Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boot Review

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Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boot Review

“I’ve had quite a few boots over the years. The Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex boot has been one of my all-around favorites” 

I’ve had a pair for about eight years now.  They’ve held up very well.  They’ve kept my feet warm and dry through a lot of rainy, cold weather.  They stay comfortable on all but the hottest days. The tread sticks well on oil asphalt and sandy concrete. They come off and on with zippers and a Velcro flap. 

They can be quickly changed in the parking lot for situation appropriate footwear. They’re comfortable enough for casual walking around when you don’t want to have to change shoes. Soon I’m retiring my current pair and getting a new pair for next riding season. It’s safe to say I am hooked, these boots make the top of my must have list every time.

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