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“The Champ” – Sticking It To ‘The Man’

Here at J&P Cycles we’re absolutely serious about selling motorcycle parts and helping you service, repair, and enhance your Harley-Davidson motorcycle or cruiser motorcycle. That being said, we like to have a bit of fun doing it and like many of you, we’re a bit competitive by nature.

This is a video – never meant to be seen beyond these walls – that was made starring blogger Lowell Anderson. It shows him celebrating his victory following an internal office contest in which he bested his own manager. We got such a kick out of it that I wanted to share with you and show you that while you … Continue Reading

Motorcyclists aren’t Targets:How Nissan Juke Misses the Mark

Just this morning, one of our customers (thanks, Brian!) brought an ad from Nissan to our attention by way of a post on the J&P Cycles Facebook page. Promoting its new Nissan Juke, the video/commercial is titled “Trophy,” and if you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and watch it and then we’ll talk:

Seen enough? At this point you should be upset – and understandably so. We certainly are. The No. 1 concern we consistently hear from our motorcycle riding fan base is S-A-F-E-T-Y. As a new motorcycle rider myself, I’m concerned about safety on the road. That and trying to persuade my non-motorcycle riding wife that … Continue Reading

3 Simple Truths: The Journey of a New Harley Rider

A few months back I wrote a blog entry about becoming a new Harley motorcycle rider after the passing of my grandfather. In that post I shared how, quite unexpectedly, I became the owner of a 2001 Heritage Softail Classic.

J&P Cycles Senior Technician Scott Holton, recently blogged about how motorcycling is often a hereditary thing – an obsession that’s often passed on down the family tree. What Scott didn’t explain is what happens if that trait skips a generation in the gene pool. Where’s your mentor? How do you learn? Of course there are huge benefits when you have a close relative or friend take you through the paces. … Continue Reading

The Call: The Journey of a New Harley Rider

Editor’s Note: Tim Barcz is J&P Cycles’ senior ecommerce manager, and while he’s been doing a bang-up job for us in this capacity since April of 2008, he’s never taken riding and getting his license as seriously as his work on our award-winning website. As you’ll read below, events have changed all that, and Tim will be blogging from time to time on the trials and travails of switching from being a sidecar rider to his anticipated evolution as a seasoned Harley rider.

The Journey of a New Harley Rider, Part I

By Tim Barcz

You know the call is going to come. You just don’t know when. Days … Continue Reading

Wearing Red to Support Our Troops

Every day, servicemen and women around the world wake up in faraway places.  And in the years since 9/11, many of them serve in dangerous places (most notably Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently, Libya). When J&P Cycles heard about the movement to wear red on Fridays as a show of support, we were all over it.  Last Friday, our two locations took photos of employees wearing red. We had more than 120 J&P Cycles’ employees take part.

If you’re not familiar with the Red Shirt Friday movement, here’s their mission:

The mission of redshirtfridays.org is to show support for our servicemen and women. We are not a political organization. We

Continue Reading

Reward Yourself for Successful New Year’s Resolutions!

Lose 10 pounds. Quit smoking. Find a better job. Spend more time with the family. These are some of the more familiar New Year’s resolutions that people make a commitment to undertake each year. And as we turn the page on another year and look ahead to 2011, we here at J&P Cycles want to share some of our own resolutions with you.

As we all know, New Year’s resolutions sound good on paper but are often difficult to accomplish. In fact, some of them are history by January 2nd. To help you buck that trend, what we offer below are some quick tips that might just help … Continue Reading

MotorcyclePartsAndAccessoriesBlog.com Celebrates Its First Year!

About two years ago several of us were marveling over how much technical knowledge and expertise about motorcycles exists at J&P Cycles. Just ask anyone who has been to one of our two locations, chatted with us via our live chat (go ahead give it a try), talked on the phone with one of our motorcycle technicians, or visited with us at a motorcycle event. Everybody knows how knowledgeable our staff is when it comes to motorcycle parts and accessories. We wanted to get the word out to people via “this new Internet thing,” and thus, a blog was born.

We launched a year ago and in the … Continue Reading

Gratitude and Thanks is a Huge Part of the J&P Family

We all remember the story of Thanksgiving from elementary school. We were taught that the first Thanksgiving was a harvest festival for the Pilgrims — a time to be thankful and express gratitude to God, family and friends.

As more and more people work in careers outside of farming, I’m glad we still celebrate “the harvest” and continue to give thanks. Certainly as the world seems to speed up and the pace of life seems to be going ever faster it is nice to arrive at this time of year and recount all of our blessings.

Here at J&P, we have a whole lot to be thankful for.  Our large … Continue Reading

Our $1,000 Open House Blunder

In a classic TV episode of Cheers, the bar is losing money and, in an effort to raise some cash, the tavern hosts a raffle with an ocean cruise as the prize. When the lovable, albeit simple minded Woody draws the winner from the tumbler, he announces cheerfully, “And the winner of the Cheers all-expense trip to the Caribbean is —No. 99!” The winner jumps up in amazement as the crowd cheers, steel drums begin pounding and the celebration gets underway. Meanwhile, in the background, Sam asks his smiling bartender, “Say, Woody, when you turn this 99 upside down it kinda looks like a 66, doesn’t it.”  Woody looks … Continue Reading

Introducing Brand Pages on JPCycles.com

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have read recent announcements about the new Vance & Hines and Kuryakyn parts pages on JPcycles.com. Since we often hear that you use our website to research brands — not just an individual part or a number of parts for a bike project — we’ve set out to redefine how you learn about brands via our website.

Brand pages on JPcycles.com allow for quick navigation to top products, products by make (e.g., Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc.), and products by style. Since each page is built specifically with just one particular brand in mind, we’re able to … Continue Reading

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