A Windshield on Your Bike Keeps the Bugs Out of Your Teeth

//A Windshield on Your Bike Keeps the Bugs Out of Your Teeth

A Windshield on Your Bike Keeps the Bugs Out of Your Teeth

Editor’s note: Below is Part 2 in a two-part series that seeks perspectives from two types of riders discussing the pluses and minuses of installing a windshield on your motorcycle. Jake Herring wrote yesterday about in-your-face open road riding and the disadvantages of windshields. Today, Anthony Todd talks about the benefits and safety of using a windshield for protection and comfort. Here’s Anthony Todd:

In my view, Jake is 100 percent correct when he talks about the feeling you get when you’re on the open road. Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate stress reliever for me. Anytime I’m frustrated with life in general, I climb on my bike to clear my mind and enjoy the ride. With that in mind, nothing is more likely to refresh your memory of the stresses in life than getting hit in the chest at 60 mph by a pissed-off hornet, whose final act of defiance before dying is stinging you multiple times through your shirt. Or debris flying off a construction truck and smacking you in the shoulder. Or embers from a cigarette making their way toward your face.

Good reasons all for riding with a windshield. Safety is the key to riding and for enjoying that ride. Safety is one of the biggest concerns that the average person has about motorcycles because most folks are predisposed to the belief that motorcycles are unsafe. Adding a windshield protects you from road debris, bugs and the elements.

Two concerns that deter many from using a windshield are the way they change the look of the motorcycle and the way they change the feel of the open road. Both of those can be addressed with windshield selections. Manufacturers offer different sizes, shapes and styles of windshield, enabling you to find a compromise in that fine line between comfort and style.

Memphis Shades and other manufacturers have developed quick-disconnect hardware for most of their windshields, giving you the option of easily removing or installing your windshield. This solves the problem of changing the motorcycle’s looks and it offers you the option of protection when you’re taking those long trips. And allows you the flexibility to remove it easily when you ’re heading off for bike night or entering your customized motorcycle in a bike show.

As for me, I would rather enjoy riding than have to dodge objects or the elements. Protection and comfort is why I ride with a windshield. Granted, I might not feel all the air in my face when riding with a windshield, But I enjoy the ride just the same..

If you’re not sure how to select a windshield for your motorcycle, take a look at this article (Motorcycle Windshield Installation), which includes a video on how to install a windshield on your motorcycle.

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    Thanks for sharing this great info with us. As per my opinion, windshield has become important parts for motorcycle as well as motorcycle rider. It’s really make secure us from unwanted happens while riding on bikes. On another hand, most of people use it for their stylish bikes. Keep such more info.

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