Motorcyclists aren’t Targets:How Nissan Juke Misses the Mark


April 18, 2012 | By: Tim Barcz

Just this morning, one of our customers (thanks, Brian!) brought an ad from Nissan to our attention by way of a post on the J&P Cycles Facebook page. Promoting its new Nissan Juke, the video/commercial is titled “Trophy,” and if you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and watch it and then we’ll talk:

Seen enough? At this point you should be upset – and understandably so. We certainly are. The No. 1 concern we consistently hear from our motorcycle riding fan base is S-A-F-E-T-Y. As a new motorcycle rider myself, I’m concerned about safety on the road. That and trying to persuade my non-motorcycle riding wife that biking is a safe hobby when practiced with the proper precautions. In fact, motorcycle insurance companies are always creating pages and programs aimed squarely at keeping motorcyclists safe.

As the marketing director here at J&P Cycles, I get marketing. But this ad misses the point on so many levels. For starters, it is incredibly insensitive to the real concerns of motorcyclists everywhere. Even the title — “Trophy” — is crass. As if running down a motorcyclist is a game in which you win?

Nissan says, “In a city full of predators, prey is never hard to find — especially when the prey is the predators themselves.” The ad portrays a trio of motorcyclists as dangerous villains — predators in sore need of a good bitch slapping. As motorcyclists on the road, how often have you felt like the predator? Not often. In reality, it’s the motorcyclist who is constantly on the lookout for four-wheelers who aren’t paying attention to their driving. This causes situations that prompt us to react quickly in order to avoid the perils that go along with riding without walls.

Ultimately, this ad campaign from Nissan is a slap in the face to all motorcycle riders — not to mention just being in poor taste. And apparently, the public at large has joined us in calling Nissan out. Just read some of the comments submitted below the Nissan video as it appears on

Once there, you’ll find that Nissan’s commercial has been rated 4.3 out of 10. We think it actually rates much lower than that and more important, it should be pulled from circulation. We posted our objection and outrage to our Facebook page and received more than 250 comments in just a few hours.

What do you think about the commercial? Are we being too sensitive or are you as pissed as we are? Let us know in the Comments area below.

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Comments (302)

Sounds like a bunch of you need either:
a) a tissue
b) a sense of humour
c) a life

Just a good ole canadian boy who loves his Harley….goodbye nissan…actually just sent 3 not 1,family nissan vehicles to the crusher….total value over 50,000…also love my fellow bikers…LOL, money holds no value over PRINCIPAL!!!

Yall need to get over yourselves! Most yall ride or drive jap crap anyway. Its just a commercial, so deal with it! Yall sound like a bunch of whiny crybabies! Man up and deal with it.

Another thing, yall who ride rice and fly an american flag from a piece of Jap crap, are an abomination to those who died at Pearl Harbor.

And you as a pompass loud mouth Nissan endorser what type of flag do you fly ‘the rising sun’. You hypocrit

Unbelievable. This is poor advertising, at best. Terrible, boo Nissan.

Yeah the ad was not the best piece of advertising I have ever seen Nissan do but it was just fantasy and although I agree Nissan should remove it. I was most terrified by the comment of Tim Barcz.
“In fact, motorcycle insurance companies are always creating pages and programs aimed squarely at keeping motorcyclists safe.”

Those of us who have been riding for a while (30+ years) will remember the Joan Claybrooks and the IIHS trying to put horse power restrictions on motorcycles. Do any of you remember the Black List that some insurance companies used to determine if they would insure certain bikes or not.
Here is a news flash Tim. Insurance companies could not give a flying Rats Ass what happens to us their goal is to make money. Period. Do you really think that the risk managers at Geico, Progressive and Allstate lay awake nights thinking of ways to keep us safe? No they are lying awake trying to think of ways to not have to pay out a claim should you do get hurt. Here is a fact Tim. Insurance companies are not are friends and they are not here to help us or make safe unless it is in their interest. They are here to make money. I don’t be grudge them making a buck because I want to be covered should something happen to me. But that’s where the relationship ends. We pay a premium to them every year and if we don’t file a claim they keep the money. They are betting they take in more premiums than they payout. This is just like Vegas only without the slot machines and showgirls.

I find it interesting that Nissan has stooped to CGI and computer game modeling to try to boost sagging sales. I read a lot of the comments that defend the ad as “just a game” or It isnt real. The target market is the generation that grew up watching the “fast and Furious franchise” and playing Grand Theft Auto. They’re right it isnt real. But watching a friends family turn off life support is. It was especially hard on his mother, She couldn’t touch his face or kiss him good bye because the bandages to contain the blood seeping out of his eyes nose and ears as his brain was swelling and turning itself to pulp inside his skull was deemed “less painful” for her. Its also not real when the hero / anti hero rolls his car and leaps out and runs off to safety with his partner in crime. But helping my wheelchair bound friend whose car snap rolled 3 times IS. He will never take another step past his 25th birthday, ( the night of the crash) 22 years later he now exists on a pretty steady diet of painkillers and healthcare problems, Pretty far stretch from reality to crap we hope to feed someone to buy a cheaply made car..Shame on you Nissan

My uncle had an aneurysm hearing complete strangers detail their traumatic life stories on a blog about a commercial. Shame on you!

Thanks to this commercial I would not have a Nissan ANYTHING sitting in my drive way! I will never purchase a Nissan!

We have sent the following e-mail to Nissan at nnaconsumeraffairs [at] nissan-usa [dot] com. Thanks for the alert about this totally offensive ad.

Case # 793XXXX

We are drivers and motorcycle riders – careful and safe on both 2 and 4 wheels. We are active in the motorcycling community – one of us is Director of a Chapter of the Harley Owners Group and the other a Road Captain for group rides and Editor of our Chapter newsletter.

We are both offended and horrified that Nissan would even consider putting out an ad that suggests motorcyclists are predators and prey.

Life is NOT a video game, though unfortunately there are people who drive like it is. Please do not promote this mindset.

Please act responsibly and withdraw your ad immediately.

OMG! This just makes me mad. REALLY MAD! Use killing bikers and calling me a predator to sell their cars!?! Do they want to see what a Predator really looks like?, BECAUSE BY GOD I CAN SHOW THEM!!!!

Take a valium.

To say I’m appalled is an understatement.
I was sent the link to this site in an e-mail from a fellow motorcyclist.
I appreciate that you (J&P Cycles) have put this up so we can be informed and rant about it, but could you give us information as to where to contact a goverment official/congressman so that we might actuall DO something about stopping the proliferation of this ad!

ok … I see where it’s been pulled … it’s the most ridiculous/asinine ad I’ve ever seen though.

Good job on contacting Nissan people!

An ad about chasing and running over motorcyclists?

How about an ads about how this car is better in some way than similar cars?

How about the fantasy of driving on a beautiful twisty seaside road?

How about running over pedestrians, cyclists and elderly people?

This a major screw up Nissan, if the car is so bad or non distinct that only this bizarre violent fantasy will sell it you deserve to go out of business

Elderly people wouldn’t be so bad! They don’t know how to use the internet, hence we wouldn’t have to read their hundreds of whiny-ass complaints. Grow a pair.

Funny, the thought of owning a Juke never even crossed my mind….The one car that may possibly be uglier than a Prius. That commercial was made for idiots, by idiots.
By the way, penny’s are good for things other than legal tender when cages get too close….

Too sensitive. Watching the commercial, I did not get the urge to run down any bikers, nor did I forget the importance of motorcycle safety. View it for what it’s worth, a poorly written attempt at selling a car, using cartoons/video games as a back-drop. Most of the people seeing this aren’t idiots. I ride a bike and drive a car.

Funny, the thought of owning a Juke never even crossed my mind….The one car that may possibly be uglier than a Prius. That commercial was made for idiots, by idiots.
By the way, penny’s are good for things other than legal tender

The ad writer needs to be B**ch slapped.

This ad needs to be pulled immediatly, there is some jerk out there in a car that will think this is reality, and every motorcycle organization needs to call fro and end to such adds, what is nissan thinking? Life is not a video game

I have been a motorcyclist all my life. I am 58 now. What you show is outrageous. Try being a target in real life. You must pull that ad as you foster something that really does happen in real life. My brother was left turned and I have been run off the road several times. What you are advertising is murder plain and simple.

Case # 7936210

Dear Neale Ibbetson,

Thank you for contacting Nissan North America, Inc.

We’ve heard your concerns regarding the JUKE Trophy digital video, and pulled it immediately. We sincerely apologize that our creative direction missed the mark. Nissan promotes sharing the road with all riders and drivers and does not condone reckless behavior.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.


Nissan North America, Inc.

Geliene Busa
Consumer Affairs Representative
Nissan Consumer Affairs

This is just so stupid. My older brother was killed by a stupid aggressive drive like the one portrayed in this AD. And the worst part about it the one who murdered my brother was driving a Nissan product.
The one who thought of this garbage should be fired and force to make an apology to all bikers.

This is a slap in the face.I will do my best to never purchase a Nissan product.What insane idoit thought this was a good idea.After nearly getting hit in the face by garbage coming out of a untarped truck,people don’t need inspiration to kill a motorcyclist.This ad is just irresponsible and should be pulled from the air. This would be a bad idea for a movie.

I’ve just received a very nice letter from Nissan informing me that they’re pulling the ad and that they advocate sharing the road – not reckless driving.

Just like Nissan’s idiotic ad about their computer-generated Frontier truck doing barrel rolls down the side of a mountain, nothing in that commercial makes me want to buy their product.

But I do want to know what’s in that bag. . . .

Keep in mind that Nissan is a Japanese company. In Japan motorcycles rule the road as well as cars. I am sure with as many motorcycle riders in Japan that Nissan does not consider the commercial as offensive.

You must keep in mind that Japan is a Tech, Samurai, and Action oriented society. In this regard I do not believe that they intended to offend any motorcycle rider at all.

Now in the USA, with all of our school shootings, and other disrespectful dishonors, sure, caution should be shown. Our culture is different and it could be seen as insensitive to the American cyclist.

I am sure that cooler heads will prevail.

Sorry folks. People seem to be getting worked over nothing. Don’t really see how this video encourages road rage. The riders were clearly depicted as “bad” guys in the same sense that espionage movies depict bad guys, not as a general comment on motorcyclists. In fact, I can’t see how anyone can make the correlation to the average rider. I see ZERO connection to the many responsible riders I see on the roads every day. And I bet that most of you who are offended by this cheer when 007 wipes out a “bad guy” on a bike. If you do, and you’re offended by this ad, then you need to take a hard look at the entertainment you choose.

Thank you, I agree.

Let me start by saying that I have been riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for 40 years. The majority of people nowadays are too thin skinned. By this I mean that they are so worried about being politically correct or they get their feelings hurt and don’t think about the true subject. If these punks came after anyone I would hope that they would get taken down by any means necessary! END OF STORY!!!

Come on people—we all know that Crotch Rocket riders are always weaving in and out of traffic and pulling wheelies and are high among the Criminal Element in America today ! If you notice, those were not Harley’s they were riding ! Crotch Rockets—-The choice of The Troubled Youth today !!! Come on people—Get a Life !

I contacted Nissan North America regarding this stupid ad and they replied back the next day stating that they had pulled the ad off the air because of the negative response. Thanks for bringing this ad to everybody’s attention and to everybody who responded to it and had a hand in getting it removed.

I think the car’s name should be:” Joke”!

What an incredibly silly commercial!

Took me several minutes before I could stop laughing.

The animation is pretty bad and the character, the “threatened female”, looks too much like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to be a coincidence.

And, true story, that consol looks more like a bidet than a motorcycle fuel tank.

So, fellow bikers, don’t sweat it. Nisan hasn’t a clue and I’ll bet the Joke won’t sell enough to pay for the commercial.


Dis (This is) one “pilau” (dirty) commercial! The stunts were exceptional..but should be reversed to where the car crashes with the crash dummies inside.

OK. So people are pissed about the commercial and then there are people who are saying “so what it’s just a video game”. Well let me tell you a little about how advertising changes the way people think. Remember when it was OK to have sweaty underarms and now thanks to a right guard commercial now we are all supposed to be embarrassed if we have them. Or because Domino’s used to say 30 minutes or less for a pizza delivery and now we expect all pizza deliveries to be 30 minutes or less.
Advertising involves alot of psychology to insure that it is successful. So who is to say that it’s no big deal. Nobody knows what kind of effect this could have on young drivers. If you put this ad on heavy rotation and continue that ad compaign for a year with spin off commercials. Some of the idiots in this world will de- sensatize to a degree of not being safe around motorcyles and might even get a few college age buddies in a car to fu_K with a motorcyclist for laughs.

You have that right!!

I am a victim of hit and run. The driver was never caught. And this does bring up sour feelings in me.

Hey Nissan! Nice try at a Tron rip off.

Nissan, you gotta be out of your non-American minds. Did a sick video programmer make this commercial? What would the Nissan Company do if a semi-truck company made a commercial running down a Nissan 350ZX? Amounts to the same thing, don’t you think?
This shows that many people have devalued human life.

I have been a bike rider for 35 years and I think most are over reacting. This is a commercial about running over BAD guys. Not about running over any and all MC riders. Those of you that are pissed about it, dont go stealing from others and you should not have to worry about it. The commercial is probably in bad taste but jeez, calm down.

im going against pretty much all the things i have read on here so far. but has this ad been published on tv? where did this ad come from? i saw facebook. and i saw that it was a video posted to

yes this video is a bad idea… but then again who hasnt had bad ideas.

i too an a motorcycle enthusiast and am employed at a dealership…. and safety is the number one concern. and this is not the right thing to market. but where is the source of this video?

you people are just a bunch of whiners..get over was a freakn commercial…like someone earlier mentioned…most of you are instant bikers with wet ticket`s anyways…just looking for something to cry about

So Nissan thinks I’m a target? Not the kind you should engage! What kind of a**es are they?
They will never get anything but bad press from me.

I am not impressed at all. Nissan has lost a potential customer.

I have lost some very good friends to the inattention of cage drivers. I have personnaly experienced my share of the “near misses” followed by the indignent looks from the cage driver, or the sheepish wave of the hand as apology. Now Nissan wants to promote a car with the theme of actually hunting motorcyclists! How out(bleeping)rageous. The commercial should be scrapped and Nissan should publicly apologize to the worldwide motorcycling community. Although we strive for safety, I view any near miss as an assault on my life! Be careful what you hunt for.

Classic Japanese noire anime cartooning. As a marketing tool it is aimed at neo-adult consumers in their early twenties. who have been raised on an electronic diet of games and facebook. People, remember one thing, for all the crassness and stereotypical dark sensationalism, This is NOT Real. It is a marketing exercise. While perfectly okay to express disgust and contempt for it, understand this, the shelf life of a commercial is short; contemporary consumers have short attention spans and by the time any kind of truly organized expression of disgust/contempt/hatred can be marshalled, this commercial is apt to be in a shredder somewhere and a new viler, nastier, more tasteless sound byte loaded with even a greater amount of moronic drivel introduced in its place. By expressing outrage, all that will typically occur is this commercial receiving undue and unneeded attention whereas ignoring it as pure unadultered crap and summarily dismissing it accordingly resigns it to the trash bind you believe it so richly deserves.

This ad is outrageous. What tin can driver, should i say who, is so ignorant of the motorcycle riders efforts to reduce the number of accidents involving car versus motorcycle to put this sick ad together. Nissan you have a great product but you don’t need to stoop to this level to sell your cars. this ad goes against the efforts being made by police in every country to resolve accident issues which involve motorcycles. Nissan, you need to pull this ad NOW, not tomorrow, NOW.

I got the same response until I contacted them again and told them I was a member of ABATE, AMA and AIm. Then I got this response after a polite call to the customer affairs office:


Dear Anthony

Thank you for contacting Nissan North America, Inc.

We’ve heard your concerns regarding the JUKE Trophy digital video, and pulled it immediately. We sincerely apologize that our creative direction missed the mark. Nissan promotes sharing the road with all riders and drivers and does not condone reckless behavior.

If you have further questions or concerns that you would like us to help you with, you may call Nissan Consumer Affairs at 1-800-NISSAN-1.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.


Nissan North America, Inc.

Charles Smith Factor
Consumer Affairs Representative

Nissan Consumer Affairs

As an avid motorcyclist with lots of years and training under my belt, and a strong realization of how endangered motorcycling already is…and how dangerous it can be, even for responsible, trained riders, I’m VERY dissapointed in this ad. I definately have changed my regards toward Nissan.

For any one interested I sent Nissan US an email regarding this ad and they started a case number for my complaint. The number is 7935060. Please feel free to use this case number in any emails to Nissan US. With enough people emailing them about this ad maybe they will take their heads out of their rectums when considering any future advertising.

As a wife of, friend to, and daughter of riders I am disgusted by this ad. I can’t believe anyone, rider or not, would think it is okay to use the death and destruction of a human form to sell a car. Very unprofessional and classless.

It’s a cartoon advertisement and a moronic one from many standpoints. Most advertisements are either intrinsically stupid or aimed at stupid people (or both). Who in their right mind would even consider buying a car just based upon a “cool” center console? In design, form should follow function and this doesn’t. If the car had hit a Porta-Potty, would the center console then resemble a toilet seat? Cars and motorcycles can be both enjoyable to ride but they are not toys and certainly not weapons. To operate safely, they require maturity, learning, continued practice, experience, caution and intelligence and none of those attributes was demonstrated in this cartoon.

Here is their reply I received today from their Canadian Operations. I will check to see if they actually pulled the ad!



We’ve heard your concerns regarding the JUKE Trophy digital video, and acknowledged these concerns by pulling the spot immediately from all Nissan-affiliated sites. We sincerely apologize that our creative direction missed the mark. Nissan promotes sharing the road with all riders and drivers and does not condone reckless behavior
Thanks for sharing your feedback.
Information Centre
Consumer Relations
Nissan Canada Inc.

Boycott Nissan for sure, who buys their crap anyhow?

i am so angry at Nissan for this – please tell me it’s just a joke.
Having owned and driven Datsun vehicles for years – NEVER AGAIN!

any commercial that portrays this level of violence is a product that i will boycott.

As a motorcycle rider this makes me very mad at Nissan . They should be ashamed for this. I will never buy a Nissan if this is how they think about motorcycle .

As a victim of a careless driver.I am very much appalled at NISSAN.I have supported nissan since their Datsun days. Had datsun truck268000,mi. J traded a different vehicle for a restored 280 z . I’m still sick I sold it, point being, a manufacturing co. that builds great vehicles, shouldn’ make, lowlycommercials , using violence againt bikers , to sell cars. How much is too much?

This commercial makes me want to throw up. Maybe their car should be named PUKE! I have been riding for over 40 years, safely. I have never seen a more disgusting commercial aimed at making people believe we are a bunch of idiots for riding motorcycles. I am a proud rider and member of the Patriot Guard Riders. I think several thousand of us should ride on down to the local Nissan plant and protest., peacefully and safely of course……

This unacceptable video commercial by Nissan should be seen by everyone in order to effectively boycott this company for its’ obvious poor judgement and incompetence.

Just another example of why our Country should have never let the foreign crap into the U S A in the first place. Send them back where they belong, if they will even have them. Don’t waste you ads on the real Americans, they don’t care abought your CRAP!!!!

Twittered to @NissanNews last night:

@Velo_Ninja: @NissanNews Wow! Good to see you’re setting a fine example of safe and considerate driving.

Got this reply a few minutes ago:

@NissanNews: @Velo_Ninja We heard your concern about the video & pulled it immediately. We apologize & promote sharing the road w/ all riders & drivers.

The commercial is idiotic. Fact remains that between the Harvey Wallbangers of the world behind the wheel and the outright aggressive drivers who are clueless, car drivers have no respect for cyclists.

Yea I don’t care for the commercial. However cmon guys it is a cartoon. Just another time to not pay much attention to what you see on TV. Sometimes you bring more attention to things by saying something. In this case I have only seen the commercial here and not on TV. Let it go and find something else more important to use up your time.

Makes me ashamed that I drive a Nissan Maxima (2004) when I’m not driving my Suzuki. Just another reason why I will never buy another Nissan. I agree with others that Nissan is following in the footsteps of all those violent video games.

I’m wondering where the complaints from the motorcycle companies are. Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda. Just to name the Japanese. Along with the European manufacturers. They have a big stake in setting this right too.

Does anyone really think this add will cause an accident or inspire drivers to target motorcyclists?

I think not. I’ve been riding on and off road for a long time. It is dangerous. This add will not make it more so.

I think most of the outrage voiced here is ridiculous.

100 percent

This commercial of course is in extremely poor taste?! Have been riding for on the road alone for nearly 40 years and wondered when bikes would finally be accepted as a viable means of travel in America; felt like we had finally gained some acceptance and then Nissan decides it is ok to portray us as predators? The true predator here is of course Nissan preying on the consumer to wrench their hard earned bucks out of their wallet! Hopefully the same candidate will not buy any product from this company! I won’t and if I was tempted it would be Chevy, not some piece of disposable crap like a Puke; sorry Juke! I challenge ABATE to collectively respond to this ad; trust it will be discussed at our monthly meeting this Sunday.

what is wrong with you people!! do think hurting,crippeling or killing bikers is cool!? This is an abomination!! We are not targets or trophey’s. All this ad is going to do is give crazy drivers an excuse to do damage to bikers.

OMG, now some idiot kids are going to to out and try to take out motorcyclists – just wait and watch.

this is a very scary commercial and the mind that thought it up should be locked up for attempted assualt if not attempted manslaughter!

Asa rider and an employee of the worlds most wanted brand I find that the commercial is very much out of taste for a manufactor to even use. To enply that riders are prey is like saying hiting a rider is ok and not to worry about their safety.

What kinda halfwit homicidal person thought up this SH*T is an attack on ANY ONE who rides a motorcycle;It could create open season on any one operating an asian vehicle,Remember who bombed Pearl Harbor

Give it a frikkin’ rest! It’s a cartoon! I didn’t see any comments when “Tron” was sequelled. People are turning into such wimps, whining and taking offense about anything. So don’t buy a Nissan; that’ll teach them.

Juke is supposed to be a “Box”. In the drivers side & out the passenger side on my ’93 Heritage Softail.
Buy American !

I am driving more than likely the last Nissan vehicle i will ever purchase because of the immaturity throughout their organization relating to other issues but i wasn’t surprised to see this ridiculous ad. It reminded me of the mechanic that charged me physically trying to punch me three times when i tried to get a problem taken care of on my truck. One of the problems was trying to get a leaky rear window repaired after they broke it and replaced it and it was finally done after 5 years of going around with them, i was living and working on a boat and could not get around their way to solve the issue and after three rental cars they said they would not give me another one. So i finally got it done when i quit my job and sat on them the whole time dealing through the corporate office who told me they could do nothing. The one time when i left the vehicle with them they had the bumpers removed when i stopped by to check on it and they still didn’t remove and re-install the window which is all that needed to be done, good luck reasoning with them.

Get over it…’s just a commercial

Petition for above ad, with video link:

For those of you who claim that some of us are over-reacting to an ad that is just aimed at video gamers…..let me remind you that the United States Marine Corps has used violent video games to desensitize Marines to the things they will be expected to do in combat. I don’t know if it is still current USMC practice, but it is a very effective technique to get soldiers used to shooting at human forms without experiencing the full horror that normally accompanies such tasks. I used that method prior to going to Iraq. It works, but I’m also old enough to not lose my moral compass for the remainder of my life as a result. It will be interesting to see the long-term effects of such training methods for young soldiers.

Violent video games, particularly those that put the gamer into the role of the aggressor/shooter, train people to inflict violence on others with little of the traditional, healthy, human emotions that normally inhibit such violence.

I’ve got to admit that I’m a little confused about what audience Nissan was targeting with this ad. Was it pimply-faced, pencil-necked, adolescent males that are bullied by others, or was it meant for women who secretly see themselves as perpetual victims, or was it for adult men with erectile disfunction who are attempting to conpensate? The idea of willfully placing myself into such a demographic by buying a Nissan Juke is extremely distasteful to me.

BTW, “Juke” is a really sissy name for a car, LOL!

I think that this Nissan Juke commercial is very irresponsible since there are plenty of aggressive people behind the wheel already, and they don’t need to have their homicidal fantasies about motorcyclists validated. The commercial is certainly an insult and a threat to all riders everywhere.

Well, as a 60 year rider, I will never buy a Nissan now that I’ve seen that commercial.


I have been riding for 36 years. I currently ride daily.
I think you people really need to ger your panties out of your crack and recoginize that it’s just a commercial for Christ’s sake. Find a cause worthy of your outrage,
there are so many!

I have been riding for 46 years without serious incident mostly because i ride within the law and with respect to cagers and other bikes. I have 6 years of proud honorable service to my country in the U.S. Army and I can get really ugly when I am made to feel threatened. It WILL be bad news for the unfortunate asshole who decides “I” am their “target”! I own a Nissan p/u. I will be putting it up for sale tomorrow!

how the sale of that nissan coming… let me guess it never went up for sale it was just more hot air bs

White Americans (and some others) make a habit out of constantly being offended by something…anything. You’re offended by zillions of different causes, many of them incredibly self-absorbed. So when I read about people being offended by this commercial, I have to roll my eyes at those comments: “I’ll never buy a Nissan…this is a disgrace…disturbing…inflammatory…” Please!

For over 50 years, bikers have cultivated (and probably enjoyed) some measure of the bada$$ image, starting with Rebel without a Cause or whatever. We have achieved our goals in being considered the predators in the commercial. You LIKE being considered brave and a bit dangerous…living on the edge. For some of us, it’s our own break from reality. Admit it!

True enough, cagers are lamers without a clue and a hazard to us many times. Hell, you may be that clueless goof when you are a cager and on your cell phone. I have to remind myself to hang up and drive. But you knew the risks when you saddled up. And some of us still don’t wear helments? No excuse there!

This is why Wild Hogs was so funny…it’s us! But for God’s sake, at least those guys grew a spine at the end. Do some of you “bikers” want a little cheese with that whine? Ooops, now someone will be offended by my remarks, I bet.


I think the signature block in the Nissan response is most telling: Ano Nuevo, indeed!

Its a sad day that with all the safety and work that has been done to encourage motorcycle riding, that it is destroyed.. very poorly in my opinion… in one foul swoop by a japaneese cage manufacturer

I think everytime a Juke is seen it should be dinged on the hood with a ballpien hammer. I would never do this myself ………but that is my opinion.

I’m running on my 10th month off due to an accident last fall from a woman who ran across my path. She claims she didn’t see me but with a phone in one ear and her head somewhere else I doubt that she did.
I may not be able to ride again due to this act and all I’ve heard from her side is she looked both ways and didn’t see me, thank god for witnesses! By the way she was driving a Nissan!

The creators of the T.V. ad should have to ride a bike with us chasing them.If they were chasing a minority all hell would break loose. A very BAD commercial any way you look at it. Must be pulled off the air….

I think this stinking commercial should be removed immediately. This commercial condones outright murder. I was seriously considering the purchase of a Nissan pickup truck, but I will NEVER buy any of their products. For anyone thinking of trying this stunt out on the streets, just remember some of us are armed at ALL times.

Anyone who is outraged by this commercial shouldnt be riding in the first place. grow up people. riding a bike through traffic or anywhere for the matter is not the same as riding around in your grandmas cadilac. unfortunatly there are alot offensive drivers out there and as a rider you need to be prepared for that. ive been run off the road three times thats just the way it is and its part of bein a rider and waisting your time emailing nissan and crying about it on here isnt gonna change that nor will you see an increase in motorcycle accidents because of this ad. this commercial is simply trying to target a younger crowd that probably cant afford the damn thing anyway, and if they do take the commercial literally maybe we should be blaming the parents and not nissan. one more thought i bet half of you idiots cryin about safety and this commercial probably ride in flip flops and tank tops with no helmet. what outrages me is theres so many retards that let shit like this bother them that are riding motocycles

I have purchased three Nissan in the past but I can assure you that there won’t ever be another, very very poor taste, I always thought of Nissan in high regard so very disappointing some heads should roll over this TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plain and simple. Anyone that see’s any positive in this..WAKE UP! All the derogatory comments..RIGHT ON!

I spoke with Nissan about this. This wasn’t meant to be released as a mainstream ad. Nissan claims they want to share the road with everyone, even competitors. I was just as upset about this as anyone which prompted me to contact Nissan. This was suppose to be good guy vs bad guy, not Motorcyclist vs cager. At any rate I was offended but I’m not holding it against Nissan since this was removed from airing. The version floating about doesn’t belong to Nissan, it is copies of the actual ad that wasn’t released. I’m a biker thru & thru but I’m also a realist that looks at both sides.

like a nissan juke could run down two crotch rockets.
get real!

Toyota kills people with their stuck gas pedal syndrome and now Nissan advocates murdering motorcyclists because they are scary looking. I think we should all write our congressmen and demand that both of these companies be banned from the United States.

Very offended by this commercial. I went to the Nissan site and contacted Nissan to let them know that I didn’t find their commercial amusing. Also contacted the local dealer. Will NOT be purchasing a Nissan product.

Hmmm, it was funny. But not outraged over it. Silly to get so outraged over a commercial.

Who in the hell was the ad agency that came up with this one? All the easily influenced morons who buy into the whole Madison Avenue B.S. will see this and go HEY, that looks like fun. For the same reasons that we feel compelled to dye our hair, get plastic surgery, eat at fast food dumps; ads tell us its cool to do that and we’ll get laid too! Nice work, Nissan – I hope your corporation and your vehicles go straight to hell.

As an American citizen, capable of purchasing any vehicle I want, it will be a cold day in Hell when it freezes over that I ever think about, let alone buy any Japanese piece of ##$@&*%. And It could be damned rough for any worm pissant that I encounter driving one of these Juke jizz POS’s.

really, its a commercial.. get over it. So now the motorcycle community has become a bunch of whoa is me, my poor life I have been so mistreated, bunch of wussies. Bikers worried about “political correctness”… geat….. time to trade in your chromed out $40k bikes with 15miles on them and buy a moped, you don’t deserve a motorcycle

So obliviously Keith, you have never owned or rode a bike! Or have never had a friend or loved one chased down and murdered by a man with road rage! I tell you what Us bikers have enough to worry about out there on them streets… Now we have Nissan saying it ok to chase us down and murder us and collect your trophy!!! “I DON”T THINK SO……

WOW!!! Am I missing something? I have been riding bikes for over 30 years. I’ve been watching commercials for 40+ years. I don’t get what everyone is mad about. It’s a commercial people! Not real life. Have you all seen any movies lately? At least this looks like a game. Some bikers in movies are the predators. IT’S NOT REAL!!! I can find much more to complain about then a stupid commercial. Bring on the hate mail.I can take it. Can you?


This is the way that Nissan intends to sell cars? This is disgusting and outrageous. Everyone should boycott Nissan until they pull this ad and start promoting driver respect and safety.

im a truck driver and have ridden bikes for 45yrs,im not easily offended and laugh off most of these cry babies ,,this is so damn out their , seriously nissan, what if i was advertising rifles and was shooting targets that looked like japanese soldiers, gotit

As a can am spyder rider (some purists accuse of not being a bike) I’m offended. We have enough drama from the cagers. Cell phones, head up *** syndrome,
Etc. Why would accept a commercial that targets us and runs over our bodies?

Nissan can go get ******

this is as repulsive as racist jokes, and makes me want to puke. this should not be tolerated!!!!

Get real folks. It’s your own son’s and daughters who have grown up on stupid video games sitting on their ass f#&%ing up their minds who wrote this crap for Nissan. It’s what the world has come to. Guess who bought those video games for those kids?? It doesn’t take a mental giant to figure that out. I ride a HD roadglide bagger, an S&S powered chopper and a BMW dirt bike. Whenever and whatever I’m riding I make it a point to try to be sure I own my space and have ridden for 40 years that way. This commercial is BS and it really makes me want to wring somebodies scronny little neck for sure. The worst part is I drive a Nissan 350Z for a car among other things. For that I am embarrased. It makes me want to sell it to someone right away. Get on your bikes and ride people, don’t be intimadated by them cages and be sure to carry your trusty ballpeen hammer or a nice braided windshield whip. enough said.

Well, as was noted early on in the comments, yes, this was squarely aimed at the video gaming crowd. Yes, this is offensive to motorcyclists, and it should be offensive to many women. But in reality, the physics behind the commercial are stupid and impossible. Nissan’s blatent attempt to provide a crossover from fantasy to reality in a video game like context is likely to get a few customers, but as soon as they try to actually drive the car like the commercial I expect to see a lot of accidents and lawsuits.

+As a high-mileage motorcyclist (648k) and motorcyclist rights fighter, had this been published before I bought my Juke in April 2011, I wouldn’t own my Juke.

Downright assinine, IMHO.

Ride on.

This needs to be shared with every motorcycle group. Also if someone has a link with the best way to contact Nissan this needs to be posted. Would like to see thousands respond to Nissan.

I think the commercial made a bad choice on their how they are promoting this add. It’s a bad example and in poor taste. They might have well promoted a Mac truck running over a Nissan, chasing a bank robber and putting his head as a hood ornament. I NEVER buy foriegn anyway.

Having been a rider since 1972, I have often felt like the 3 cyclists. Playing “cat and mouse”, with me the mouse. This plays to a stereotype that all cyclists are bad and fair game. By the way, have you seen the “Juke”, ugly car.

Buy American!!!!!

In the great words of the immortal SGT. Hulka “Lighten up Frances!”

Your all pariniod,

being from Detroit I would never own A jap car period especially A Nissan or Datsun.All jap cars suck ass especially Datsun

I AM NOT A PREDATOR, I AM A DEVOTED DAD AND GRANDPA WHO LOVES MY BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because i ride (a cruiser) dooesnt make me a villian! I will never own a nissan! I hope this cost nissan a butt-load in sales!

Give it a rest. You “guys” sound like a bunch of old ladies . I’ve been riding for years; in competition and on the road. While it is true that motorists don’t always see people on bikes, this is just a silly ad. Have the PC police come to biking?

Absolutely sickening…everyone of us flinches because at any moment that could be us and for a big company to broadcast this, they should watch a couple of real crashes….not video games!

WTF!!!!!! It’s hard enough out there.we are me to be the villan a every turn.I am not a target,or a trophy!!!! Watch out for the “Cage Driving Idiots”

If Nissan wants to play games with bikers, then we can play games with them – DON’T BUY NISSAN !

I am a seasoned rider. And while I do care greatly about safety, I think you all need to get over yourselves.

The add is clearly talking about innovation and design, inanimate objects (cars and motorcycles), and ultimately evolution. The evolution being that the hunted prey has evolved to become more like the hunter (hence the motorcycle designed center console).

Would we be having this conversation if we were watching a video on how a butterfly has evolved it’s wing pattern to look like a snake’s eyes, to detract a potential predator? I don’t think so.

Time to grow some tough skin and stop being so offended by everything. Seriously!!!

Makes me think we need a responding video showing a Freightliner with Harley-Davidson trailer attached running down Nissan Jukes! Seriously, I’m sure most people at Nissan feel the same way we do about this video, they just have some idiots in their Marketing department and ad agency.

I have been driving Nissan cars for years. I am now going to think very hard when it is time to buy again.

This ad. is outrageous!

I left them a post on their facebook site –
lets see how long it stays there…
Nissan makes a lot of products – boycott them all

NOT a thoughtout ad. I wonder if the writer rides a motorcycle. I hope nissan gets the message. Not buying a nissan anytime soon.

I have seen this actually a month and 1/2 ago. Some other bikers had one copy of this removed from Youtube. I am appalled at what some car makers will do to sell their product at the cost of others safety and lives. To be honest IT PISSES ME OFF!

Patrick, You also must remember thoughs games that show motorcycles getting run over have a rating system. This it not a rated ad! Anyone and everyone well see this. And yes this may be OK with you, but it’s not OK with most bikers and non-bikers. WE DON’T WANT TO SEE IT AND HAVE OUR CHILDERN SEE IT. My grandson is 7 he saw this and knowing mywife, his grandmother his father and me, his grandfather all ride. It really scared him thinking that there are people out there that want to run us over. He is not a “rated M” gamer, and should not have been exposed to this.

Use this website to tell Nissan what you think….. I did , I was polite but….. not appreciative of this commercial…


So, now we’re like big game…targets that result in trophies if you’re good enough to ‘bag’ one?
Those who were in the approval chain for this commercial should be looking for new jobs.
It’s dangerous enough out there without having them making it sexy to nail bikers for their ‘pelts’.

There real farce here is the notion a pos nissan could keep up with any motorcylce, let alone sportbikes. There is a video on youtube of an 18K Ducati embarassing a 250K Ferrari on a racetrack, this add is meant to appeal to losers who lack the balls to ride a bike and live in mommys basement

Here is an email address in Canada to pass on to your customers regarding the Nissan commercial showing bikes being run down. I have sent in an email to them stating my concern. The more comments sent to Nissan the better!


I can’t believe Nissan. That’s basicly saying it’s OK to go out and run down anyone on a motorcycle. I’ve been riding for 45yrs. and I’ve never seen or heard of any company doing anything irresponsable act. And Nissan owes the motorcycle community a appoligy.

This disgusting ad not only plants a seed of avarice toward motorcyclists, but also continues the practice of marketing automobiles as though they are high-speed, highly maneuverable performance toys for racing with abandon through crowded city streets.

Driving is not a video game; this kind of representation has no place in advertising, just as this kind of driving has no place on the roads.

The commercial should be banned and all nissan products also banned. The company should be punished for encourgaging individuals to target motorcycle riders as portrayed in the commercial. Personally I think that all Japanese junk should be outlawed from this great country.

If we outlaw all the japanese junk in this “great” country, all we will have left is the american junk from GM et al. There is still NOT ONE car from the “big 3” that can even remotely compete with the “junk” from Japan. And in case… Look around this great country and see where most of the Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas are now made. They are made right here, in this “great” country. Leave the vehicle Patriotism and concentrate on something weightier.

NISSAN, your marketing director needs their ASS FIRED. With Millions of Dollars being spent promoting motorcycle safety and Motorcycle Awareness, this commercial is just plain STUPID. I’m glad that I didn’t buy a NISSAN.

Geez…! It’s CGI, no different than any modern action movie Hang ’em all!

It a COMMERCIAL! Besides, no Triumphs, so I’m safe from CGI Nissans. Gawd, what a mess of self-serving replies.

I’ve been around a long time and I remember when
snowmobiles first started to be poplular. People who
wouldn’t think of riding a motorcycle got sleds and
went out and got hurt because they didn’t think it
was dangerous and didn’t take the proper precautions. Because of this, I don’t have a problem
with people saying that motorcycles are dangerous.
At least then the people that throw a leg over a bike
have some idea that they should take care.
This is something else. Lesser minds (like those in the “Occupy” movement) might get the idea that this is acceptable behavior. IT IS NOT!

Does anyone think Nissan is interested in appealing to motorcycle riders. First of all, you all miss the point. This is not geared towards rider or even potential car buyers. This is a fully animated “Gamer Mode” commercial aimed directly at the gamers out there. Clearly none of you have seen Grand Theft Auto. I own 3 bikes and am also a gamer. If you think for one second this commercial is condoning chasing down motorcycles you’re simply too sensitive. I don’t hear anyone whining about “Sons of Anarchy” and the wonderful protrayal of motorcyclists out there. Come on give me a break!

WTF I just lost a very good friend in motorcycle accident and not the only one in the past. I’ll never buy a nissan japanese piesce of s&*^ for as long as I live. Nissan F^%$ O&^.

This is the most outrageous video I have ever seen! Since this ad was approved by the managment of Nisson, I will never own one! THe people who have responded with things like “get over it” “don’t let your butt get hurt” have never been run down by a car. I have! You people are as fucked up as the people who run down bikes! I hope I meet some of you soon. I’ll get a big truck and run your ass down and we’ll see if your butt hurts then!
This is their investor relations website. Phone them, FAX them, snail mail, and email them to death. Let them know this is going to hurt them in the pocket book.

To those of you who feel this ad is acceptable >>> FOR ANY REASON <<<
you need to have your memory banks refreshed.

Think of all the sad souls in this world who mimic video games as well as other mentally defective sick individuals who have committed acts of violence and then go shoot people, or children in school, or along highways, etc.

People whose brains are defective, sick, or chemically altered are quite receptive to ideas such as this ad promotes.

Don't think so? Then take a day to think this over, and while doing it DO SOME RESEARCH rather than take hip shots and shoot your mouths off. Start by researching online how many incidents over the past several years have taken place where children bring weapons into schools. How many lives have been lost? If more than ZERO, well then there you have it as ONE is just way too many.

For a manufacturing corporation to put this garbage out into the world where some receptive and eager to make a name for themself idiot (mental defective) grabs this idea and brings it to fruition and kills or maims a motorcyclist is flat out irresponsible.

If you can tolerate this garbage which certainly could toggle a mental defective into acting, then you best check yourself in for evaluation!

Come on already. Aren’t you sick of this “Politically Correct” crap. This commercial is not villifying cyclists. I ride motorcycles and I’m not offended or upset. It simply portrays bad guys who happen to be riding motorcycles. So what. I drive cars too, and I don’t get bent out of shape over car chases and crashes in the media. Grow up people and don’t be so ridiculously sensitive.

I am more upset about all the bikers crying over a commercial. Wah wah. Look we all know when on road no-one gives a damn about bikers. So we must drive defensive. You know what challenge accepted any juke try to hit me & my Harley. I won’t cry. But I’ll the crap out of your plastic doors w my boots. When did the biker community become cry babies?

Just a thought here, but what is the difference between this advertisement and any of the plethora of television shows and movies out there that depict villainous bad guys on motorcycles that ultimately come to bad (usually crashing) ends?

Now, understand, I am not a fan of what Nissan has done here at all. I realize that as an advertisement, this message will be potentially seen by a lot more people (many young and impressionable people at that). But by the same token, in the real world those same people can and do watch this sort of thing every single day on either their televisions or at their local theater.

So then why the sudden outrage when this same scene has been replayed for decades? Wouldn’t this same outrage be better served by voting with our wallets and perhaps not buying Nissan, and if doing that, why not boycott TV or movies with these same sorts of scenes in them?

As the mother of a man who almost died from a thoughtless driver who pulled out in front of him three weeks ago I think this is the most senseless and heartless commercial ever made.

Just one more reason not to buy any of that Jap crap.You’d think these companies would like to teach responsibility.

To those who say “relax,it’s just like a video game”,let me remind you how much less crime, apathy and downright disrespect for others there was in this country BEFORE the video game craze.People,and especially kids,want to emulate everything they see nowadays.This really sick and disgusting commercial is no different and it WILL cause some Bevis and Buttheads out there to want to go hit the streets and try this new ” video” game.Shame on everyone of you who see no harm in this blatant travesty.Maybe you’ll be a “trophy” some day and then we’ll see if you still think it’s no big deal.

I find this ad objectionable on several levels.
1. As a motorcyclist, and also as a bicyclist who carries nothing smaller than a 9mm for defense against hostile automobile drivers. Why a 9mm, you ask? Because the full-sized .45 tends to pull my cycling shorts out of place and I can’t outride a motorized vehicle!

2. As a paramedic/EMT. Don’t we have enough to do already without singling out entire spectrums of the motoring public for more mayhem, maiming and murder?

3. As a woman. C’mon now….how many women do y’all know that dress like that in the real world? In this ad, the woman (who is a stereotype of a 14-year-old boy’s wet dream) is obliquely referred to in degrading terms like “prey” and “trophy”. Not only are motorcyclists portrayed as “fair game”, so are women. I’m not a feminazi by any means, but if you want Nissan to get ripped a new one…..make sure the feminists get involved in a Nissan boycott!

4. Men are only portrayed as predatory savages in this ad. No words are exchanged between the woman and the motorcyclists. We are supposed to automatically assume that the men (Nissan apparently believes that women NEVER actually DRIVE the motorcycle) are up to no good. Also, note that it is a machine that “rescues” the woman, not some decent guy that happened to see what was going on. This further reinforces the stereotype of all men as bad. You men ought to be madder than hell about that, too!

maybe we should educate a few nissan drivers

When I got this E-mail from JP Cycles, I figured it was some kind of sick joke. Well, I guess it is but from Nissan! Gee, but the world is becoming such a horrible place if people are thinking like this!

I guess when I think about buying a new cage, Nissan will be below the bottom of my list in the NEVER category. Sheesh!

Just sent this to Nissan:
My comment concerns the artsy and expensive overall ad campaign to promote the Juke. When seen completely the hoped for effect is to make us think how better life could be while driving the Juke, no matter who we are (even cross-dressers with sore feet).
However, viewed one at a time, problems crop up. We are not comic book super heroes. We are not living in a video game where we can easily start over with a new life. I refer mainly to the “Big Brother” ad explaining the motorcycle-like interior design features. Consider that more and more young adults identify with characters in video games, to the point of loosing it and blasting away at people. Consider that the US Army used the arcade game “Battle Zone” to train tank crews for combat. What is Nissan hoping to train the Juke driver for? How many road rage incidents against motorcycle riders will it take before Nissan drops this ad, and possibly recalls the whole interior feature tied to a TROPHY of a motorcycle that was crushed in battle on our streets?
Will this advertising concept become Nissan’s “sticking throttle”?

With some wording lifted from this blog this is the message I left at Nissan feedback;

Your “TROPHY” ad for the for the JUKE comes across as a poorly thought out attack on motorcyclists. I get marketing. But this ad misses the point on so many levels. For starters, it is incredibly insensitive to the real concerns of motorcyclists everywhere. Even the title — “Trophy” — is crass. As if running down a motorcyclist is a game in which you win? PLEASE CONSIDER REMOVING THIS AD and consider the messages you may be sending in future advertising.
Thank you
Terry Gerweck

….these people need to fret about anything…probably posted the same things on there facebook pages as they love drama…heck wouldnt doubt the ink is still wet on there bike license……

In addition to comments here, we should all leave Nissan with our concerns. They can be contacted through their own web presence at

Let them know!

There should be a national boycott of Nissan for this…the US Defenders program (and for those that aren’t aware of this program go to us will be getting a copy of this article. It time for all of us two wheelers to band together and force a change in public preception tha we’re nothing better then ‘road kill’. Weather you’re a patch holder, independent, sports biker, or even on a moped, get involved with your Defenders program and local COC and create a voice to be heard! Maybe then people like the ones who made this disgusting video that thinks it’s okay to kill a biker will think twice!

I believe that Nissan is finding out the driving skill level of their fans, add is pretty bad but I guess goes with the drivers that we face on the road driving Acuras, Hondas ,Toyotas, Infinity. As a motorcycle rider watch for those badges on the road!!!

Never will a Nissan of any description be in my family. Next, some moron will release a video game of the same ilk, teaching young minds that targeting bikers is fun and cool. Disgusting!

This is so blatantly offensive, it reeks of a total lack of responsibility and concern for motorcycles. Like one poster said, it seems aimed at the video game ‘children’ who are, themselves, numb to the realities of the carnage they indulge themselves in daily. So Nissan has just added to this, making motorcycles TARGETS in order to amuse themselves. Motorcycles as Predators? How stupid!!! Nissan, you’d better clean up your act and destroy this ad.

Post on the nissan Juke FB page about it – clog their page. I just did

Let get a 18 wheeler Mack or Peter Built to run over the Juke and see what they say.

Substitute kids in hoodies with iced tea and skittles and Nissan would start a world war!

Totally inappropriate, inflammatory, unconcienable. Contact nissan directly to remove from all media.

That is one DUMB ASS commercial !!! Anything to sell a vehicle. Very disturbing !

Who came up with this ad? I think Nissan should take a really close look at who good guy and bad guys really are. Taking bikers out with their car is not something to “teach the kids”. Nor is portraying all bikers a bad guys.

The commercial should be titled “Murder”. This vehicle is murdering people on motorcycles. Even a woman on a motorcycle. As a rider I am disgusted.

As a motorcycle rider and a person with a career in marketing I can see this is all a matter of perspective.
Nissan wants to show their new little “crossover” as bada$$ and fast while motorcycle riders have often been portrayed as lawless ruffians.
We here know better. Motorcyclists are generally the most safe drivers I have ever known.
Nissan probably didn’t think it through but should pull the ad but I also think most of us motorcyclists can lighten up about this.

I do see everyone’s concerns and frustrations with the ad. And from the sheer number of people who are opposed to this ad it must be just me. But I don’t see any difference in this ad and the movies and tv show that we all watch. For instance if u believe that this ad is telling the customers that us motor cyclists are “trophies” and it’s a game then every one of the millions of people that watch Sons Of Anarchy must believe that every motor cyclist is a drug dealing murderous thug. again I do see the concern but I don’t understand why this one ad is causing such an up roar. It’s a work of fantasy and fiction. It’s not nissans responsibility to make sure the general public knows the difference between thier ad and reality.

From the people the rape and pillage the Earth from sea to land comes a commercial that now makes motorcyclists targets…with a vehicle as hideous looking as the Juke you would think they would want to try to make it appealing in some way to as many people as possible…here is your big “DOH” Nissan…we also buy cars…we also have friends…did Nissan forget about “word of mouth” being one of the greatest sales tools…No wonder Nissan is a third rate company in need of a French company to bail them out…Renault…another mega failure.

Nissan and their exec’s must have been out to lunch th day their marketing company came up with this crap. Have been riding for over 30 yrs and can’t believe a company has turned motorcycle riders into rode kill. every time I get on my Harley I have to look out for people on their damn phones either textng or talking, and if they drive Nissan’s Junks they really have their heads in the clouds as to say!

I didnt hear them mention that the “Juke” was bulletproof, and if someone ever comes at me with one while I am riding it better be!


I never knew bikers were such soft and timid people. So its a bad commercial, but where is the uproar for the bike crashes and people taking out the “bad guys” who are chasing them on bikes in movies and TV? Are you kidding me?! This world has enough PC garbage as it is to now hear it from a bunch of weekend riding spyder and vespa “bikers”. Go polish your chorme some more… Gapers.

The nissan puke is just another cheap Jap knockoff of an Italian sports car. Anyone who would drive one likes cheap things because it reminds them of their mother. It’s made for yuppies without money. Jealousy drives this commercial. If you can’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag, just run over your adversary. That’s the messeage from the little Jappy bitches that came up with this concept. Don’t let it get to you. I guess these people didn’t have a father with balls to raise them.

That makes me sick. I’m trading in all my Nissan vehicles and will never support Nissan again.

“Mike Crowley” and “Wayne” (amoung others) You’re MORONS who obviously don’t have enough brain cells to form a thought on any subject let alone this one.

Automobile traffic is the number one killer of motorcyclists in every state in the union. And now they are encouraging it???

I am upset at this commercial as well. I could not find a valid email, but Nissan does have a several social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. @NissanJuke is Twitter and Nissan Juke is a facebook page. Post all comments there. They will get them. Under the video it also lists all the people involved in the making of the commercial.

What people who only drive cars fail to comprehend is that when you don’t pay attention and ‘bump’ another car there is little or no damage and certainly no injuries (low speed). You take your car to the body shop and get the scratch buffed out or the dent repaired. At higher speeds you have airbags in front, airbags on the sides, safety glass, seat-belts, crumple zones etc, etc, etc.
There are no such safety devices on motorcycles with the exception of anti-lock brakes and (I hear a front air-bag was attempted but I don’t know how it turned out) that little ‘bump’ at low speeds breaks an arm or a leg. Probably knocks the bike over and causes extensive damage and many dollars in repair costs. So not only is the biker now on crutches but his bike is in the shop indefinately.
At high speeds there is a high probability of maimed for life or even death.
We as motorcycle riders take very seriously ANY attitude that may affect our safety. We are not talking about a little fender bender. We are potentially protecting our lives or at the least, the ability to make a living without being in a wheelchair. So yes, this advertisement matters. Yes, this ad upsets me as it should every other rider out there. And yes, motorcycle advocacy groups should be all over Nissan about this ad and not let up until it is pulled.

Don’t these idiots know that there is copy cats out there. I swear, this world is getting more spupid.

I was thinking of purchasing a nissan, but after seeing this, I will stay with my MB or swich to BMW

Thanks Wayne and Mike Crowley for seeing this for what it is, a damn commercial to drum up interest. I’m a new rider, and I found the commercial amusing and enjoyable. Everyone needs to quit getting so butt hurt when something comes out they don’t agree with, just roll with it! KC&CO

Just wait till you visit three ICU’s and spend 15 days in three different hospitals and suffer pain for the rest of your life like me and then tell me how f***g enjoyable these images are.
And new rider, I have been riding 46 years, the last few years have gotten worse exponentially as far as stupid drivers, stuff like this does not help.

Looks like Nissan finally pulled the ad and videos, but the damage has been done. I just happen to be shopping for a new car. Once again I’ll look at the companies that make both. Thanks, Nissan, for helping me make up my mind!

As a new rider who just completed the Gear Up course on Friday I not only find this ad offensive but down right scary! Makes me embarrassed that I drive a Nissan.

This Ad is irresponsible to an extreme. It makes a game out of targeting Cyclist. l

Who in their right mind at Nissan would approve this has never ridden a motor cycle and had a close call. The person with the idea in the first place should be put in this situation whether it is intended to appear as a game or not. They condone the thought that it is OK to run down motorcycles and get away unscathed. Good luck i n trying to sell a car to a motorcycle rider after they see this.

Nissan could have saved tons of money on slick production by just showing the final scene of “Easy Rider”!
It’s the exact same idea and message, “Bikers are scum and deserve to die.”

Wow. What gives you the right to call bikers scum? Did your girl leave you for one? I almost got killed because of a car pulling right in front of me. I went through the back passenger window breaking my neck, back, and about five other bones. With the use of really one arm I still ride today. The commercial is pretty offensive and so is this Bryce guy who says we’re scum. He’s probably one of the pu**ies who would buy a car like that because he doesn’t have balls enough to buy a bike. He just wants a console that looks like one. His Dads probably a biker that left him as a child cuz he knew his son was worthless.

Shane: I don’t think Bryce was calling bikers scum. I believe he was relating what the commercial was saying. Go back and read it again.
Following the lines of what YOU said, what gives YOU the right to ASSume anything about him?

Its a parody, get over it and the next time you see a “Joke” I mean Juke smile and yell “NO CAGES”

If this offends you, you need to reevaluate your whole outlook on life. This stupid commercial in no way means that cars should target cycles. Get upset about politics, religion, or something else that really matters.

religion means nothing

You ever pull up to a stop light in your old Chevy, and feel like your surrounded by Fu’ks in there Toyota ‘s Honda’s Nissan’s, Kia’s and other pieces of forieng shit that noSELF RESPECTING American should be buying! No one should buy any of this foreign shit, Get the JOBS back to US! This is what happens when u loose RESPECT, the laughing stock of the world!! P*SSED OFF AMERICAN

yeah except that Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and even KIA now manufactures more parts and hires more AMERICANS then our DSM. (and seeing you probably have no idea was DSM means) thats your precious fords, chevys, and Chrysler crap… you know, the ones my tax dollars had to go bail out because they cant seem to run their business correctly… The ones choked by unions and parts made in Mexico.

Yeah, it is hard to find any American (USA) vehicle that does not have foreign parts holding them together and making them run. My Honda was made in Ohio, my Ford was made in Canada. Check out a new Harley, ask the dealer what parts were not made in the USA.
So John keep that old Chevy running, if you update, it wont be All American (USA) under the hood. I do not think we lost respect I believe Corporate America sold us out. Yes, bring back the JOBS!

Thanks for pointing this ad out. Haven’t seen this yet in Canada, but I know my next vehicle search won’t be including any Nissans now.

This commercial borders on ‘incite to riot’. Nissan should be penalized for promoting the idea of criminal attitudes toward motorcyclists in general. I think that some of the motorcyclist safety organizations should contact Nissan about pulling this offensive ad – if not actually doing something in civil court. I have sent an e-mail personally explaining how wrong this ad is.

You’ve got to be kidding me! Instead of FTW I’ve decided to use the acronym FN.

Does this crap really make anyone want to buy a Trophy. I would feel like a dope if anyone ever saw me even sitting in the passenger seat.(Hey everyone, I’m with an idiot that purchased the gas tank on wheels and we’re big brave idiots looking to crush some defenseless cycles.)
Perhaps their next ad could look like a baby carriage and they could save the world from overpopulation.(I leave it to the imagination of Nissan what the ad would be focusing on.)

In 2006 I was ran down on a highway by a four wheeler, I find this very offensive. I will forever boycott Nissan for making bikers the target!!!

buy ford.

Great marketing – as long as the goal was to turn people off to Nissan! This 100% convinced me to NEVER buy a Nissan.

Remember the Quizno’s commercial with the rats? Worst advertising stunt in history. Well, up until now.

Very interesting that this Japanese car manufacturer has their car running over the image of a Japanese bike. Forget Nissan, buy American!

I guess this is what you get when you have disconnected people at the top of a company.
Out of touch with reality.

Geeez…. Put your big girl britches on and see this for what it is. A sci fi ad- Resident Evil inspired?
Chases down demons on cycles and jumps the car over impossible spans. Entertaining for kids at best.

It’s not going to inspire the distracted, texting drivers to start hunting motorcyclists. They’ll just continue to do what they already do- bump us in traffic, merge right over us and run red lights into our hips.

Silly to get all teary eyed and panicky over it. Just ride sober, careful and “own” your space.

Well put Pablo.

It is very reckless for you to portray motorcycles as prey. To have made your add to look like a video game and knowing that some people act out video games in real life is just wrong.
You just the road less safe for bikers.

Well I’m pretty liberal when it comes to commercial advertising, however, Nissan is over the top on this one. Commenting here will not change anything, get in touch with Nissan and express your outrage! Call or write, here’s their consumer affairs division.

Nissan Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 685003
Franklin TN 37068-5003

(800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,
Eastern / Central Time / Pacific Time
Monday through Friday

What a horrible commercial! I drive both an 18 wheelee & ride motorcycles as well. Let me tell you, way too many people are either driving too aggressively or just arent paying attention & making really bad driving decisions. People dont even notice 18 wheelers! How can a reasonable person expect to be noticed on motorcycles if an 18 wheeler isnt noticed?
This ad just makes things worse in the condoning of aggressive driving. You wouldnt believe the things I see on the road.


I believe it was. No it was Mitsubishi that built the Jap Zero’s.

Nissan America-if you reverse the letters in their name you get-N ass in America-that’s what they are-NUFF SAID!

I have 30 years of experience on two wheels and have been coast to coast and back on my iron horse. Big thumbs down. Nissan won’t be getting any of my business.

Nissan needs to Kiss my A@#$ . Never going to buy one of there cars again And for all you riders out there I suggest you do the same. There cars are inferior any how. To make a commercial story line based on hitting motorcycles is just very poor taste. That Rep. for Nissan should be fired. For any Rider that see’s this probally knows someone who has been hurt by a car while on there Bike.

Well, what can I say? In a world where drivers obviously cannot share the road with motorcylists this commercial sucks. I have been riding for 40+ years and always felt like my head was on a hinge and had to worry about what anyone in a car was doing. Very poor taste on this one Nissan! Why the hell would you want to portray your product as a hunter to motorcyclists? Dumb! I have to admit, My wife currently owns a brand new NISSAN and I am sure when she sees this it will be the last. As a matter of fact I guess I go pull the Harley Sticker off the Rogue. The car is not worthy. Pull your heads out of your as-s and pull the commercial. I will make sure and share it with all my rider friends. Especially the Nissan owners. PS, where are you AMA? you should be outraged. Put some of my hard earned money to work!

Holy Shit! Total outrage! Even if it’s animated it should never have been released! What happens if some looney that’s totally off his rocker sees this and decides “Hey, that looks like fun!”? Would Nissan be held liable for that dumb assed attempt at a commercial? Probably not, but they should be!

Yea thats great maybe they will find a way to use kiddie porn to promote their family van.

And this is the exact reason I try to teach my kids about the stupidity of the general public. Who ever came out with this is obviously aiming their target towards the younger consumer. But also I will stress the point that if a vehicle ever takes me down, they had better hope I’m down for the count, because I do carry a sidearm….just saying. >:-)

That company needs to be boycotted. We should probably be hanging out @ Nissan lots without protest signs.

Nissan cars are gay anyway. Yes, GAY. Just another reason not to buy their foreign trash.

My take is that it is definitely in bad taste that the vehicle was portrayed as a weapon at all. What’s more, and I think speaks truly to the fact that this is a crap cage, is the fact that they had to create a fully computerized commercial in order to show case it Let me see that car keep up with a suberbike? Or does it suggest that their target audience are ignorant ass holes? Cagers are dangerous enough already without arming them with the idea that it is cool, stylish or acceptable to target the “bikers”. I personally haven’t seen a Motorcycle commercial where the bikers attack the general public or cagers.
Note to Nissan, nothing about the Juke is reminiscent of a motorcycle in any way.

The icky part is Nissan had to be thinking that making the commercial animated (like a VIDEO GAME) would shield them from scrutiny. It’s time Nissan and VIDEO GAME Manufacturer’s BOTH cleaned up their acts!

My take is that it is definitely in bad taste that the vehicle was portrayed as a weapon at all. What’s more, and I think speaks truly to the fact that this is a crap cage, is the fact that they had to create a fully computerized commercial in order to show case it Let me see that car keep up with a suberbike? Or does it suggest that their target audience are ignorant ass holes? Cagers are dangerous enough already without arming them with the idea that it is cool, stulI haven’t seen a bike commercial where the bikers attack the general public or cagers.
Note to Nissan, nothing about the Juke is reminiscent of a motorcycle in any way.

1 of my uncles was just ran off the road on his motorcycle by a car this week. He’s ok and so is the bike. there’s the predator looking for preykinda like nissan’s commercial

I’m thinking that every time I see a Juke on the road, I am going to give the door a good kick.

Good idea, torch every Juke you can find.

They only come with one spare so slice 2 or 3 tires at a time…dealers lot would be a good start!!!

Let me introduce myself as a rider for the last 50 years… that said, this ad is what sells. Violence, with all it’s blood and guts, and sex, with all it’s allure are the main motivators for purchasing anything and everything in today’s marketplace. Don’t be so quick to cast stones… look within your own bad ass biker hearts and be honest with yourselves. I find the ad repulsive just in it’s nature of prurient interest… but do not find myself any more threatened by anyone who would buy this or any other vehicle. Grow up people and be part of the solution by revolutionizing your own behavior… worry less about others.

Pretty bad way to sell a “Puke” !!! Buy one and run over and kill those bad ass bikers !!! I guess The Mini Coopers will now target scooter riders.

My god people, grow up and get over yourselves. This is a fictitious ad, using a fictitious video game to sell a car. I have played video games in which I have shot and killed human characters. Does that make me a murderer in real life? In movies we show fictitious characters doing much worse to each other, should we ban all movies with these scenes in them? When did political correctness take over common sense and intelligence?

Well, you must not be a biker……. While what you say is true, to an extent, there are people that will take that and run with it. Let’s hope it’s not you that is in their way when they do. In your way of thinking, it would be ok to make a commercial for jeans about a man that is trying to rape someone and her pants won’t rip to get them off, yes she wasn’t raped, but that’s poor taste anyway! and it would be ok?……it’s just a video game? Right?! And yes there are games like that in case you were thinking there aren’t. It is the poor taste behind it, not the fact or fear someone will now prey on bikers.

Kevin, I am a biker, and have been for twenty years… not counting all the years I spent riding a dirtbike as a kid. We grew up watching this stuff on TV all the time. How many times did Michael Knight call KITT for help and he came crashing through people, buildings, vehicles, and even motorcycles, to come and rescue him. We watched the A-Team force bikes off the road. THERRE ARE BIGGER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT. Why are you getting your panties in a bunch over a dumb-ass commercial for a dumb-ass car? Car chases like what were shown in that commercial happen in the movies ALL THE TIME. Just because one idiot out of ten million decides to emulate it is no reason to get all upset about this. You should put your anger to better use rather than worrying about something this lame.

agreed patrick…these people need to fret about anything…probably posted the same things on there facebook pages as they love drama…heck wouldnt doubt the ink is still wet on there bike license

You love your message so much you wrote the same thing twice. Sure it’s fantasy, sure it happens in movies and video games all the time. But, instead of incorporating safety concerns for all involved, they make it like a game, the more bikers you nail, the higher your score.
The ad doesn’t frighten me, I’ve been riding for 47 years and have seen just about every kind of idiot driver there is on the road and most don’t need a video game commercial to inspire them not to look out for motorcycles. I just think it’s in poor taste and hope it doesn’t encourage younger drivers to let their “Juke” protect them in this manner. I’m just not believing what memorable commercials have come to.
And, for your info, my license have been dry probably longer than you’ve been on this planet.

Jim, that’s is what I was saying. I’ve been riding for over twenty years, so my has been dry a long time. I was saying it’s just poor ass marketing. Keeping me alive for my kids is as important a thing to worry about as anything! I Hate Facebook btw. Don’t use it.

Yes Kevin, it’s a “video game used to SELL A CAR”! I’ve played video games and I agree, I haven’t gone out and shot people up. I’ve watched movies and haven’t gone out afterwards and shot people up. But none of these were trying to sell me something. Buy a Juke and it will somehow defend you? Yeah, with it’s “Unique Center Console reminiscent of a motorcycles fuel tank” I guess I know what IT will be looking for! Too bad it isn’t style after a Buick and smell like Ben-Gay! Then we’d know your grandmother was what it was after!

What does not approving of this crap ad for the Juke have to do with political correctness? Bad taste is just that and this ad is definitely in BAD taste. It’s NOT a video game or a movie (both of which you have a personal choice as to whether or not you play or watch) but rather a commercial. I don ‘t see “fictitious” ads using sex, rape, murder, racism, etc. and why is that? I believe it is more about bad taste and not just political correctness. I think the video games you speak of are in bad taste and immature but that is my opinion and it’s your CHOICE. They are not selling a video game or promoting a movie but rather trying to sell a car. If you rode (which I seriously doubt) you would know just how asinine that ad is. Poor taste and it must have been a young person who came up with it because it reeks of immaturity as does your post.

No wonder we have so much violence in America. This is not anything but flat out murder. I normally don’t write or post but I did write Nissan and will be showing this to all the people I come in contact with and get them on board also. Thanks Reg Kittrelle for posting a link.

I called and spoke to there consumer relations rep and she laughed it off like it was a joke until I got angry and told her think of anyone she loves that rides and has been hurt she want laughing anymore she became very apologetic. I posted a case number on facebook after with an address. contact me I’ll be glad to pass that along to you…

these people need to fret about anything…probably posted the same things on there facebook pages as they love drama…heck wouldnt doubt the ink is still wet on there bike license

Sean, what would expect from that Nissan group. I am not an expert on cycle ads, but I never saw a add for any type of bike that depicted violence directed at either cars or trucks. The commercial is a flop, it’s message fails to hit the mark for most any educated person.

Bad news – Nissan ad should be pulled and buried so it never sees the light of day again.

I contacted Nissan last September when this ad first appeared in Canada. I received several e-mails from Nissan… all saying nothing of import.

Here’s the contact:

Jamie Bello
NissanConsumerAffairs [at] Nissan-USA [dot] com


I bet that the driver of the juke in the ad was talking on the cellphone while killing bikers!

(yes, I know that it was all cgi…)

Joel. the point was that the car HAD NO DRIVER. You people really neex to grow up. A woman about to be attacked and then summoning her car for help, which then follows a motorcycle off a roof top, is about as far from reality as you can get. There are plenty of real issues out there for is to be concerned about… yet most of you are sitting here getting pissed about nothing.

So Patrick, I create a CGI movie about a road rage idiot that cuts your grandmother off the road and kills her just to sell my car and that’s fine with you? Now who’s getting pissed about nothing?

I wrote to nissan on their website, along with hundreds of others. I own a nissan Frontier, and even though I love my truck, I told them that it will be for sale unless they are forthcoming with an apology.

They have responded to everyones post indovidually stating that the ad has been pulled.
Granted, it is a canned response, but if nissan can be believed, the ad is history.

This ad is as well as most video games on the market now are completely without morals or any thought of what messages they may be sending, especially to our young people.
Not only should this ad be pulled but Nissan should (if they have any morals themselves) run an ad apologizing to the public.

Word! And AMEN!

Life is not a video game. It’s dangerous enough out there when I ride without advertisements showing the joy of running me over. Nissan (the board of directors)need to held accountable. They should be fined and the money used to help promote motorcycle safety. I smell class action suit for any motorcyclist envolved in an accident after this advertisement airs.

Last weekend two of my classmates died on a Harley when I truck pulled out in front of them. I find this extremely distasteful

Wow…. just… wow. Yet ANOTHER example of ignorant, shitty advertising. Like we, as motorcycle (or bicycle/scooter) riders, don’t already have enough trouble with cars/trucks not seeing us or acting stupid. Now Nissan wants to suggest running over bikes is cool? Hey, Nissan! Here’s my favorite finger!

This commercial is a classic example of poor taste…PERIOD! I will be emailing Nissan about the ad and informing them that i will never buy one of thier vehicles. I hope every other biker does too! Enough said

Not bad enough we’re targets already now it’s a game with trophys?

My take-away from this is this woman was about to be victimized by 3 thugs on motorcycles. She then summoned her trusty Juke to rescue her. I know there is the possibility there may be one crazy person that will take this as some form altered reality and want to run over motorcycles. But let’s be real. How many movies have been made with bad guys on bikes that have crashed or been run over while chasing the good guys? Has this caused folks to go out looking to run over motorcycles? There could also be a reason why they didn’t use real motorcycles,people or a Juke.

It doesn’t matter how many people take it as real. How would the ad play out among the public if it was a white guy chasing down black people or vice versa? Would it be OK if there was a motorcycle running down bicyclists or joggers? I don’t think so. As a long time biker, I find it completely offensive that anyone, especially a major car company and their advertising geniuses, considers me “prey”, and that it’s alright to run me over to find inspiration for a body part of their vehicle.

My father was hit in 1977 by a car making an illegal turn. He spent 3 months in the hospital and he’s never been the same because of brain injuries. I hope the guy that hit him was able to use a part of my dad’s bike on his car as a “TROPHY”.

I think “Nissan” translates in English to “Asshole.” What in God’s name do they think they are doing? I promise, if I get hit by a Nissan, I’m suing not only the driver but Nissan for ENCOURAGING Nissan owners to use their vehicles as a weapon against bikers.
This is about as offensive as it gets.

I totally agree! Normally, we are invisible….now we’re a target! Way to market………dicks!

You have no idea how pissed off this ad makes me. I would like to see if Nissan can be sued for making and marketing a commercial like this. This is purely a slap in the face to bikers everywhere. If legal action isn’t an option, how about every biker join together and boycott Nissan. Lets see how they like it when it comes to dollars lost. Nissan’s marketing group is obviously nothing more then a bunch of losers.

Nissan needs to seriously rethink this one. This is offensive to so many different groups of people. A company like Nissan should be helping to educate all motorists about safety and responsible driving, those on two wheels and four.

We should not just post on this site or facebook. EVERY bike owner in America should email Nissan to let them know how disgusted we are with their ad. If anyone can find an appropriate email address for Nissan please post it.

Speaking as a person that was T-boned by a car I do not think we are over reacting.

I didn’t like this commercial at all. I’m a fairly new rider myself & am constantly on the lookout for people that don’t pay attention to motorcyclists. And boy are there a lot of them out there. Most of the time they just ignore that you are there, almost like, ” If I don’t look at them, then they aren’t there”. They pull in front of you without blinkers, they take turns onto the road you are on right as you are almost up to them, giving you not a lot of room to stop or maneuver out of their way. It can get kinda scary. I think that this ad should be taken down. They shouldn’t be allowed to air it.

my bike is down right now cause april 3rd i was at a light made eye contact in the rear view with the jimmy johns dude in front of me and looked off next thing i know he was on the top of my front fender and still comin at me finally stoppeedd still on my fender up under my lights got out his car walked back as im screaming saw was on my bike then got in his car n took off dragging me forward with him, I chased his ass down on wobblie forks started videoing with my iphone while riding n got him to stop n give me insurance went right to the cops and now the insurance has caged me for past week or so while bike is in the shop getting the forks checked….. i feel like im being punished cause this ass hole and he’s prob off driving around still right now f’in BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they didn’t even write it up as a hit and run so pissssssssssssssed this just makes it even more so to me it was blatant!!!!!!!! and so is this commercial

OMG, that is 1 of the worst ads I have ever seen!!!!! It should pulled ASAP! I personally don’t own a bike but know several that do. That ad sickens me. It seems like nissan is trying to make a sport out of riders. I drive a Chevy truck and after seeing this I won’t think of buying a nissan as my next vehicle. Come on people, wake up, Share the road!

this is bullshit……i will not drive one or any foreign car……these ad people need to be targeted and nissan needs to pull this ad i will be bitching to nissan!!!!!!!!

I am outraged at this. I will be writing them and telling them about as well. How STUPID can you be!

I saw that you guys first posted it and I was in outrage as well. Even had many debates( arguments) with facebook friends who said I was being too sensitive.
Lets see a commercial where the guy is so protected that he can rape women without getting caught. Different context same idea. That concept would get fined.
maybe as bikers we are biased but everyone in america is biased in one way or another, every activist, PTA mom,political candidate etc…..
Right ON JP for bringing this to our attention.

That’s outrageous !! I can believe anyone in their right mind would make a commercial like that. This is one motorcyclist that will never own a Nissan……

I have to agree with everyone here, as we all watch in a 360 degree radius of our precious space while riding! I was hit while sitting at a Stop sign last September, minding my own business. This elderly woman was not paying attention and I watched in my rear view mirror as she just ran me down!

I am still paying dearly for her in-attention while driving her 4,000 lb car and it is now mid May! The Doctors say I will possibly be paying the rest of my life! Great, I survived Vietnam only to be run over by an old lady! Nissan has absolutely no compassion, just sales in mind! I too will never own a Nissan!

This is horrible.. made me cringe. I ride all year long and sometimes feel like I am being hunted or just damn near ignored and nearly blown off the road. O and BTW , this vehicle should be named JUNK because it is so friggin ugly

I am a rider of my own bike as well, and there are times I like to just get on my bike and GO! There are times I get the dirty looks because I am one rider and they pull at in front of me!
This ad is digusting! Shall we dig and find something they like to do and put a sickening unsafe spin on it for them!!?? No, let’s NOT because we are above them!
AND: Hahahahaha! They are ugly!

I am extreamly offended and hope that you, AMA and every other motorcycle powerhouse boycotts that company.


Nissan is aiming the ad at the young men who play violent video games and watch movies filled with car and motorcycle crashes. They’re appealing to the market and could care less about safety.

Agree. The problem with something like this is that certain age groups do not have enough sense to separate fiction from reality, and wouldn’t hesitate to try something like this. I’ve ridden a bike through 49 states (several times) and have had very few ‘encounters’. But…I also refuse to be anyone’s prey or trophy, no matter what they are driving! Their console may be reminiscent of a motorcycle fuel tank, but my tank bag contains something reminiscent of a SIG229.

I’ve been riding for 49 years and 10 months. For the past 37 years I’ve been carrying (legally) something closely resembling a Colt 1911 Government Model .45 ACP, oh wait… it IS a Colt 1911 Government Model .45 ACP! Sad to report that I had to use it once after some jerks ran me off the road in the desert then came back and tried to run me over as I lay in the road. I ain’t nobody’s trophy either…

This type of shameless promoting and poor marketing ideas could well lead to some real life disasters. In an era of bikers trying to survive more and more reckless and inexperienced 4 wheel drivers who treat our roadways as their very own playground, it may well come down to bikers vigorously protecting themselves again.

I hope they have pulled this by now! What were they thinking? I hope someone is looking for a new line of work!

I am normally thick skinned about this type of thing,but this really is an outrage !!! My wife has been talking about buying a Juke.I promise you,this won’t happen now.

Why, do you think she’ll run you over?

You said it Mike.

What kind of an Idiot would want a comercial like that representing their company ?.

What do you expect from the folks that brought you the “zero” Pearl Harbor, and kamakases? these m#@keys have no idea of shame. Besides, Anybody that makes a meal of what most of us throw away as garbage can’t have too much sense.

Walrus – this ad was not created by the Japanese Nissan but by the American Division. This ad does not run in Japan


Does the word RACIST have any meaning to you.?

It appears that you to have missed out on the meaning of SHAME. WOW!!!!

I contacted Nissan North America, today and voiced my displeasure. Below is their response. It is more of an “oh well”.

Everyone that reads this please calll the number in the message and bombard them with negative comments, or write the e-mail address below.

nnaconsumeraffairs [at] nissan-usa [dot] com

Nissan Response,

Case # 793XXXX

Dear ,

Thank you for contacting Nissan North America, Inc. and allowing us the opportunity to be of assistance.

We at Nissan North America, Inc. are very concerned about acceptable advertising programs. We do have both a professional screening service and our advertising agency monitoring the general content of advertisements carrying the Nissan message.

Nissan recognizes that people have different standards as to the acceptable content, and we sincerely apologize that you found this particular advertisement to be unacceptable. We appreciate your time, concern and comments as they help us improve our commercials.

Case # 793XXXX has been created to document this concern. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-647-7261 with any questions or comments.


Keian Anonuevo
Consumer Affairs Representative
Nissan Consumer Affairs
nnaconsumeraffairs [at] nissan-usa [dot] com

Keian Anonuevo
Consumer Affairs Representative
Nissan Consumer Affairs

I got the same response until I contacted them again and told them I was a member of ABATE, AMA and AIm. Then I got this response after a polite call to the customer affairs office:


Dear Anthony

Thank you for contacting Nissan North America, Inc.

We’ve heard your concerns regarding the JUKE Trophy digital video, and pulled it immediately. We sincerely apologize that our creative direction missed the mark. Nissan promotes sharing the road with all riders and drivers and does not condone reckless behavior.

If you have further questions or concerns that you would like us to help you with, you may call Nissan Consumer Affairs at 1-800-NISSAN-1.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.


Nissan North America, Inc.

Charles Smith Factor
Consumer Affairs Representative

Nissan Consumer Affairs

Thanks for the link Mike…sent off my response as shown below:

To whom it may concern,

Just wanted to let you and your ad agency that created the” Juke vs “predator” motorcyclists as trophy’s” commercial what I think of it…in a word, CRAP, of the worst kind! As a motorcyclist, who has to fend off idiots on the road too many times when I ride, I take exception to being characterized as a predator that should be taken out, run down and turned into a trophy!!! BAD TASTE Nissan…shame on you! Makes me want to take my 4×4 rock crawler and reduce a Juke to a pile of steaming junk ( kinda like Monster Truck car crushing, if you need a visual).

Good luck with your JUKE…words gotten out to the motorcyclist community and you’ve succeeded in alienating a large segment of folks who won’t be buying Nissan products in the future.

Taad ******

Sent my comment to them today May 11, 2012. If anyone is harmed by a Nissan, I certainly hope they sue Nissan as money is the only language they understand, not a LIFE. There will NEVER be another Nissan in our yard. This commercial took the sadness out of selling our Nissan to upgrade.
Goodbye Nissan!

Former Nissan Owner and Motorcycle Rider.

Some young marketing genius behind this one. Very poor taste. Nissan should start shopping for a new ad agency.

This is so vulgar that I not only won’t purchase another nissan product, I will sell the one I own now…

For everyone that knows someone that has died on a motorbike, NISSAN OWES A BIG APOLOGY… it is amazing how far up one’s own a** they have gotten their head…

I hope the laws hold them accountable for any such “trophy” attacks…
David Moore
Christchurch New Zealand… come here and claim YOUR TROPHY, if you dare!

Why not put a target on our backs. It’s bad enough we don’t need someone trying to run us over for a thrill!!!!

Beyond comprehension that any company would want or think there is nothing wrong with this ad. They have singled out one group of us as targets. Try that with any other segment of society! This is the sort of thing that causes people to despise a company for years after the offense. Nissan should keep in mind that the demographic for this entry level, ugly, piece of crap is at the bottom of the market. I can afford their top of the line products. I’m glad they let me know better than to invest in such a small minded company.

I agree Boycott them. Let them get to the point that they can’t give that crap away. States are starting to realize what a major consumer motorcyclist are & are conforming laws to get the Motorcyclist tourist dollars to their states. Now Let us show this car company we are a community that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I think someone should sue the crap out of these people!!!

as a rider for twenty years , THIS SUCKS!! We have enough berrant stupidity to watch for without large companies trying to cast us villians. I also drive a tractor trailer! We also are very often cast as dangerous and nearly criminal.Even though we are the ONLY professional drivers on the highway. if an ad like this showed my truck chasing down and smashing nissans , The ENTIRE driving community would be enraged! i`m thinking i maybe need a bumper sticker that says “NISSAN JUKE” IT`S WHATS FOR DINNER!”

i also wonder is nissan not aware that they are telling people that if you feel someone is threatening or dangerous that you should just attack and kill them. ! I`ts the only sporting way to handle problems like that ! the hell with the law!my pickup wouldn`t even bounce much running over a Joke! oops JUke. i agrre with another coment i saw . if this ad showed a woman who was bothered by three men who hadn`t actually done anything and she chased them down and shot them . Everyone would be calling for the head of the gun maker on a PLATE!!