2016 J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Update: Phoenix AZ

//2016 J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Update: Phoenix AZ

2016 J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Update: Phoenix AZ

Jeff Najar, J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Producer


It was a blustery 82 degrees in Phoenix, AZ as the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show Circus rolled into University of Phoenix Stadium as part of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. Phoenix was the final stop in the 10 stop series and showcased one of the most diverse selections of custom sleds including Ducati, Vincent, BMW, trikes, Harley-Davidson baggers, scramblers, choppers and bobbers.

At each show Jeff Holt of HOT BIKE selects his two favorite bikes and in Phoenix he selected the FreeStyle winners with Lupe Aguayo’s 2014 Road King receiving the HOT BIKE Editor’s Choice award and Ryan Gore’s 1977 FXE taking the Street Choppers’ award.

People's Choice award Joe Hardin

People’s Choice award – Joe Hardin

The Bell Helmet’s People’s Choice award went to Joe Hardin and the The Leatherworks Solo bag award went to Jason Hoven and Kristy Morley for their hard work engaging the enthusiasts on the floor.

Leatherworks Solo bag award - Jason Hoven and Kristy Morley

Leatherworks Solo bag award – Jason Hoven and Kristy Morley

J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder FreeStyle Class – Lupe Aguayo of Baggerz by Lupe rolled in with his 30” Sinister spoke wheel and rolled out with a $2,000 check. The bagger features a custom swing arm that contains a built-in air tank for the suspension, custom air springer forks and molded chin spoiler. The 96” mill includes Precision billet intake and custom 2 into 1 performance exhaust. The bike stood out and made a statement as big wheel baggers do. Lupe receives the Made In America anvil ring from Speakeasy Original.


1st – 300 – Lupe Aguayo, Baggerz by Lupe – 2014 Road King named Timeless


2nd – 450 – Ryan Gore – 1977 FXE named Evelyn Mchale


J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder MOD Harley Class – The epicenter of custom big-wheel baggers is Phoenix, AZ. Louie Villa and Lupe Aguayo are not household names but these guys know how to build award winning sleds. Villa’s 2014 Bagger named AZ King is built in his small garage. The muscular looking bike drips with engraving. It also features a projector. So you can ride to your little slice of heaven and watch a movie while sitting on your bike. Louie received a $1,000 check for his efforts and a gift certificate from Harley-Davidson.


1st – 250 – Louie Villa, Bagger Kings Inc. – 2014 Bagger named AZ King


2nd – 225 – Louie Franconi, Spooky Fast – Harley-Davidson Street


J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder MOD Custom Class – Spooky Fast Customs is a small shop that does hydro dip, has 3-axis CNC machines and 3D printers. They can literally build anything from the ground up. The Spooky Fast Scrambler features handmade handlebars, tail section, race fairing, braided brake lines, powder coated swing arm and custom paint. Spooky Fast took the diminutive Ducati Scrambler to the next level with design and fit and finish that looked like it came from the factory. They rolled out of the stadium with a $750 check.


1st – 200- Spooky Fast Customs – 2015 Ducati named Spooky Fast Scrambler


2nd – 375 – Wide World PowerSports – 2016 Indian Scout named Indian Scout Reverse Trike GT


J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder MOD Retro Class – Max Droog of Droog Moto Concepts rolled in his post-apocalyptic custom into the Cardinal’s Stadium and rolled out with a big $750 check. The bike features a custom single-sided exhaust, mono shock conversion trellis-style subframe. The 1981 Honda 400cc bike called Concept 2 is a unique bike from an up and coming builder. Max is the young gun of the competition and we look forward to seeing his work as he grows in the business.


1st – 400 – Max Droog, Droog Moto Concepts – 1981 CM400 named Concept2


2nd – 100 –Andrew Starkman – 1977 XS750 named Roast Moto 008


Bob from Bob’s Cycle Supply brought 5 bikes for the showcase. Two of the bikes were Vincent. Clearly, if you were looking for unique and off-the-chain motorcycles then the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show was the place to be in Phoenix.

The last word: The 2015-2016 J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show series saw 10 stops across the country with custom bikes displayed from Portland to New York City. We had the best turn out in quality bikes since the start of the series. Chicago was our National Championship where we crowned Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications the “King of the Builders” and awarded over $50,000 in cash and prizes. Pat Jansen provided expert commentary and comic relief during our awards ceremony. We can not do what we do without our sponsors and we appreciate what Progressive Insurance, J&P Cycles, HOT BIKE, Street Chopper, Speakeasy Original, The Leatherworks and Harley-Davidson do for the show. Lastly, the UBM team makes it all come together and we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

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