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Meet Lowell Anderson, J&P Cycles director of brands. In this position, he is responsible for the assortment, design and development of products for our private label brands. Prior to joining the J&P team, Lowell was a senior manager for KTM North America Inc., where he was responsible for designing, developing and marketing all the KTM hard parts and clothing for the KTM Hard Equipment product line. Lowell has a passion for everything on two wheels. He still enjoys riding both street and dirt bikes. In his spare time, Lowell enjoys working on his bikes, building metric bobbers and spending time with his family and friends.

Why Motocross is Good for Kids

MotocrossingOver the years I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of kids interested in motocross. I have also met a ton of parents considering whether or not to let their kids pursue the sport. As a parent, I know this isn’t always the easiest decision. There are quite a few things to consider when getting your kids involved. If they do well and enjoy the sport, you will need to spend more than a few hundred dollars, so they can participate. Actually you can count on spending thousands of dollars. The gear alone is going to run you a few hundred bucks. Then, you need to consider a truck … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles Introduces New ‘Stick-It’ Campaign

Stick it helicopterHere at J&P, we are always looking for new, innovative ways to interact with our customers. Over the years we have come to the realization that getting to know our customers is not only fun, but it’s important, too. There are so many companies out there who provide a variety of services, but never really take the time to get to know their customers. We don’t ever want to become one of those companies, so finding new ways to interact is something we get excited about.

Recently the J&P marketing department sat down and held a brainstorming session to come up with a program that would benefit our customers, … Continue Reading

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Blogger Calls Powder Coating Kit A Great Purchase

Powder coatingOnce in a while you buy something only to realize later that the purchase was a really good decision. I bought a John Deere Zero turn lawn mower a few years back. That thing has a 62-inch cut and makes mowing the lawn a piece of cake. Every time I walk in the garage and look at that thing I think, “that was the best money I ever spent!” It’s a great feeling to know that your hard-earned dollars went to something that actually paid for itself.

Recently I purchased an item from J&P that gives me that feeling every time I see it; an Eastwood Powder Coating Kit.… Continue Reading

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Bike Week 2013 Satisfies the Senses

Bike Week lotBike Week signifies the beginning of the riding season for many riders across the nation. Attending the event stirs up the senses and resurrects the feeling of freedom that can only be obtained on a motorcycle traveling the open road. One of the only things that can make that feeling better is sharing the road with fellow riders and enthusiasts who share the passion for anything on two wheels!

This year’s Bike Week did not fail to satisfy. Thousands of riders made their way to Daytona Beach, Florida to celebrate their love of motorcycles. The J&P Cycles Destination Daytona Superstore lot was filled with vendors eager to meet the crowds … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles Goes Racing!

AMA Pro Racing GNC Half MileIf you have never seen a flat track race, this might be the year for you to do so. Coming from a racing background, I have seen and participated in all forms of motorcycle racing in my time. I started riding real aggressive on the street when I was younger and after a plethora of speeding tickets, one of my friends convinced me to get certified for road racing, which I did, and I loved it!

Later in my 30s I decided to learn how to ride off road. That led to me participating in GNCC races, Motocross races, and even some Supermoto races.

A year ago I managed to … Continue Reading

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Jesse James Is Bringing West Coast Choppers Back

Radial-Engine-Bike-Built-by-Jesse-James-at-West-Coast-ChoppersRecently it was announced that Jesse James is relaunching West Coast Choppers. To many fans and friends, this is great news. Personally, I have always had a certain amount of respect for anyone who can back up the talk. Love or hate his work, the simple fact remains, he knows how to build and create things with his hands that many of us only dream of.

Jesse James has done for the Harley-oriented motorcycle community, what Jeremy McGrath did for motocross. He put it on the map. His art form mixed with his attitude has made him entertaining to say the least. These are the traits that seem to … Continue Reading

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Wrenching on Your Bike – Don’t Panic

Lowell Anderson wrenchingOver the years I have worked on all kinds of bikes, street bikes, dirt bikes, mini bikes and everything else under the sun. I am happy to say that I have never had to pay a mechanic to work on my bike. I have always managed to take the challenge of working on my bike head-on whether I knew what I was doing or not. I use the resources around me to get the problems fixed. Sometimes this is really a frustrating endeavor, but in the end, it is worth it!

Last year I was working on an old street bike and pulled a real bonehead move! While I was … Continue Reading

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New Year’s Resolution FAIL

happy new year 2013 speedometer vector illustrationEvery year around January, people start asking me what my New Year’s resolution is. I am sure many of you get the same question. This simple question usually brings up some mixed feeling deep within me. Thoughts of guilt and failure simply self-inflicted by the fact that I committed to something I didn’t accomplish. My parents didn’t raise me that way. I have always tried to accomplish the goals I set for myself, but this one New Year’s tradition has always been something I fail at miserably.  Even if I wasn’t considering any resolution at all, as soon as someone asks me about it, I manage to pull some kind … Continue Reading

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My How Times Have Changed!

biker textingWell it’s that time of year again, the time where we all scramble through the crowds to try and find that perfect gift for the loved ones in our life. I can remember a time when there was no internet at all, and going to the mall to fight the crowds was more of a tradition than anything else. I can remember getting a group of guys together and going to the local mall to make fun of each other while we tried to accomplish some shopping. It was usually a really good time. You would see plenty of people there who you normally would not run into throughout the … Continue Reading

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Different Is Good

As motorcyclists, we tend to be individuals and I would say more so than the “normal” public. We all have our own ways of enjoying motorcycles differently. You can see it in our style and in our actions. It always puzzles me how this translates all the way down to the clothing we wear and the bikes we ride. Sportbike guys tend to look like sportbike guys wearing flashy gear and helmets. Harley guys dress like Harley guys. They wear black leather vests, t-shirts, chaps and bandannas.  BMW guys tend to have a different style altogether. Sort of like a mixture of uniform and space suit. Everyone prefers to … Continue Reading

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