Of Bikers, Guns and Clothing

Recently we made some internal changes here at J&P Cycles, and as a result, some of our job responsibilities got shuffled around. I used to handle a lot of the hard parts that you would find in the J&P catalog — things like handlebars, foot controls, suspensions and such. But with the new changes, I was asked to start handling the clothing end of our business. In a past life I used to oversee a clothing line, so I’m no stranger to this particular segment of our industry. Sure, the names are different, but the basis of the business remains the same.

One of the first things I wanted to … Continue Reading

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From Laughlin to Myrtle Beach — We’re on the Road Again

Our tractor-trailer crew has just about enough time to wash the J&P rig, stock it to the bulkheads with new motorcycle gear and fill her up with diesel before hitting the road again. Rally season is underway, with the first scheduled stop at one of the largest biker events in the West — the 2012 Laughlin River Run in Laughlin, Nev., from April 25 through 29.

The massive 53-foot-long J&P trailer has been renovated in order to accommodate more vendors then ever before, all housed under a giant new awning. We’ve got vendors from the likes of Zox helmets and Rikki from Battisinis himself  – all on hand to answer … Continue Reading

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Motorcyclists aren’t Targets:How Nissan Juke Misses the Mark

Just this morning, one of our customers (thanks, Brian!) brought an ad from Nissan to our attention by way of a post on the J&P Cycles Facebook page. Promoting its new Nissan Juke, the video/commercial is titled “Trophy,” and if you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and watch it and then we’ll talk:

Seen enough? At this point you should be upset – and understandably so. We certainly are. The No. 1 concern we consistently hear from our motorcycle riding fan base is S-A-F-E-T-Y. As a new motorcycle rider myself, I’m concerned about safety on the road. That and trying to persuade my non-motorcycle riding wife that … Continue Reading

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This Rider Logs 50,000 Miles — Despite Spinal Injury

Editor’s Note: One thing we really love here at J&P Cycles is a good motorcycle story with a great ending. This story was submitted to us by Tony Colombini, of Garden Grove, Calif., whose son Billy inspired his family, friends and many others.

Billy’s Story

By Tony Colombini

 Twenty years ago at age of 18, Billy was a passenger in a truck that overturned on a back road in upstate New York. For more than three hours he lay in the darkness in a ditch waiting for help. As he waited, like anyone of us, he tried desperately to get himself up and out of the ditch. But even as … Continue Reading

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Thoughts on the First Ride of the Year

Awww, to have the rush of air surrounds you lifting your spirit up for the first time in months. I know for a lot of southern folks this does not apply but after living in Florida for 3 years riding year around and now living in Iowa there is one thing I realized this spring. It is a magnificent feeling to get back on the bike after having to see it sit in the corner of the garage all winter frowning at me.

Throughout the winter months there were times where I felt something was missing from my weekly routine. Now that the weather here in the Midwest has turned … Continue Reading

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J&P Introduces Newest Guest Blogger

You wouldn’t think a four-inch piece of lumber would be a highlight worthy of discussion in a blog post about someone’s trek to J&P Cycles’ annual open house, but then, you probably haven’t met Jeff Maddox.

Maddox is a veteran biker from White City, Kansas, who’s been astride a motorcycle since 1974 when he acquired his first ride. Since then, he’s owned more than 60 vehicles, ranging from motocross to ATVs. His current ride is a Heritage Softail with 70,000 miles on it.

New to the J&P Cycles blog as a guest blogger, Maddox has a blog of his own wherein he sounds off about his four decades of motorcycling … Continue Reading

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Say It Ain’t True! The Motor Company Goes Electric?

Disclaimer: This post is meant as satire and should not be construed as factual true.

It’s finally arrived — the day old school bikers and the HD faithful have feared for decades. The Motor Company has gone electric! Somebody check hell for snow.

That’s right folks, due to a tightening noose strung up by the EPA, along with overall pressure to foist a “greener” company onto the public, The Motor Company is rolling out its first-ever electric bike. And to add insult to injury, they’re debuting this debacle at Sturgis — the mother of all motorcycle rallies.

Most of the rumblings and ruminations over the past few years have been … Continue Reading

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