Avon Rolls Two Unbeatable Deals

//Avon Rolls Two Unbeatable Deals

Avon Rolls Two Unbeatable Deals

Let’s talk about something you just can’t ride without — tires. More specifically, Avon tires. When it comes to motorcycle tires, the debate over what type of tire to put on your bike can get hot and heavy. That’s because we all have our own riding style that inevitably lends itself to a certain style or type of tire. Avon recognizes this and has done its part to cover every kind of bike or riding style on the road, offering 18 models of tires, ensuring that they have something to fit each and every rider’s individualized riding style.

The two tires we’re exploring today are the Venom and the Cobra, staples of the Avon brand. The Venom series represents Avon’s premier line of cruising and high-load touring tires. The multi-arc tread contour provides a light, neutral turn-in and exceptional cornering ability. Venoms are highly resistant to cupping due to tread design, and the unique sequential pattern produces an exceptionally quiet ride. The low-rolling resistance offers a cooler-running casing for long life while offering a soft enough compound for high levels of grip.

The Cobras have a stylized tread design that balances the needs of rapid water dispersal as well as tire stability and maximum resistance to wear. The Cobra features Advanced Variable Belt Density, which brings new levels of performance while maintaining the legendary mileage associated with Avon touring tires. And they’ve introduced the unique snakeskin sidewall to complement the logo.

Best of all, the folks at Avon are offering a deal to those in need of re-shoeing their bikes. Anyone who purchases Avon Cobra, Venom or Venom-R tires –between now and May 31, 2010, will be eligible for a mail-in rebate for a $25 MasterCard gift card.

Note: All mail-in rebate requests must be postmarked by July 1, 2010 (see the rebate form available via the link below for complete details/rules).

Get the rebate here: Avon Tires Mail-In Rebate Form

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