J&P Staff Has Reason to Celebrate Donor Day

On Feb. 14, while most of the nation dressed up in red or pink to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the employees here at J&P Cycles were sporting green in honor of National Donor Day. As you might know, J&P founder John Parham was the recipient of a donated lung back in August of 2010, and he’s doing quite well, thank you. In fact, you’ll likely not find more grateful or active supporters of organ donation that John and his family.

National Donor Day is a way to highlight the many ways people can help save lives through organ donations, blood donations, marrow drives and tissue sign-up events across the … Continue Reading

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J&P Founder John Parham Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

John Parham, founder and former president of J&P Cycles, picks up the Don J. Brown Lifetime Achievement Award today during ceremonies at the 2012 Dealer Expo and American V-Twin Dealer Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Doubtless you know that J&P Cycles is the world’s largest aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories retailer online, and John will be recognized at a luncheon today for his lifetime of dedication to the motorcycle industry — most recently for his efforts in creating the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, which is also home to J&P’s headquarters. That main location, as well as our satellite location in Ormond Beach, Fla., has both won numerous Top Continue Reading

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Biker’s Rights: Sometimes It’s Lost in Translation

Recently I received my copy of American Motorcyclist magazine in the mail, and it had a cover that really caught my eye. It had a picture of an older guy with a long gray beard wearing motocross gear. My initial thought was, “What’s that Harley dude doing wearing MSR gear?”

This is exactly the bias that I’d like to avoid! The theme of this particular issue of the magazine is to unite all motorcyclists in an effort to protect our right to ride and this cover hit the nail on the head!

This subject is something that I really hold close to my heart because when I first started working … Continue Reading

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New for 2012: The J&P Cycles Vintage Catalog

We’ve been debating for the last 12 months or so when is the right time to update our popular J&P Cycles’ Vintage Catalog. And the irony is that by now, our vintage book is vintage in and by itself.

But we’ve corrected that situation and, in fact, we promise to issue a new Vintage Catalog on an annual basis from here on out. Seriously. We promise — new year means new vintage catalog. You can bank on it.

Scheduled for release real soon, the J&P Cycles Vintage Catalog Volume No. 8 will be packed page to page with more than 13,500 individual part numbers. And a whopping 1,500 of those … Continue Reading

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V-Twin Expo 2012: A Behind the Scenes View

J&P Cycles flew a crew out to the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati this past weekend so everybody could get a first-hand and up-close look at what our vendors have in store for all of us this season. A good part of the reason we all even work here is so we can attend exclusive motorcycle industry shows where our vendors debut all the products they have been developing over the winter.

What that means is, everybody who’s lucky enough get inside the doors of this exclusive exposition are laying their eyes on literally thousands of new motorcycle products and accessories for the first time.

And because J&P Cycles is known … Continue Reading

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Behind The Scenes of the J&P Rebuild for Extreme Makeover

A few months back, Tim Barcz, who is my boss here at J&P Cycles, called me into his office, which in and by itself isn’t out of the ordinary. But what he said after I closed the door was something you don’t hear every day.

Seems he’d just received a phone call from producer of the top-rated TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and those folks were looking for a little help. They were filming a segment of the show in Iowa and they had called Tim to ask if we’d be at all interested in rebuilding two motorcycles for the family highlighted in the show. My response was … Continue Reading

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Good Samaritan Motorcyclist Mark Adams Dies

The motorcycle community lost a great mechanic, friend and enthusiast last week in Florida.

Mark “Tex” Adams was doing what came natural to him last week — helping out somebody in need. Mark stopped to help a woman who had run out of gas on Interstate 4 in Florida when another motorist veered onto the shoulder and struck him.

I had the opportunity to get to know Mark when we worked together at KTM. He was an excellent mechanic who loved to tinker on anything with a motor in an effort to get it to run perfectly. On more than one occasion, Mark helped me develop new products for the … Continue Reading

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