Chain Tensioner Follow Up

Well, how do I top that? My previous blog about the Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam chain tensioners was the most read blog in J&P Cycles’ blog history. We have been asked for permission to reprint or repost a number of times, and in general, I believe it accomplished exactly what I wanted it to.  You can see we had numerous responses from riders sharing their personal experiences. This shows that education regarding how to handle and prevent this was needed. I’d like to thank our readers for taking the time to share with us exactly what they went through. Now, I’d like to address some of the responses.

The most prevalent question … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles, Employees and Customers Aid Hurricane Sandy Victims

When Hurricane Sandy pounded the East coast, J&P Cycles and its employees, wanted to do something to assist those in need. Initially, J&P lent a small truck with donated pallets of water to a local man and his family who single-handedly spearheaded an effort to collect items and then drove them to Union Beach, N.J.

Empowered that we could do something more, we reached out to some of the most caring individuals one will ever meet – our customers. Through $1 donations added to orders, and J&P’s pledge to match every dollar donated, more than $7,000 has been raised so far. J&P employees have generously donated close to $1,000. … Continue Reading

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Which Motorcycle Luggage is Right for You?

Whether preparing for a cross-country trip or just looking for a place to stash a few things for an afternoon on the road, this video will help you find the right luggage to meet your needs.  The goal is to show you the options out there, so you could decide what will work best for you. While the products featured here are great examples of the different types of luggage J&P Cycles offers, you can shop our entire selection of motorcycle luggage and read the reviews. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask the experts here at J&P Cycles.

Products Featured in this video:

Eagle Leather Windshield Continue Reading

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Biker Build Off – Again

Editor’s Note: The following does not represent the views of J&P Cycles or its employees.

Just about this same time last year we were playing this same record. We watched as Paul Jr. was triumphant over his old man, Paul Sr. (OCC) and Jesse James. I wrote about this travesty and stirred up quite a bit of dust. Now on the heels of Senior and Junior’s long-running American Chopper show being canceled, they are back at it again. This time it’s a four way affair with the addition of the Gas Monkey Garage guys. It all goes down Dec. 10 and 11. We’ll see if America recognizes some actual skill … Continue Reading

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Bova Reminisces About When His Motorcycle Journey Began

Do you ever miss being a new motorcycle rider?  We all have different stories of how and when we rode the first time.  Some of us were pre-teens, some of us were teens, some in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and beyond.  We all had different reasons for why we started to ride and we all had different levels of instruction (or lack of instruction.)  No matter what stories we have to tell, there are things that every single one of us has that can’t be taken away or changed, and those are our rookie riding experiences.

What a rush being a newbie was!!  Sometimes I force myself to think back … Continue Reading

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Road Warrior: What is Your Favorite Song While You’re Riding?

Editor’s Note: Ina Postel has been with J&P Cycles as a showroom associate at the Destination Daytona store since early 2011. Ina can be found running the register, fitting customers for great selection of apparel as well as making sure you find the perfect helmet fit! She received her associate’s degree in digital media design and video production the summer of 2011.Before joining the J&P team, Ina was a professional stagehand and has over 1,000 shows under her belt. When she isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends by traveling, taking photographs, and attending concerts whenever possible!

Music is as important to me as breathing … Continue Reading

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Take the Time to Reflect, Thank A Veteran this Veterans Day

It’s November and once again, I have been asked to write about Veterans Day 2012.

In the past, I have used this space to share the definition, and the history behind this holiday. Seems like I catch writing about most of our military holidays since I am a veteran; I served our country between the months of December 1974 and December 1977.

As a member of the United States Marine Corps, I gave our country my best, and the holidays which honor my service are very, very gratifying. We observe Veterans Day commemorating the end of World War I. We have a similar holiday at the end of May, Memorial … Continue Reading

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I Love Harley-Davidson, But You Must Know This


I Love Harley-Davidson, But You Must Know This

Here is the ignored elephant in the corner……

There is a potential major issue in the Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam engines. This is a statement of fact, not a bunch of wild guesses.  I’m not here to bash Mother Harley, but you should be educated to its causes, and possible solutions.

Okay, what issue are we looking at? It’s a very serious one that is enough to alarm you.   However, you can fix these defects and end up with a nice bike. Our objective today is to educate, and we are also going to outline some ways to fight back.   Yes, even the … Continue Reading

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Guest Blogger Keeps Bike Out of Hibernation

Editor’s Note:What appears below is a guest blog post from veteran biker Jeff Maddox, who regularly holds court over at the JMAdog blog.

Where did the summer go? As we get just that much closer to November and December I realize that most folks are putting their bikes up for the season. I’m not sure if I could take the thought of not riding and that’s probably why I keep mine out of hibernation. We all know it’s a little ridiculous to ride in 10 degree weather, but it doesn’t turn that cold overnight (at least not here in Kansas). Why is it that 40 degrees in the spring … Continue Reading

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America Is Great Because of Freedom, People and the Land Not Politics

J&P has two locations, our headquarters located in Anamosa, Iowa and a huge retail store in Ormond Beach, (Daytona) Florida. If you’re following the political scene at all, you know both Iowa and Florida are so-called swing states. We’re flooded with candidate visits, ads on television and phone calls. For those of you not getting this treatment – consider yourself lucky.

What has struck me through this political season, while both sides bicker constantly and the level of debate has seemingly reached a new high, is how passionately we all feel for America. Right or left, republican or democrat we have more that unites us than tears us apart. No … Continue Reading

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