America Is Great Because of Freedom, People and the Land Not Politics


November 5, 2012 | By: Zach Parham

J&P has two locations, our headquarters located in Anamosa, Iowa and a huge retail store in Ormond Beach, (Daytona) Florida. If you’re following the political scene at all, you know both Iowa and Florida are so-called swing states. We’re flooded with candidate visits, ads on television and phone calls. For those of you not getting this treatment – consider yourself lucky.

What has struck me through this political season, while both sides bicker constantly and the level of debate has seemingly reached a new high, is how passionately we all feel for America. Right or left, republican or democrat we have more that unites us than tears us apart. No matter what side of the aisle you sit, realize we all owe a great debt of honor to the people who have fought to gain and defend the freedom we so easily forget.

As we come to the final day before this election please remember to vote – many lives have been sacrificed over the past 200+ years to give you that right. Whatever you stand for, show it. No matter the results, remember what makes America great isn’t the politics – it’s the freedom, the people, and the land. We all together make America what it is and only we can make and keep her great – not politicians.

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Amen Jake!

Amen to that Scott. 🙂

I’m the same age as John P and throughout our lifetime this country has been the shining beacon of freedom and personal opportunity. Though not entirely due to politicians the good ‘old USA is now a way different country than we grew up in. The populace now seems to want gov’t in every sector of our lives. Back in the day, Americans were a hardy independent breed but now the tide has turned. Our collective psyche is governed by broad info resources and ethnic culture. Back in the day, immigrants came here to be Americans, to join in our vision and even speak our language – now we have to press 1 to hear it in English. Yes folks it’s a new country and I’m glad to be old but I pray that my kids and grand kids can still enjoy some of what’s left of our heritage before our once great country is totally socialist.

America is really an ideal country to live in. Many people from different countries wish to live in America. And I am glad to read articles in your blog on how great America is.