, these fenders require little bodywork before painting. By smoothing out the fenders, slamming them and stretching them, these fenders provide the ultimate custom look while remaining a true bolt-on part.
  • Ness Big Bags not only give you that sleek stretched-out look, they also provide more usable space. Ness Big Bags are constructed from high-strength fiberglass with a smooth finish inside and out that is ready for paint. These are direct-replacement motorcycle saddlebags that take advantage of your existing hardware and lid for easy installation. With today’s paint technology, you can have Ness Big Bags painted to match your factory paint job for a reasonable price.
  • Custom wheels with matching rotors make the biggest impact when changing the looks of a stock bike. Going from stock to custom is a very simple change, and can usually be done in your garage in a couple of hours. One of the hottest trends right now is taller front tires than stock. As you can see on both of our baggers, we installed 21-inch tires to drastically change the look of the whole bike. No longer does the front end look heavy. Instead, it sports an aggressive look that you just can’t ignore. The blue bagger still utilizes a stock front fender, while the red 30th anniversary bagger uses a Klock Werks Benchmark front fender made specifically for 21-inch wheels.

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