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Meet the Team: J&P Sales Techs Bud Probus and James Dean

By | 2015-04-15T14:55:07+00:00 October 21st, 2011|J&P Team Members|

Most of our Meet the Team introductions have been with J&P staff members who have been with us a long time. Today, we’re changing that up a bit in order to fill you in on two of the newer members of our team. These two gentlemen joined us within the last nine months and both guys are sharp as tacks and equally fun to work with.

Duane (Bud) Probus is a recent graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (Phoenix) Harley and Kawasaki program. James Dean — that’s right, James Dean — is a graduate of Wyo Tech’s American Motorcycle Institute (Florida) Harley program.

Meet Bud (left) and James (right):

J&P Continue Reading

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Helpful Tips on Maintaining Your Bike’s Battery

By | 2015-04-15T14:51:57+00:00 November 30th, 2011|How-To Articles|

Editor’s Note: If it’s advice about battery maintenance that you seek, you’ve come to the right place. James Dean works on our sales technician lines and is a graduate of WyoTech’s American Motorcycle Institute’s Harley program. To find out more about James, read his Meet The Team write-up here on the J&P blog.

For most of us in this country who actually experience winter months, preparing your motorcycle for hibernation requires some action on your part. And that holds particularly true when it comes to battery maintenance.

The first thing to always to remember is you should make or break a battery connection by using the negative cable. This ensures … Continue Reading

Follow These Tips to Find the Right Motorcycle Jacket for You

By | 2015-04-14T14:58:32+00:00 June 6th, 2014|Motorcycle Buyers Guides|

308-699Motorcycle Jacket Buyers Guide

Here at J&P we’re passionate about riding and with that passion comes lots of knowledge surrounding gear, specifically jackets. Our team’s jacket collection includes everything from high-tech textile to traditional leather and vintage biker-wear (also known as jackets some have owned since the beginning of time).

We are firm believers that a biker can never have too many jackets and specific jackets for extreme riding conditions are a must! The motorcycle jacket is our second most prized possession and should be chosen carefully.

Since bikes first roamed the earth, the road ahead has been paved with leather, or at least it should have been. Ah, the … Continue Reading

Blogger Bios

By | 2018-05-14T11:04:18+00:00 December 30th, 2009|

Zach Parham View All Posts by Zach Parham Vice President/General Manager, J&P Cycles Zach has been helping out his parents with J&P Cycles since before he was shaving. He joined J&P full-time in May 2007, after earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Wartburg College. Zach coordinates and oversees our day-to-day operations. Zach’s [...]

Top 10 Rally Destinations for 2014

By | 2015-04-15T12:43:15+00:00 March 7th, 2014|News/Events Articles|

2013 Daytona Bike Week.

2013 Daytona Bike Week.

The start of Daytona Bike Week got those of us up north us thinking that this event is the start of event season!  It also made us think about all the other motorcycle events/rallies across the country and we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Rally Destinations for 2014. While you wait to thaw out this might be a great list to get your vacation juices flowing. Enjoy!

1. Sturgis, Aug. 4-10, Sturgis, South Dakota

The granddaddy of all the destinations you should have on your calendar is the Sturgis Rally. The Black Hills provide a perfect backdrop for day rides, from Mt. Rushmore to … Continue Reading

J&P Staffer Takes in AMA Supercross Race in Atlanta

By | 2015-04-14T16:42:28+00:00 March 8th, 2013|News/Events Articles|

Justin Barcia Scrub (use this)It’s time to step out of our usual V-Twin cruiser niche and take a look at another aspect of the motorcycling universe. Last weekend I went to the AMA Monster Energy Supercross in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a traveling circus that crisscrosses the country for 16 weeks culminating in the season finale in Las Vegas.

Supercross, for those not familiar, is basically a condensed version of motocross that is held in everything from football stadiums to the tri-oval at Daytona International Speedway. It features close racing, lots of bar banging and high flying jumps. This is a young man’s sport in which some of the best athletes in the world … Continue Reading

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