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Winter Riding. Who’s in?

Jason riding in the rain snowAnother year in the books! As I sit here at my desk wishing I could go for a ride to release the stresses of the day, I remember that it is only 15 degrees out. For me that is just a little too cold even with the heated jacket liner I picked up last fall. Extending the riding season into late fall was great, but January is just a little too extreme for this biker. Between the frigid temps and ice/extra dirt on the road, I think that waiting until it gets nicer out is the smart thing for me to do.

On the other hand, I know there are … Continue Reading

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Thoughts on the First Ride of the Year

Awww, to have the rush of air surrounds you lifting your spirit up for the first time in months. I know for a lot of southern folks this does not apply but after living in Florida for 3 years riding year around and now living in Iowa there is one thing I realized this spring. It is a magnificent feeling to get back on the bike after having to see it sit in the corner of the garage all winter frowning at me.

Throughout the winter months there were times where I felt something was missing from my weekly routine. Now that the weather here in the Midwest has turned … Continue Reading

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Drag Specialties Treats Dealers to a Sky High Riding Experience

Each year Drag Specialties invites some of its customers to participate in a dealer bike ride, and the location of this three-day adventure is usually someplace where the word “pristine” can be used to describe it.

Take this year’s ride, for example. We met up outside of Denver, Colo., and spent the next couple of days exploring the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. That’s right, the Continental Divide. At 11,990 feet in elevation, it’s one of the highest places in the country you can go riding.

I had the opportunity to attend this year on behalf of J&P Cycles, and I have to thank the Drag Specialties folks … Continue Reading

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Road Trip to Sturgis 2011 – And We’ve Got it on Video

As you read here on the J&P blog earlier this week, a few of our employees rode directly from our world headquarters in Anamosa, Iowa, to the Black Hills of South Dakota, to take part in the 2011 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Arriving approximately three weeks before the first day of Rally, they played a big part in getting our Sturgis-based operations up and running prior to everyone else’s arrival. Those of us who left a few weeks later took a different route. Traveling west from Iowa, our crew passed through Nebraska and on into Colorado, where some of us spent two nights in Broomfield, Colo., which is located between Denver … Continue Reading

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Winging Into Action – J&P Cycles’ 2011 Gold Wing Catalog

It’s pretty hard to improve on perfection, but our second-ever Gold Wing catalog makes it two winners in a row — and it didn’t hurt at all that we added 16 new pages of everything Wing. This is a fairly new publication for us, and in fact, it’s only the second time we have produced a Gold Wing-specific catalog. The Powers That Be here at J&P were so pleased with the way everyone received Volume I they decided to keep it going. Good decision!

The 2011 J&P Cycles Gold Wing catalog has expanded its selection of clothing and helmets with new product from Alpinestars, Tourmaster, Shoei, and … Continue Reading

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Running the Brammo Enertia Through Its Paces

So there we were, on duty at Daytona Bike Week, selling every J&P Cycles part imaginable for your motorcycle, when the folks from Brammo Motorcycles approached us, asking if we’d mind taking their new electric motorcycle out for a test spin.

You don’t have to ask J&P’s Patrick Garvin that question twice. Grabbing up a camera and microphone, Patrick and the film crew walked out to the speedway and climbed aboard a unique looking electric bike. Weaving between palm trees like they were traffic cones, Patrick returned from a spin around the speedway for a quick on-air review of the ride.

Coming from a gas-powered bike, he said, the Brammo … Continue Reading

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

With spring almost here, the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day brings food, friends, and a few pints together to reflect Irish heritage. There are almost 37 million Americans that have Irish roots but this holiday is not only celebrated by the Irish.  Anybody that likes a good time and a little green beer can partake in the party.

On this holiday, unfortunately, there is an increase in alcohol related accidents and deaths. On St. Patrick’s Day 2008, 37 percent of the drivers and motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or above, according to statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Each … Continue Reading

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Motorcycle Apps

In today’s world of technology smart phones offer us unlimited information at our fingertip. With a smart phone comes what is known as the App (application). There are thousands of these small programs that allow us to play games, get instant news, edit pictures, listen to music, or find the closest restaurant. What I’d like to concentrate on are those apps designed specifically for those of us who ride motorcycles.

There are plenty of biker apps from which to choose in the motorcycle world, depending on what you want to do. Shopping for a bike? Check out the Cycle Trader app. Studying up for your motorcycle permit? The Motorcycle Test … Continue Reading

Electric Motorcycles, the Beginning of a New Era!

Electric motorcycles aren’t just a futuristic idea that might someday take off. A voltage revolution is upon us right now and it promises to be exciting.

There are lots of companies out there that are taking on the challenge of making electric bikes practical for everyday use. And while you’d think some of the bigger manufacturers would be leading the charge for electric power, it’s really the smaller companies that are actually bringing these bikes to the market.

In doing a little bit of research I have found two companies that stand apart from the rest with what they have to offer a consumer. Zero Motorcycles out of Santa Cruz, … Continue Reading

Cycle Gadgetry: A Convenience or a Catastrophe-in-the-Making? Part II

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, we heard from Bud Milza who expressed his rather strong opposition to the notion of cluttering your motorcycle with intercom systems, GPS systems and other electronic paraphernalia. Today we get the opportunity to hear the other side of that communications conundrum from Jason Hayes, a proponent of such technologies.

Is staying connected staying safe?

By Jason Hayes

In today’s society, small devices such as cell phones, MP3 players and GPS devices are a part of everyday life for a lot of people. Being safe on the road with these devices is not all that difficult if you know how to use them and— just as important — … Continue Reading