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Our Blog to Feature Readers’ Rides

I was checking out all the great photos of bikes that our fans have put on our Facebook page and it came to me that we really should feature some of these customers’ rides on our blog. Take a quick peek at the 926 or so photos on Facebook and you’ll get a new perspective on how no two bikes are truly alike.  From stock bikes with simple handlebar and seat swaps, to full-blown ground-up custom builds, everybody’s preference, style and taste is different.

What one rider thinks a Fat Boy should look like can be the complete opposite of another biker.  The personalization that goes into each and every … Continue Reading

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Meet the Team: Bud Milza, J&P Cycles E-Tech

Bud Milza joined our Florida call center team in April of 2007 and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. By the time Bud plugged in his PC, our web business took off, followed shortly after that by a big jump in the number of customers emailing us with tech questions.

The time had come to designate a tech to handle this correspondence and Bud stood up and said, I’m your man, thus filling our very first e-tech position. Since then, this veteran biker has played a key role in expanding J&P Cycles’ e-services to better serve our online customers. But don’t take our word for it… Meet Bud:

J&P Continue Reading

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You Can Transform That Cruiser Into A Shredder

There’s a new generation of Harley riders among us. Many have matured and crossed over from the world of sport bikes and motocross to American iron. However, their riding habits haven’t changed and neither has their need for speed.  The fusion of high-tech components with air-cooled v-twins is becoming more and more prevalent. We’re now seeing a new breed of Harleys with the ability to maneuver, accelerate and brake just as well as some of the best hooligan bikes out there.   

Components commonly found on sport bikes, dirt bikes, flat trackers and café racers are now being used to unleash the full potential of v-twin motorcycles. If you don’t have … Continue Reading

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Harley Drag Racing 101

Born and bred right here in the USA, drag racing has grown worldwide as one of the most popular forms of motorsports. Perhaps the best part about drag racing is that you can run just about any type of vehicle, including street legal Harley-Davidsons. Whether you ride a stock 883 Sportster or a monster 131-inch Road Glide, you’re free to participate as long as your bike passes the required safety inspection. With literally hundreds of drag strips across the nation, you’ll have no problem finding a legit location to run WFO with zero interference from the man. Aside from hosting sanctioned events, almost every strip offers “test and tune” sessions … Continue Reading

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Motorcycle Grip Removal and Installation

No question about it. Sooner or later the OEM rubber grips on your Harley will be totally spent and need to be replaced.  Whether you choose to go with stock replacement or aftermarket grips, the procedure to switch them out will remain the same. 

Many of you call us for assistance while in the process of switching out grips but with all the calls we get, sometimes it’s difficult to walk everyone through the process in detail from start to finish. Rather than rush you through it, I’ve put together some step-by-step instructions for you to follow while changing your grips. This procedure is intended for use on models with … Continue Reading

Getting the Most from J&P Technical Support

Our technicians strive to provide you with accurate information about your motorcycle and to provide that information in a timely fashion. And the more familiar you are with your motorcycle and the products you’re interested in, the more efficient our technicians can be in providing the information you require. Whether you contact us via live chat, phone or email, the more details you can provide upfront, the better we can serve you.

For example, when calling, emailing or chatting with our support reps, you first need to give us the year and model motorcycle you’re working on (i.e., if you tell us you have a Softail, we need Continue Reading

Tire Hieroglyphics: Understanding the Markings on a Motorcycle Tire

Have you ever wondered what all those markings on your tires actually mean? There are a lot of letters, numbers and symbols on the sidewalls of your tires that translate to a lot of useful information. You’ll find it’s useful to be able to identify a few of these strange hieroglyphics when you’re selecting the [...]

Ask a J&P Tech: How to Measure Motorcycle Cable and Brake Lines

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive [through the J&P Cycles Chat Service] are about extended control lines for oversized handlebars. For example, “I would like to put a set of 20” Wild-1 Psycho Chubby Apes on my bike. What length cables and brake line do I need to order?

If there were a scientific formula to calculate the proper cable and brake line lengths for every possible combination of bars and risers, on every single model of bike, it would make ordering a bit easier. Unfortunately there isn’t, so we always recommend to customers that they mount the bars first, then take an accurate … Continue Reading

Tech Tip: Motorcycle Saddlebag Fitment

One of the more frequent questions our Tech Department gets asked is, “Which saddlebags fit my motorcycle?” While some saddlebags are model specific, the majority of saddlebags we carry are a universal fit. As we always tell our customers, you can find fitment dimensions for most of the bags we carry in the product descriptions on our website or in our catalog, but the best way to see whether a saddlebag will fit your bike is to cut a cardboard template using the length and height of the bags you want. By holding the template up to the bike, you can get a fairly solid idea of how the bag will … Continue Reading