Around The News – July 15 2016

//Around The News – July 15 2016

Around The News – July 15 2016


Here are five things that appeared this week in the clutter of information overload that I found worthy of sharing with our readers:

  1. Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita set a new around-the-world record on a Victory motorcycle – Victory Endurance Race Team
  2. Progressive released the list of cities for the 36th Annual IMS Tour – Progressive Press Release
  3. At least 27 states have started “unpaving” small town roads? WTH??? – Wired Magazine
  4. Survey finds bikers are more attractive than drivers! – Fox News
  5. Screaming Banshee air horn delivers a whopping 123 db to alert even the most distracted of drivers! –
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