Guest Blogger Sharing Experiences on the Road During 8,000 Tour

Editor’s note: Jack Bethel is embarking on an approximate 8,000 mile journey through Canada and down the East Coast. He has agreed to share his adventures through a series of blogs to J&P Cycles. This is his first, an introduction. Meet Guest Blogger Jack Bethel.

Hello, I’m Jack. I am a 23 year old college student from Colorado. In my free time I work as a bartender and manage a small cycling shop. I have been infatuated with all things two wheeled from a very young age, and bought my first motorcycle at 19 (the 2001 BMW F650gs that I will be riding on this trip).

I originally began … Continue Reading

J&P Cycles Supports the National Motorcycle Museum

Synergy is a good thing when you are a motorcycle museum in a small town in eastern Iowa. But in addition to the National Motorcycle Museum, J&P Cycles is headquartered in Anamosa, Iowa, and though completely separate corporations the two companies continue to work together, sharing ideas and involving customers.

Not a day goes by without J&P Cycles, and its customers giving financial and marketing support to the National Motorcycle Museum. “When you call to place an order at J&P Cycles, your customer service rep typically asks, ‘Would you like to round up your order dollar amount and make a donation to the National Motorcycle Museum?’ and those … Continue Reading

Tales From The Asphalt

Years ago during a different time and possibly a different state of mind, the hardcore American biker was defined as someone who traveled the country with just the bare necessities. No hotels and plush accommodations for this group!

A bike, a sense of adventure, and an attitude was all that was needed. In today’s go, go, go environment, this type of American biker doesn’t exist. Caught-up in the whirlwind of responsibilities, in a fast-paced world that demands more and more of our time, is where most of us fall just in order to survive….

Today’s bikers are more like weekend warriors packing up trailers and all sorts of pleasantries for … Continue Reading

Musings From the 2012 J&P Open House Rally

Editor’s Note: Scott Holton, a 1987 graduate of Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and a senior technician at J&P Cycles, wrote today’s blog post during the second day of this year’s Open House Rally here in Anamosa, Iowa.

I’m typing this on a Sunday morning smack dab in the middle of the 2012 J&P Cycles Open House Rally. Saturday was a crowded day that kept me tied up fulltime at the back tech counter. I’ve been working with a couple of sharp characters from our Florida store who were flown up especially for this event, and of course, we’ve got Merrill, our regular back-counter guru.

We had a steady stream of folks … Continue Reading

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