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Godspeed to Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut

bigstock-Make-A-Difference-Sign-1475086Scott here… I’m usually the tech editor type guy at J&P Cycles, but I have a few comments to bring in the New Year. Patrick Garvin (host) and Scott Abing (videographer) recently put out our annual New Year’s resolution video and did a fine job with it. Shawn not talking to them cracks me up! As we bring in 2013 we have a lot ahead of us and hopefully, we will all have positive experiences as we move through the year.

My blog today; however, is not joyful nor pleasant. As a father, the horror of what occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut haunts me. I am … Continue Reading

Chain Tensioner Follow Up

Well, how do I top that? My previous blog about the Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam chain tensioners was the most read blog in J&P Cycles’ blog history. We have been asked for permission to reprint or repost a number of times, and in general, I believe it accomplished exactly what I wanted it to.  You can see we had numerous responses from riders sharing their personal experiences. This shows that education regarding how to handle and prevent this was needed. I’d like to thank our readers for taking the time to share with us exactly what they went through. Now, I’d like to address some of the responses.

The most prevalent question … Continue Reading

Take the Time to Reflect, Thank A Veteran this Veterans Day

It’s November and once again, I have been asked to write about Veterans Day 2012.

In the past, I have used this space to share the definition, and the history behind this holiday. Seems like I catch writing about most of our military holidays since I am a veteran; I served our country between the months of December 1974 and December 1977.

As a member of the United States Marine Corps, I gave our country my best, and the holidays which honor my service are very, very gratifying. We observe Veterans Day commemorating the end of World War I. We have a similar holiday at the end of May, Memorial … Continue Reading

I Love Harley-Davidson, But You Must Know This


I Love Harley-Davidson, But You Must Know This

Here is the ignored elephant in the corner……

There is a potential major issue in the Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam engines. This is a statement of fact, not a bunch of wild guesses.  I’m not here to bash Mother Harley, but you should be educated to its causes, and possible solutions.

Okay, what issue are we looking at? It’s a very serious one that is enough to alarm you.   However, you can fix these defects and end up with a nice bike. Our objective today is to educate, and we are also going to outline some ways to fight back.   Yes, even the … Continue Reading

Fall Riding, Enjoying the Weather

Here in eastern Iowa, the weather is turning cooler, bringing us into one of my favorite times of the year to ride a motorcycle. The weather is not desperately hot and is great for a relaxing ride. It’s not desperately cold, so you don’t have to bundle up like Nanook of the North to enjoy. Other parts of the country may have already passed the peak color turning season (you northern brothers and sisters), and you southern brethren may still have this to look forward to. Anyway, seeing the leaves change color is great and everyone should treat themselves to a “leaf run.”

Fortunately we are close to the Mississippi … Continue Reading

A Serious Theme Bike to Memorialize a Serious Time, by Paul Jr. Designs

As the 11th anniversary of the diabolical attacks on America arrives, I have been asked to essay on the 9/11 memorial bike put together by Paul Jr. Designs. As someone who has made his living since the early 80’s in the motorcycle field, I have enjoyed watching the Discovery Channel’s Orange County Chopper’s bring much needed exposure to motorcycling.

I have been a little reluctant to fully embrace the Sr. vs. Jr. phenomenon. I have been very fortunate to have met a number of talented builders, who in my opinion, could build circles around the Orange County/PJ Designs crew.

These guys were in the right place at the … Continue Reading

Labor Day 2012: Celebrating the American and Canadian Worker for 118 Years

For a lot of people, Labor Day means two things: a day off and
the end of summer, but why is it called Labor Day? Labor Day is a day set aside to pay tribute to working men and women. It has been celebrated as a national holiday in the United States and Canada since 1894.

Labor unions celebrated the first Labor days in the United States, although there’s some speculation as to exactly who came up with the idea. Most historians credit Peter McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a co-founder of the American Federation of Labor, with the original idea of a day … Continue Reading

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Musings From the 2012 J&P Open House Rally

Editor’s Note: Scott Holton, a 1987 graduate of Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and a senior technician at J&P Cycles, wrote today’s blog post during the second day of this year’s Open House Rally here in Anamosa, Iowa.

I’m typing this on a Sunday morning smack dab in the middle of the 2012 J&P Cycles Open House Rally. Saturday was a crowded day that kept me tied up fulltime at the back tech counter. I’ve been working with a couple of sharp characters from our Florida store who were flown up especially for this event, and of course, we’ve got Merrill, our regular back-counter guru.

We had a steady stream of folks … Continue Reading

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Memorial Day is So Much More Than a Hotdog in a Bun

No doubt about it — we all love Memorial Day. I mean, what’s not to like? This day officially kicks off the summer season and nobody can find fault with that! Then there are the picnics with family and friends, outdoor games, and hunting for the best sales at malls, discount stores and big box retailers.

But like we say every year in this spot, Memorial Day is so much more than overeating, having fun and seeing how much money you can save on the newest technology.

Memorial Day started as a holiday to remember the fallen during the Civil War. It was enacted as an honorable day of remembrance … Continue Reading

Rolling Thunder Ride Celebrates its 25th Year

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the POW/MIA run to the wall. This annual event has the goal of ensuring that Americans know many of our veterans from the Vietnam war have yet to be accounted for.

In the fall of 1987, a small group of Vietnam War veterans met to discuss their personal concerns about the POW/MIAs from that Southeast Asian conflict. Having honorably served their country and having taken an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies…” and to “bare true faith and allegiance to same,” these vets were deeply troubled by the lack of attention given to those who … Continue Reading